Yoga for Spinal Traction / Lumbar Spine Release with Dr. Ariele Foster

Yoga for Spinal Traction / Lumbar Spine Release with Dr. Ariele Foster

Welcome yourself to your yoga mat today. we’re gonna practice to release the low back to offer some therapeutic
lengthening stretching and traction. gonna teach you guys a few self-
tractioning techniques to help with your lower back. One of the most fundamental things
we can do if you are experiencing any discomfort in the body and the physical
body in the mental or emotional systems is to remember the importance of your
breath so as you begin on your back let your breath be the primary focus of your
mind aware of your inhale aware of your exhale.
Think of this like a heavy lead anchor that will drop you into this precise
moment your breath will never be ahead of you and will never be behind you so let’s move a little bit with breath
teaming breath with movement to become truly embodied. I recommend keeping your
eyes closed bending your knees, setting your feet
flat, and taking your hands to your lower abdomen. You’re gonna arch your spine a
little bit so that you have a tunnel under your low back and then exhale flatten
your back making your tailbone long, maybe even feeling your buttocks flesh
lift up a little bit off the yoga mat. Start to move back and forth between these two
motions with your breath with your inhale and exhale. and I actually recommend focusing less
on how big the backbend gets. Don’t worry about getting a big backbend, so little
tunnel here but then as you flatten, really think about scooping all of the
energy almost like a yoga nauli, which I could show you later but it’s really just
suctioning all the air out. Inhale neutral or little backbend, exhale flatten and
suction. Just do a couple more of these back and forth at your own pace. and then draw your knees into your chest and give yourself a big hug. wrapping the
arms around the knees rocking a little bit side to side you can really imagine
that you’re massaging out muscling right and the left of your spine. Start to
draw your knees in a little bit more so that you get a bit more into the
mid-back. here is the Thoraco-lumbar junction which is where your ribs meet
your low back. sometimes that’s a place where many of us can carry tension.
I would say especially in the world of yoga from all of our backbends. So really get up in there and
then set feet down to the edges of your yoga mat. By edges I
mean like the side edges you’re still in this similar place that you’re in before
but now your feet are nice and wide and your eyes are open you’re just gonna
drop your knees side to side so really let the knees flop all the way down your
outer thigh hopefully touches the floor all the way down the Ray all the way up
to the left just going back and forth and maybe you can let your feet go a
little bit wider beep well awesome at the wood floor the card Bay if you have
that at home and just anyways mature leg that shoe directions and goes back and
forth side to side like you’re yawning your body so our hips are one of the
most important and essential thing is to be warm up Essential joints to warm up
you’re going to come back to centers that your feet flat and then just like
one or two rolling bridges so this is what I call a rolling bridge flapping
your back rising up and then lowering down vertebra by vertebra like you’re
lowering a necklace back to the floor it’s a flat on your back and rise up and
lower down vertebra by vertebra and next time you come down please cross your
right ankle over your left by raising your legs battered you take your right
hand instead of pushing at the knee which can sometimes be uncomfortable and
create some horses of you that aren’t so pretty you’re going to push right at the
full of the legs and you can can use both hands you’re going to push right at
the joint of the hip to get a little bit of openness activate your right foot I
don’t know if you guys can see that filming so it is really curling back to
if they’re feeling that for community and then keep not pressure as you start
to lift your left foot up and down up and down
also floor go ahead sweep the right hand in between
the legs now and you can either catch behind the left side or in front of the
left shin or if it’s neither those are available like within reach you can just
go right back to the position where in a moment ago I’m kind of getting the
lengthened / blog shape here on your right side if you have your foot your
left foot off the ground rock just the tiniest little rocks by decide it’s
probably like 10 degrees that I’m for bank to the right and ten degrees that
I’m moving to the left maximum just to get to a slightly different part of rock and then release the hands wherever they
are you’re just gonna lift your left foot up on floor if it’s not get this
day take the whole leg just as they are leg high so but it need over to the left
to come into a twist yeah you got it keep your right knee
pointed towards you the side and then bring your left hand up at the pant
shoot sign out I just push the thigh around reach your right arm long first
starting out to your side then start your reach overhead click arm
by the ear Wow not towards the feeling of it either
yeah or just you guys come back to Center and keep the legs crossed but
this time sigh over mine so again some of you are gonna want to keep your feet
on the floor some of you will feel comfortable lifting your feet off the
floor you can hug the first year the second meet just too tiny a little bit
of rock on side to side and we’ll do the same exact thing on the
other side but in between put your feet down flat lateral edges if you yoga mat
just drop my knees right and left yawning out through the body opening up
and you might also I’m noticing a big difference between one side and the
other right now just from that little three minutes four minutes of attention
that we gave to one side so let me turn so you guys can see a little bit more
you’re going to cross your left ankle over your right leg or your left hand
right here to the fold of the hip and press tractioning out your body really activating your left foot the one
that’s on top so they do have the figured floor shape and then optionally
lift your right foot and reach behind the five in front and start to rock the
little side to side so getting this gorgeous oscillation left foot stays
active here if you’re on the ground you can just push back into it and then
right foot slips up off the floor no matter where you are open your arms
inside just let your feet your whole leg apparatus fall over to the right right
arm now I’m going to press into the pool of the inner left thigh left arm reaches
and you can turn towards your left and really super duper beach and then maybe
even stretch and keep reaching out to the side if that feels good or on by
your ear so that you get this gorgeous then subtraction eight throughout your
your low back your left side waist beautiful open the arms come back to
Center by over thine now and Holly Holly get in if you can grab the front knee if
you got the second knee and just isn’t so thank you maybe even feel your mid
back on the floor beautiful some both legs straight towards the ceiling and
shake out your feet shake out your legs this is a really a nice way to just get
some movement into your hip joints and also turn your feet in and out like
you’re smashing a record and then hit the tiny little like rock back and forth
in your low back so all you’re aiming to do is just get a
little air under your hands and this can be surprisingly community like a really
simple but surprising sort of core activation because you’re taking the
muscles that will draw a little runt of your pelvis closer to your little ribs
and really working to get a little air without any effort from their arms it’s
really really powerful and then subtle your the soles of your feet together
but the soles of your feet come down onto you to the floor and now you’re
going to take both hands to the hips and just press press into the whole of the
hips pressing the hips away from you if you can draw your little ribs down to
the floor if you came into a little bit of a backbend as I did when I moved into
this position you can have your fingers weighted and we’re iterating on your
fingers when it outward whatever works for you and then come back from set to
set your feet to the edges of your yoga mat and drop your knees side to side
just notice any difference any first a flash yawn outside the body left knee presses
forward as it comes on top and as the right length of the top perhaps the rate
each forward so much length so much spaciousness and your little back now
and we’re going to grab our block bring the feet hip distance apart and place
your block between the feet sorry between the beds flatten your back again
and feel the low back press into the floor you’ll bit of air right on your
tail bone and this time start to turn your toes up feeling it’s the only thing
touching the floor in terms of your club is your needle and you’re going to the
heel then squeeze the block lift up and literally like traction your spine you
might even hold on to the sides of your yoga mat overhead and just feel like
you’re lengthening your whole back so this takes a lot of work at the back of
the legs it’s not exactly what I would call a gentle move but it was a really
powerful simple way to create space you can roll back and even within this very
very active hamstring heavy ingredient you can shift your hips a little side to
side getting more legs on the left and more legs on right the board okay if a
nice mom hold slowly lower yourself that you can switch the hands to the sides of
the mat and this time you’re pulling you’re sort of pushing the arms down and
digging the fuel in and pulling the hips forward it takes a little mental like
override to make those two actions happening but they literally tractioning
my spine right now just activating oh that is great
release your block over to the slide show your knees into your chest this
time soles of the feet together and rock a little side to side here anytime you
bring your knees to your chest whether it’s knees straight in or knees out to
the side or happy beat you actually have a choice
with whether you want to make them a little bit of that hip hip opening or
focus more on the spine so the more you keep their pelvis down and emphasize
like sacrum down tailbone down the more it’s gonna go straight into the hips I’m
demonstrating that may not but let’s say you want to get into your low back let’s
say things are tight there you’ve been sore doing a lot of back then you know
the next day you might still want some sweetness so you might take your hands
to your ankles pull the tailbone up and not it’s going to get you into your
lower back and that would be true if you’re here needs to chest knees
together it’s true if your feet are together and you’re curling up and it’s
true if the soles of your feet are to the side or and happy baby and you’re
drawing your knees down to the floor so just a little rock side divide really
getting into whatever part of the back feels good it but I preferred the hips
feel ready to do right now we’ll choose your own adventure sixty Seconds there
the practice and then slowly release your feet or
your legs roll over to one side and come up to it
it’s very dramatic okay I’m like hmm sitting on the blanket and we sort that
is what does that I can simply comfortably on the floor without a
blanket but you’ll notice that I don’t have pretty much any blowback courage
when I’m sitting here so on some level I am very subtly like 10 degrees tilted
backwards in my pelvis history results in her pelvis so when you sit on the
blanket especially it doesn’t have to be a lot but just the very front edge of
the blanket and you get your kickstand back you get that nice little like angle
of the sacrum the forward tips of the pelvis and for me nothing’s matter so
you can spin with that it also conveniently gets your knees down height
of the public okay pay attention to the leg that you have in front and no and
we’re going to anyhow responds up and exhale to your left
keep your left hand behind you and either take your right hand to the
outside of the line or to the top of it line so you can push down and really
lift your heart and spend something out over your back shoulder back to Center arms up lengthen take it
to the other side mr. right hand behind you left hand
either outside of the opposite leg or to the top of the thigh getting a bit about
that contraction as you inhale this is your breath again actually lengthen
awkward as you have exhale span looking posterior back shoulder inhale back to
Center and then switch the leg hoods and just walk your right hand out on your
yoga mat just a little bit left arm up lace like that whenever I go into
excitement I think they bends are a way that we often not go around whatever
tightness whatever issues we have in our spines so whenever I go into the side
bend I think I think about for me my tendency is probably too stiff like
result I think a lot about rids pulling back engaging the course I can’t really
be and if for some of us it might be a nut or it might be somewhere else in the
back the shoulder may be the arm goes forward so we’re working and really
reach it up and take it to the other side maybe really reach and in you know and sweep the arms up
towards the sky catch hold of your left wrist and again just similar stuff but
now we’re a little more focused on the leg and inhale up and switch sides inhale up and we’re gonna keep the arms
out this time twist to the right first bring your left hands to the top of the
right thigh and walking nice and close Russ down with the heart without our
rear action anyhow lengthen to your exhales spins you just a little bit
deeper into the twist keep the hand opposite by but reach your right arm to
the sky now so you’re going to frustrate them to side I’m twisting in it enters
back to country so you can think of this in two directions either straight out
we’re going to lean over you can think of it as leaning straight over to your
left or you can think of it as leaning out over the left thigh so whichever one
feels good for you I’m pushing away here reaching up and I’m gonna and let’s take it to the other
side time’s up he’s it’s home so add me in
hell link business and exhale it’s your twist right hand now on the upper left I
get it loose in I just push down the help you by as you exhale a little
deeper look out over your back shoulder slowly come back to Center
left arm out towards me see a link and shingle where with the right honor the
evening and inhale up exhale hands down and just pull in a bit and twist a bit
right enjoy your knees out through Center and remember which leg is it come
on so if you down in front of you I just let your knees drop Society inches wide
so almost the same thing we did slightly different angle in the hip stop the
mixer means come over to the left let’s start to walk over to the side and keep
spinning all the way to the back so here I have a wall behind me push it away a
little bit here you can simply change your self down certain like it is goes
into you this is really hard to show on camera
but the leg that is behind just now your right leg yeah you can reach your left
arm in the direction of that is and maybe a triple and optionally maybe –
sure the right foot with your left meant don’t really profound twist with nice
appearance walk your hands back to the swing
you’re either come all the way back to Center
so put your feet flat to the floor palms down or just staff through building it
rise through your first table and shift a little forward and back here if it
feels good to go much ahead drop back and lower down take your knees to the
other side so knees all the way over to your right
walk your hands all the way back of your yoga mat lengthen up with your inhale
exhale bolster you can feel / moster good things can happen so again is
opposite hands reaching to officers but this is useful for you so the thing that
they think is not talked enough about and twist is it twists have to be
functional for the body at the end of the day the way that our
yoga can serve us physical plane in our body is if it makes it easier to reach
and pick up and move our bodies through space to do the things that you have to
do on a daily basis that would be much lifting to our lives then a beautiful
photo or still holding of an image or the idea of a posture so if the flick
comes in within easy reach and it feels relatively equal that can be a playful
exploration and if not let it go don’t worry about it otherwise it is the theme
that come back through Center and take the soles of the feet together but do
have your blanket or whatever you’re sitting on again
if should you choose to stop so here in baddha konasana bound to convulsion use
soles of the feet together you take the hands to the thighs and just move a
little side to side and then draw and use your blanket as
needed under your knees to take the knees nice and wide so I just open the
blanket along I’m going to separate my knees on this and lower down into mundo
pasta or tacos so welcome to Kasana you have your feet directly back from
angie’s see they’re acting rock back and forth a little bit I’m aiming to keep it
on this level with the floor we’re going to inner thighs you can also really
activate your legs and walk your arms out just dig in a little bit creating a
bit of traction or at least a little bit of conservation of the front body
muscles good walk your hands back curl your toes under
bring the feet closer together even though the blankets you can see and come
to total stance it’s a functions – if you feel
comfortable here squeeze your heels together maybe take one hand up just for
a little playful balance practice this bothers your knees come right back on
the bed take your hands to the floor separate your feet a little wider for
Monica then bring your hands to your music we’re going to steep partially
stand up and walk the hands all the way in towards the upper thighs
straightening out the pilgrims so they see looks like your shoulders are gonna
come close to your ears but you’re not over activating necklaces you’re not
going for activating upper trapezius you can have your hands pointed in whatever
direction she was good ideally they’re lengthening your spine inhale rise up
keep a little bend to your knees and slowly they’re a big thing so we fold
down let your head be heavy she’d get a little left and right and not it up and
down really inviting a lot of legs inviting gravity to do some work for you
I recommend first grabbing hold of your elbows so when you grab hold your elbows
your spine really is at its most capacity to lengthen to like Keith the
times space and then interlace your fingers and tuck
your hands like lemon base of the skull so that you’re getting this very gentle
traction or pull down from the entirety of your spine right now try letting the
arms just be heavy so instead of pulling just a knight linked in this your that
can oscillate you can we go a little right left and allow the work of gravity
I’ve heard it to be rugby’s ever so pull you down all your task is to create
relaxation and the fossils themselves rise up and then walk your hands out a
little bit after you back a little bit downward facing dog with your toes to
touch one another raise your right leg and just I
recommend bending both knees and yawning out through the body even need to the
side and lengthen it and we lower down raise your other leg up then the both of
these two directions jumping out to the body length of thing and then lowering
out in order to so from this active lengthen child’s pose position knees a
little bit wider than the torso so you can spaciously
rest with him walk your hands off the right side of
the top so you’re coming into a very similar side that you ran earlier and if
you keep walking so I’m not about to 13 on the clock
curl your left hands left fingers over the rain and then you just reach a
little bit more lift your hips up elbow straight Beach it’s you know mentally
glued my hand down to the floor so that when I sit back I’m getting some
traction on the left side of my little back because the elbows are straight and
the arms are active and the hips are sinking back towards Asia the forehead
can just rest right here head adresses between the comments even inside of this
activity let yourself be soft under next inhale look up
Walker inheritance all the way over to the other side and you’re instantly so
your rate and your occipital left right so we’re walking their hands up reaching
lifting next it’s a little bit and then gluing to sinking the hips back down
towards the floor if your elbows are really straight with mine are you just
rest your forehead right there you don’t have to sink it down to the floor out of
the way unless you want to you may be feeling an expansion in your
side ribs might be feeling something talk in your low back fully walk the
hands back to Center rise up and we cross the legs we take
the negative tion that is yours non-typical to take it
it’s not earlier about a way of sitting that is that is a little nicer on the
body sitting with a blanket but if you don’t clip link it you can do something
to be similar with a strap so you can take your strap and make it be a balloon and your want to take a part it doesn’t
like the buckle on it around very very top of your pelvis back
so I’ve made a big loop thank you so minute broken it up and left so I put my
knees under and I’m gonna close it walk in okay open it up again to get the front of the
knees the front of the knees into the strap so this is a really nice kind of
effortless way to find length in your spine just a thank you for sure the
blanket go back to the blanket but we’re going to just take a couple of breaths
here in meditation soft and centered those of you travel for work like so
many people do in Washington DC we travel through your work and you
struggle to keep meditation practice going when you travel this is a really
simple thing you can do you can do it in the bed you don’t need your special
efficient there we go let’s take a full breath in big sigh ah close your eyes as
you exhale let your palms rest in your lap feel the support of the ground it
will support it this wrap feel any newfound length that has been created in
your spot from our practice press through the crown of the head perk
your ears up towards the ceiling create a little space between your top teeth
and your bottom teeth some floats to the roof of the mouth each inhale by its
spaciousness more air more gap between the bones between the vertebrae even as your breath anchors you down it
also lifts you up can imagine a string through the crown of your head reaching
towards the ceiling you’re welcome to stay here for another couple of moments
the lie down on our back for shavasana remember your only task right now is to
notice when your mind wanders your mind wanders to return it to this moment
through your breath through the bottle there is a spaciousness of greater he’s invited left to be a little bit
deeper – wanted to bring it back – presents always there for living body wiggling
stretching yawning up let me draw your knees to your chest if you’re on their
back they rock side to side he’s rocked to meet your right side
press up towards uncomfortable cluster palms together of your heart start with a thank you to solve reshawna
yourself care today for movement pieces that’s also channel our capacity from
well-being our privilege of being here are any resident increase in C be
present in this moment its channel not into reading so good things in the world
around us seal that intention and police will begin with a full rap amendment
share the sound of all please join me without thinking self again for some
time and then think those

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  1. SUCH an amazing class! I’ve done a few of your videos, and plan to do many more – you offer amazingly intelligent and thoughtful asana instruction. Thank you so much for offering these sessions on YouTube 😊

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