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– For this pro bike, we’re
checking out Yana Belomoina’s American Eagle Atlanta 2.0. (slow music) Yana Belomoina races for
the CST Sandd American Eagle Mountain Bike Race Team. Of course, that is a team was put together by Bart Brentjens, and he has a very special part to play in this particular frame. Now, it’s called the Atlanta 2.0, and it takes its name
from the 1996 Olympics, which was the first Olympics
that mountain biking had and actually raced in, and of course, Bart Brentjens
took the gold there. So this frame actually
pays homage to that. And it’s a very cool frame. This is a tiny size small,
of course it’s in blue. The other teammates are
running the orange flavor. Of course, you see that on bikes like Grant Ferguson’s American Eagle. But this particular one
looks absolutely amazing, and it’s tiny. Up front, you’ve got a
tiny little 19 centimeter stubby little head tube there with a 70.5 degree head angle, which, by today’s
standards, is quite steep, but this bike is definitely
focused on being very stiff and very agile. So the top tube on that is, first the top tube is 22 inch,
that’s about 56 centimeters, and out back, 17 inch chainstay, fairly modest for 29
inch wheel bike there, and that’s about 43 centimeters. So up front, the business
part of Yana’s bike, of course the bars and stem, the cockpit. So 680 mil carbon fiber
RitcheyLogic handlebar there. And of course the carbon, some people say they do prefer carbon because
it does have an element of bump absorption to it, so that’s all important on,
especially on a bike like this. It is such a stiff frame. The stem itself 80 millimeters
long, and as you can see, it’s got quite a
significant negative rise, about 17 degrees on here. But as you can see, its got quite a good stack height on this, but it’s not fully slant on
that Ritchey WCS headset, so she has got some
room to play with there, and by having that extra space on the top, it does suggest to me that
she does tune her cockpit depending on the type
of course she’s riding. And the grips on the end of the bars there are the Ritchey Superlogic, so
that’s the foam push on grip. No lock on action here on Yana’s bike. Now a lot of the XC racers tend
to prefer these foam grips, ’cause not only are they extremely light, but they actually offer quite
a lot of bump absorption themselves, so very comfortable, and especially for those who
choose to ride with no gloves. Breaking power is taken care
of by these carbon fiber Magura MT8 Raceline levers, and as you can see here, she
got a KS dropper post remote, nice little light weight option there, and of course the Eagle shifter on there for that monstrous
12-speed cassette out back. Final touches up front are the
remote lockout for her DT4. That’s the gold standard offering. And you might’ve noticed
just from her mechanic, he’s just done a bit of cable
tie in here to keep things nice and neat to stop it
rattling around too much. So up front on Yana’s bike
is the DT Swiss fork here, and this is the gold
standard set as the high-end XC race fork with carbon
fiber crown and steerer tubes, so that is super light. It’s got SKF racing seals on
there, and it’s got a deal of damping inside. It’s a very lightful, very trick looking, and of course it’s in
gold just to symbolize what she might be aiming for there. Wheels, of course, are DT Swiss as well. These are the XRC 1200’s with
the 25 mil internal rim width, and of course the carbon
fiber set up tubeless on her CST Jack Rabbit II Pro tires. And I’ve to gotta say these are actually, they’re 3C compound, actually
feel really soft here, so as well as being a
minimal tire that offers really good rolling resistance, that actually feel that
they’re gonna grip really well. Tire pressure, can’t tell at the moment, it’s not her race pressure
right at this minute, but it does feel quiet soft, and a lot of the races here in Nove Mesto have certainly been riding
tires that sound extremely soft. And finally there is the,
of course, the neon yellow cotail caliper of the
Magura MT8 race line, with the little 160 mil rotor down there. Very neat looking and plenty of power for the super light racer. Now the rear wheel is
the same as the front. It’s that carbon fiber 25 mil,
same DT XRC 1200 rim again. Of course with the Jack
Rabbit II tire on the back, reflecting the same as the front there. Again, a 160 mil rotor and
a bright yellow MT Raceline caliper out back. Transmission wise, it’s SRAM Eagle all the way here for Yana Belamoina. Of course with that 10-50, the mighty 500 percent gear
ratio is achieved by this amazing bit of tech. Course it’s got the KMC
gold chain on there as well, an extra little part of the team, and up front is a 32
tooth round chain ring, on a set of the ROTOR KAPIC cranks. So unlike a lot of the other racers, who tends to choose the touring cranks and go for an oval one, Yana’s actually running a round chain ring and of course the super light KAPIC crank. They’re 170 millimeters
and on the end of those is a set of Shimano XTR race SPD pedals. Finishing touches on Yana
Belomoina’s race bike include the LEV INTEGRA dropper post, which of course is
becoming more of a thing in cross country racing. And I, for one, am definitely
pleased to sit on here. This is a four inch drop version, and on top here is a Selle
Italia X-Cross saddle. Weight of the bike is 20.4
pounds or 9.0 kilograms. And if you wanna hear how this
hub sounds on the back here, get a load of this! (whistles) Now one little extra that
you might be able to see here is this number 17 with
the UCI badge on it. It’s a little sticker
on the top tube here, and this is basically where
the bike has been scrutinied off to the XCC race to ensure
that it’s the same bike that has to be raced for the XCO. Of course, all of those
elite racers have to ride the same bike in XCO as they
do the previous day on XCC. And that’s quite cool, a
nice little touch there just for an Albstadt round. So there you go. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed
looking at Yana Belomoina’s American Eagle Atlanta 2.0 Pro bike. For a couple more pro bike related videos, click down here to see
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