– Yes, every time!
The Orbeez. – (crunching)
– Oh. – ♪ (dramatic intro) ♪ – I thought that was gonna pop. – Ah, I wanted that to pop. – Oh, that’s a durable squishy. – No!
– Oh wow, resilient. – No.
– I don’t know why this is making me nervous. – The anticipation.
You don’t know if it’s gonna explode. – No. – Oh no. – Oh, why are you gonna
do that to him? – Ooh, I’m curious what’s
gonna happen. – What happens now?
– (both) Oh! – Yes! – Uh oh.
– Oh. – Take it out,
squeeze it out. It’s gonna come out, yeah.
Yeah. – That should probably be
for most people the most satisfying part,
but that upsets me. That’s his guts. – These are some durable things. – Oh.
Now I’m interested. – Oh my gosh,
what’s gonna come– whoa. – Ew! – (both) Oh!
– But also, hooray! – Ah!
It’s so weird that it’s like popping a big pimple. – That had potential.
It just wasn’t. – That’s perfectly good Play-Doh,
but it’s for the art. I understand. – They have their channel name
on the tire? That’s how standard this is?
Okay, I’m in love with this now. – Oh yeah, Tide Pods.
Oh that’s pretty good. – No.
– It’s magical, though. – These are really fun to watch. – That was satisfying to me.
I love ASMR videos. That same kind of feeling. – I like that better than
the hot knife. I like that better than
melting things. This one’s my favorite. – ♪ (hip-hop music) ♪ – Ooh. – Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.
That’s good content. – Oh that’s nice.
Yeah. – Now you gotta have
the sound of the popping and stuff. – I don’t want no generic
hip-hop track under this. – Oh yeah.
– Dang. – God damn, that car
handled that balloon. – I feel like that’d be dangerous
to run over with your car though. What if they made you hydroplane?
Orbee-plane? – I don’t know if that last part
was necessary. – Kinda not that satisfying
to see the Orbeez really dirty at the end. – I’m very fascinated.
It almost feels sciencey. This is fascinating. – Those are always on
my Instagram Explore page and do I watch them?
Of course I do. I need that satisfying content. – Oh yeah.
– Yeah. – I liked that one, too. – Like that.
Can you turn up the volume? – Now I know what would happen
if I ran over a soda can. – I know that I initially
started and I was so on board, now this is making me start
to hate us as people that destruction
is such a thing. – What else do they run over?
Ooh, candy. – Oh, crunchy.
You hear that? Is anyone getting tingles? – That’s a good sound,
but not visually satisfying. – Ah, I wanna get one
of those things. – Yes, every time!
The Orbeez. – Is that a stack of crayons?
– It was a stack of crayons. – Yeah. – Yeah, see that’s definitely
a good ASMR sound. – I didn’t even know
I wanted that. – Yes, I was just gonna say
bath bombs would be good. – Man, there’s a lot of things
you can run over with a car. – These are also ASMR videos.
You can hear the noises of what it sounds like
to break all of these. – It was crispy and crunchy
in my ears and what more could
I ask for? – Oh, a pickle? – No, no.
– That was gross. – I didn’t like that one. – Ew.
I didn’t like that one. – Spicy hot Cheetos. – (crunching)
– Ooh, that’s nice, though. – That was satisfying.
– That was good. – That’s nice.
That’s like leaves rustling. – (crunching)
– That one sounds pretty good, but I wanted to eat those,
so I’m not that satisfied. – Whoa. – What were those? – Ooh.
– What are those? – It’s so soft and pillowy.
– What is that? – Oh, reverse filming. – Yeah, yeah, reform.
Yeah! That’s what they need to do. – Oh, this is so stupid. – The fact that I click
on this when I’m in the privacy of my own room
just says that they’re doing something right. – Ooh.
– (cameraman) Oh! – A Rubik’s cube?
Oh no. Oh my–
it didn’t stand a chance. – Oh no.
– And it gets soft. – No, don’t do this.
– It gets soft. – Oh my– – (kid) That was sick!
– He’s so happy. – (kid) That was sick!
– “That was sick.” Yeah, it was. – (kid) That was sick! – There’s something about
a six year old going, “That was sick!” – I’ve been trying to solve you
for ten years! Ten years, Rubik’s cube.
That’s what you get. – Paint?
Oh my gosh. – (kid screaming)
– Yeah. The scream in the background
is how I feel. – (boy) That was sick.
– That was sick, young man. That was sick.
You have all the reason to scream at the top
of your lungs. – That squealing kid
was how I feel inside. – Whoa, get out of the way.
– There’s a line of children just sitting there. – This is a very unique art form
never done before. – Bob Ross would be pissed. – Maybe we should just let
society fall. As we go further into the internet,
that’s what I’m wondering. – It’s the kind of thing
you put on and you’re like, “This’ll kill two minutes”
and then 45 minutes later you’re like, “Again.” – (popping)
– Oh, that’s pretty good. – (popping)
– Oh yeah. – (crunching)
– Ah. – (crunching) – Ah, that was a good one.
– That was a good one. That was great. – (crunching)
– Oh. These noises are very
satisfying. – (crunching)
– Ah. – (crunching)
– No one’s car gets messed up? – (crunching)
– Ooh, I like that one. – (crunching)
– Oh wow. – (crunching)
– What are those? – (crunching)
– What the hell was that? – I don’t know,
but it was good. – You fine brothers are doing
a fine job here. This is great. – I liked this.
– Those were cool. – They’re fun.
– The crunchy ones though, I could just put that on
and go to sleep. – I would have never thought
this would be so popular, but that’s what’s great
about the internet. It can really surprise you. – (FBE) To show you the extent
of how much this trend is catching on, we just wanna
show you some thumbnails when we searched
“tire squishing.” – Oh, it’s called “tire squishing?”
– “Tire squishing.” – Oh my gosh.
Look at all of these. There’s so many videos
and so many things being squished. – It’s very colorful.
It looks like Easter. – I gotta do this with
an epic meal. I’m sure people will click it.
Just a big piece of food. – People are gonna like
what they like and if they get enjoyment
out of it, that’s great. There’s still part of me
that I can’t help but hate it. – The internet decides
what is quality content. That is the democratization
of entertainment. – (FBE) So, first things first,
as an online creator yourself, why do you think that this
has become a trend? – I think that oddly satisfying
things have been popular for a long time,
so I think that this is just something that
is also oddly satisfying. – It may be because it’s
really fun to watch and I’m a curious person.
I think other people are too and I honestly want to know
what happens when you roll something over. – It’s easy to do,
it’s simple, it’s probably fun
and it’s fun to watch. If something’s fun to create
and fun to watch, then there will always be
that dynamic that leads to a lot of views. – People like to watch
soothing videos and they have a high
replay value. – Yeah, it’s a high
replay value and some of them,
the crunchy ones I find satisfying. – It’s the kids that really
rank up– wrap up those views.
I might look at it and be like, “Ooh, that’s good.”
But then the kid is like, “I need to watch this
50 times in a row.” – (FBE) Oddly satisfying content
has been kind of blowing up these past couple years.
Things like ASMR, soap cutting, slime videos,
have become the online norm. – Don’t even get me started
on the soap cutting. – Or slime videos.
– That [bleep]… – The best. – (FBE) And the “oddly satisfying”
term has become really common. We even see kids on
our Kids React use the term, “That’s so satisfying.”
– Yeah? Wow, oh good.
We’re training them young. I like that. – (FBE) So do you think
that this particular trend classifies as oddly satisfying
and that’s part of the reason why it’s going viral?
– Oh, I think that’s the only way to describe it. – It fits into both ASMR
and the soap cutting trend of destruction, right?
So seeing something as it was, broken down.
So I would say oddly satisfying or satisfying is the word. – It’s got the,
“I’m watching this because I like the sounds of it,”
because of the ASMR stuff. “I’m watching it because I’m
interested in what happens when a tire runs over it,”
which is the hydraulic press angle of it,
“And also I’m watching it because this is something
I can do at home.” – It’s a mixture of mediums.
I think you have your visual element to it
and then you also have your audio element to it,
so everything is just pleasing to the ear and to the eye. – (FBE) So finally, we wanted
to test your own tire squishing ability?
– With what? – Yes, are we doing stuff? – (FBE) So, we got this for you.
– Are they toy cars? – Oh, nice.
– Yes! – Yes. – I love this.
I am in my element. – This isn’t how I imagined
my morning starting. – (crunching)
– Oh, that’s good. – Psh, no! – Okay, I’m gonna make
a little cupcake with the Play-Doh,
so I can fulfill my dream right here of squishing
a cupcake. Here we go.
Whee. – Now we realize how hard
it is to make this sort of content. – This is content is so difficult.
– It’s so hard. That’s what’s oddly satisfying. – Thank you guys so much
for watching this squishy episode of YouTubers React. – Go check out all the other
YouTubers featured in this episode.
– Links are in the description. – See you next time. – Hey guys, Vartuhi here,
producer at FBE. A huge thank you to all
the YouTubers that came out to play with us
in this episode. Make sure to check them all out.
Links down in the description below. I’m gonna go squish stuff.

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