Yaktrax Walk+ Ice Traction Devices – GME Supply

Yaktrax Walk+ Ice Traction Devices – GME Supply

I’m Sasha with GME Supply and these are
the Yaktrax Walk Plus Ice Traction Devices. Yaktrax has a complete line of ice traction
devices, be sure to check out our other videos to compare the different models. The Yaktrax Walk Plus are similar to the standard
walk, but with an added platform under the ball of your foot. This platform features
five removable carbide steel spikes for extra gripping traction. Since this is the area
of your foot that you use to push off, having added traction here is key. The walk plus is easy installed on shoes and
boots, and comes in a variety of sizes. Check out the sizing chart to determine which size
you need. See the Yaktrax Walk Plus, and all traction
devices from Yaktrax on gme supply dot com.

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  1. Don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods… but we've got snow coming down outside our office. These will be useful.


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