Yakima ForkLift Roof Mounted Bike Rack Review – 2003 Honda Pilot – etrailer.com

Today on our 2003 Honda Pilot we’ll be
test fitting the Yakima Forklift Roof Mounted Bike Rack, part number Y02098. With a factory roof rack on our vehicle we’ll
begin our test fit by placing the bike rack up onto the vehicle’s load bars. Starting here at the front, we’ll go ahead
and remove the skewer. We’ll then loosen up the wingnut and bring
the front bracket around the underside of the front bar. We’ll position the silver T-bolt into
the slot at the bottom portion of the bracket and tighten down our black wingnut. Moving the rear we can then adjust the black
wingnut as well to position the rear bracket around the rear bar. Again we’ll position the silver T-bolt
into the slot and tighten down the black wingnut to secure the rear part of the bike rack to
the rear bar. With everything all tightened down and secured,
we’re ready to load up our bike. Back up at the front we’ll slide the black
cover over the black wingnut and reinstall our skewer, making sure it stays loose so
our forks can slide down onto it. Now moving the rear, we’ll go ahead and
undo the strap. We’ll place our bike up onto the bike
rack, sliding the forks down onto the skewer. We can adjust the sewer and clamp it down,
securing the back tire with the rear strap. With our bike all loaded up, that’ll complete
today’s test fit for the Yakima Forklift Roof Mounted Bike Rack, part number Y02098,
on our 2003 Honda Pilot.

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