– What crazy YouTuber would sell his Tesla because of bald tires? What an idiot that person must be. Well that person is me. (laughing) I made a video and I don’t
know if you remember it, I was talking about
when we were getting rid of our Tesla. I didn’t say in the video
that we were getting a new one, which is this one right here, and it is snowing like crazy. We have good tires, look, they’re not bald. And it’s a Model X 100D,
so this car does have dual motors. (door shutting) It is cold out there. I made a video a few
months back where we got the new car. That’s right, we’re
getting rid of the Tesla. This car has gotten to the point where it is not safe for
our family to drive in. That is the actual treads. These tires are eight months old. The 2012, 2013 model S
cars were rear wheel drive. If you live anywhere
where there’s ice or snow, this is not the car for you. Somebody posted on Reddit,
a link to our video and said YouTuber sells
car due to bald tires. And that post went to the number one post on the subreddit of cars,
which is a big deal. So I got torn apart. There was a couple of
articles by some companies I’ve never heard of before,
like these media outlets, Jopalikalik, Jockablick,
Jopalick, Jo, Jopalick. Our video blew up; we got more dislikes than we got likes on it. Now to address the fact
that I sold it based off of just bald tires, that was not it, ’cause I’ve learned a lot
about tires since then, and there was a lot that
I knew that I didn’t put in the video. If you’re going to get a Tesla Model S, it’s okay to get one with
rear wheel drive only. But you have to be okay
getting the smaller rims, the 19″ rims, and get
tires that are actually all-weather tires that are
made for that type of weather. I had performance tires
on, and I had 21 inches. Honestly, I feel like a
Tesla is such a beautiful and sexy car that if you go
and put 19″ wheels on there, it basically makes it
look like a Ford Focus. I’m not spending that
much money to drive around in a Ford Focus, and the
reason why I think this is relevant today is because
I just got this email from Tesla saying that
moving forward, all Model S and Model X vehicles will
all be all wheel drive, or the dual motors, and
so I’m not gonna say that it’s because of me is
the reason why that changed, but I will say that was
the reason why I got rid of my Model S before. I’ve had a lot of people come up to me that live here in Utah where it does snow, super snowy, there was
one guy two weeks ago that told me, he said he
had his Tesla on order, he watched my video,
because of that article, and when he watched the
video, he said “honey, we have to get a dual motor
because we live in Utah, it needs to be safe, and
so he canceled his order of his two wheel drive
and got the dual motor, so I feel good that I helped
some people be a little bit safer. When we got brand new tires in November, for the winter season,
the first snow came down, they were performance tires,
brand new at the tread, but we could not even drive in the thing. It was sliding so much in the snow, and so then we had a sensor issue, and the tires got super bald, and I know in that video
it was dangerously bald, you should never drive a car with that, but we had placed an
order for the new tires, and it was $2,000 for the four new tires, and rather than put those on, we decided let’s just get a new
car and not drive this. And so we didn’t drive
it for the longest time, but we drove it every once
in a while, super dangerous. I just wanted to give you that update, I thought it was so funny,
the internet is hilarious and I love all these
articles and how people got so roweled up and so
angry in the comments, but based off of making
that video, there were a lot of Tesla YouTubers that
ended up seeing that video and inviting me to some of
these, the Model 3 event, the Roadster event where I met Elon Musk. So I’m glad that we had the video there, I’m not taking it down even though people were bothered about it. The last thing I wanted to
mention is we have our deposit down for the Roadster
and we already have had five referrals with our
code that I’m going to put right here. If you know somebody
that is getting a Tesla, please let them use our code. It benefits them, they
get free super charging for life with their
Model S or their Model X that they order. They need to order it
between now and January 31st. And what happens is,
every single Tesla that somebody orders with our
code, we get 2% off of our brand new Roadster, so if
any of you know somebody that’s getting a Tesla,
send me an e-mail and tell me that you gave them the
code, and then Lincoln and I will come and meet you somewhere. That’s what we’ll do. Or, if you want to come
out to Utah, we’ll let you ride in our Roadster when we get it. Whoa!!!! So, if you’re thinking about
getting a Tesla yourself, or you know somebody, please use our code. It would be much appreciated. All of those haters
that were very concerned about my tire usage, thank you. It was helpful to see
all of those and to learn more about tire and car safety, and yeah. – Hi. – Hi, there’s Lincoln. So thanks guys for all of
your comments and advice, and if you have more
feedback on the way that I should drive with my
tires, well let me know in the description below. (slow music)

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  1. At the end of the day, it's your car and your money. Have to see I'm incredibly jealous of your new car, those black wheels look amazing, although Tesla now offers really nice black wheels for the P100D Model S now.

  2. I have a Ford focus rs it works good it has eco boost if you press it we'll be eco friendly it cost 399,9999999o

  3. So…. why’d you sell the car? You obviously didn’t get to drive it with good tires…. like aren’t tires and rims cheaper than a new Tesla? You probably just wanted a different Tesla and you had to give your wife a good reason for a new one

  4. Just get new tyres and why are you using performance tyres!? Use all weather tyres that's why they went "bald"

  5. I know this is late, but:

    Let him be. I don’t know much about tires/tyres, but I think having worn out tires/tyres are bad, and he didn’t know about tires/tyres. Plus, the older Model S’ aren’t super safe, no matter how bad the tires/tyres are. The newer Model S’ are really safe.

  6. Teslas are junk. Teribly unreliable, tesla is a battery/motor company not a car company. Just read about the tesla teardown by engineers in detroit "built like a kia in the 90's"

  7. You keep ragging on small wheels, but the only thing you offer in defense of large rims is looks. I live in the country and smaller rims with higher profile tires do better in snow and ride better (even before going to snow treads.) Rims are much better protected by running a higher profile tire. Potholes have to get past more rubber with higher profile tires before the rim gets mashed. Ride quality is better on rough, non-urban roads with a taller sidewall and even today's stock, higher sidewalls are still so low that sidewall flex just isn't an issue, at least on things like SUVs and light trucks. I find SUVs on dirt roads, snowy, icy roads, and beaches with ultra low profile tires to be just the strangest, impractical things. Higher profile tires can be aired down better on sand as well. It's true that low profile tires have a larger contact patch that offers a bit better adhesion on dry, clean roads, but everywhere else, ultra low profile tires are just too much of a compromise. Ultra low profile tires are a problem on very wet roads as well. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to rims.

  8. We got a tesla two years ago we have a model X and a model S and a model three we love them all and on the model yes we have performance tires and yes we use your code for the model three

  9. funny when people commented, realized it was what's inside and not just "Some guy" or "A vlogger," and realized too late to delete the comment

  10. Did Elon roll his eyes when he saw you? hehe….. You probably cost TESLA millions,,,, for the better… Thank You. kisses

  11. like everyone on the tesla model s like when you said were selling it 2 k pepole liked it but now 2,1 k pepole disliked that you got a new tesla im defently not one of the tesla haters

  12. You make a self way to you and family be self be so careful with it what we drive on the weather thanks for that information

  13. To be honest, I see lots of YouTubers purposefully breaking a brand new iPhone X, or ruining the insides of their Tesla, so I don’t think I would get mad if a dad of a family got a new car after seven years

  14. Murdered by an hour and a half to go out on a good day and I have a good time 7porsche is not to go out on a porsche boxster s

  15. Why do you have a deposit for a Roadster? I thought that you had gotten enough referrals to earn a free Roadster. Confusing.

  16. High-profile Rims / Low-profile tires are dumb for a family car. If you want your car to ride like a wagon on the oregon trail, sure, but is that really worth the look?

  17. I don’t own a Tesla but I like all your videos I learn something new about Tesla please bring out more videos I would like to own one day model x but can’t afford I hope so to get one for my family

  18. Dan , i would advise you to ignore these bad comments some people out on your videos. But after watching this video I appreciate the way you took their negative comments in a positive attitude…. That's the spirit.

  19. Did you say in your video that your tires spin to much because the Tesla model s is rear wheel drive and they spin so much they went bald no offense Zach why don’t people listen

  20. no no no no why more dislikes then likes no no better like his video cause he needs those views

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