Yakima ForkLift Roof Mounted Bike Rack Review – 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe – etrailer.com

Today on our 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe, we’re
going to be test fitting the Yakima ForkLift Roof Mounted Bike Carrier, part number Y02098. Our Santa Fe already has a factory roof rack
system on it, so well be installing the forklift directly to the factory crossbars. Well take the bike rack and place it up on
top of our crossbars. We’ll fit the front clamp around the front
crossbar and use the wing nut and T-bolt to tighten it down. Then we’ll slide our cover back into place
and we’ll move to the rear. We’ll fit the rear clamp around the rear bar
and again we’ll use the T-bolt and wing nut to tighten that down. Once we’ve done that, we can open up the rear
wheel strap and reinstall our skewer up in the front. We’ll take our bike, lift it up and place
it into the bike rack. We’ll sit the rear wheel down into the tray
and the front fork down into the skewer. We’ll secure the bike by the skewer first
and then move back and use the wheel strap to tighten down the rear wheel. With that, our bike is all loaded up and we’re
ready to go.

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