Wrenches & Ratchets Buying Guide From Canadian Tire

Air tools help the pros work quickly and efficiently
and they can help the home mechanic too. Air tools run cooler than similar electric
tools, and with few moving parts, they are very durable. Their high power to weight ratio and smaller
size makes them less tiring to use. Impact wrenches do the heavy work of removing
lug nuts. The high torque these tools generate and the hammer action allows them to tackle
big jobs. High end models can generate almost 550 ft-lbs
of torque. There are a variety of impact wrenches to
choose from depending on the job to be done — full size high torque models as well as
smaller models for tight spaces, even this butterfly model for one handed operation. Look for cushioned grips and large triggers
for more comfort. Ratchet wrenches are used for lighter duty
fastening and removal like changing spark plugs and tune-up work. Anything a manual ratchet can do, an air ratchet
will do faster. A stubby model will get into tight spaces
where a conventional ratchet won’t work. Look for comfortable cushioned grips and an
easy to use reverse lever. Higher-end models will have tempered steel
in the head for a more durable tool. Protect yourself as you would when using any
power tool. Gloves and safety glasses are a must. You can find a wide selection of air tools
and compressors…at Canadian Tire.

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