WORLDS SMALLEST Transforming HOT WHEELS Box Fort Race Track!!

Jake why are you so sad with what’s
going on it’s wrong as it’s been almost two years since the accident there’s
another Hot Wheels race next week the first time I don’t compete so I stay
here other race goes out take it easy on the parade then having
way too much that way late don’t you tell me to slow down on the Perrier you
don’t know what it was like to be the greatest whole fields racer in the world
have it all taken away in an instant Jake what happened why don’t you race
anymore it was the summer of 2001 Hot Wheels racing was all the rage and I was
the best Hot Wheels racer the world has ever seen
sponsors money fame I had it all until the grand race ladies
and gentlemen welcome back to the hot wheels grand race for a million dollars
today we have racer Papa Jake versus glaze McQueen battling it out
head-to-head it’s gonna make the finish line in that
million dollars is ours standing on me though trying to ship this thing into
cool gear moving my way in interruptus he’s in the lead I may have to feed on
this chump Partlow D coming up is the hardest turn and that’s why I’m sad
cheak why are you so sad I mean it’s just haul wheels it was my life
you know they said I might never be able to race again I suffered a broken finger
now just because you had one failure doesn’t mean you’re a failure for the
rest of your life you need to get back up there and race again and I am just
what could happen even if I wanted to I left all that home bill stuff behind me
in the past I left it back at the old house before we moved here shake it so
happens I have the keys to the old house I say we go back to the old house get
those Hot Wheels tracks can we build a box for that can transform into a Hot
Wheels race track why would we do that don’t know but what I do know is it’s
gonna be your once a growing school do you think I could do the Hot Wheels
track on the scooter I don’t me do not do the Hot Wheels track home school
that’s a very bad idea Logan that would not work out it at all well mr. Pooh you
can’t play Hot Wheels with us today because today we are gonna be making our
very own Hot Wheels box for it I thought it would be extremely cool to make the
world’s first ever transforming Hot Wheels box for ya guys we were thinking
because the race crate transforms into a bunch of different tracks we would make
our very own box perversion that expands out into our own cool ball wheels tracks
so we can have a Papa Jake versus Logan challenge no before we actually start
building that thing though guys I did want to show you the race grip because
this thing is just so cool so as you guys know the race great start task well
this a race crane and then to the power of magic aka unfolding it like origami
it turns into this so before to make our own box perversion in this Logan why
don’t we have a little bit of a race here to get some inspiration
so the first track is a drag race like Jake said and Jake you’re going down
look at my car it’s got a baseball on it because baseballs are really fast
everyone knows that so I’m gonna win this challenge it’s a straight drag race
into a looky-loo and at the end here we even have that this sweet little device
that tells us who wins so I’m just absolutely no cheating
all right Logan get in possess I’m going for advance fault wheels
position are you coming all right in three two one Rock pick oh alright
we’re doing Hollis sorry alright three two one alright well okay fine you won
the track race but Logan we’ve got two other variations of the race crate to
play on right no I’m gonna beat you on this one cannot be I gotta go with my
racing position s interesting strategy Jake but I don’t think it’s gonna help
you at all oh yeah well look at the speed Logan
whoa hmm we didn’t even see that it’s lightning
speed all right ready in three two one oh wait wait a second I don’t know what
that means I don’t know what that means either my car went through first but it
went through in your lane which means based on the Hot Wheels rule book of
rules I think I won the race now we’re gonna transform the hill climber into
the gravity drop three two one oh dude check it out
it’s the gravity drop you start up here and let the cars go under the
loop-d-loop and of course across the finish line
this is for all the marbles or should I say Hot Wheels for this one
I’m going for the brake all right you know I don’t want the baseball cards
before but you’re gonna be making something that transforms just like the
race crate does but also has the ability to box for that we can live in so it’s a
port it’s a racetrack it’s a box board okay but Jake how are
we supposed to build this right now you open up the door and you come on inside
so so that looks real cool it is looking sweet now guys it isn’t done yet we
still have to actually like trick this place out with a super-sweet track so
that when we do unfold it we can race but I want to show you guys what it
looks like right now when we got these super sweet LED lights and it looks like
a regular four from the other side gasps that’s where you’re wrong Logan why
don’t you show them check this out this box for it has been specially engineered
to unfold with no tape as you guys can see we have these tape pouches which the
cardboard perfectly go in and then they come out as you guys can see and the big
flap comes out just like that and here we go here comes the rib oh there we go
in our box for trace creep opens up just like that you’re gonna make our epic
wheels track along this just like she’s having the race crates we can embrace
each other and then when we’re done hold it back up and chill in our box for it
so now’s the fun part where we actually get to build our track and I thought we
would use the Hot Wheels jumbo studs box we go down the ramp
all the way through maybe a super loop deal here and then to the finish line up
on the couch alright guys so check it out we just
finished building our life size of box fort Oh
wheels radius train and guys as you can see from the outside no it looks like a
normal box whereas we already showed you use all wheels accents it’s got the
plane so you know it goes faster and then when you open up the door now it
looks a little bit crazy but if you actually look in here you can see all of
the wheels track so it kind of does make sense in those things like on the cia’s
whole wheels on the ceiling and the walls it’s not everywhere so right now
you know it’s all here for storage and you know it’s still fort like do I can
still get in here see you check it out I’m inside and chilling in here you know
this Hot Wheels all around me like this and then when you know you’re like oh I
want to race some of these awesome Hot Wheels well that’s when the Rea security
comes from handy because well this all falls out and works as one insane
racetrack Logan you want start the folding process so we’ll start with
their roofs the flat goes up the entire thing is folded out now and we have an
amazing Hot Wheels track not just one but two different tracks this is a drag
race track that starts up here you get a bunch of speed with the help of you know
gravity or our friend and you go all the way down here into the double loop to
move over to this this is actually a sweet new piece we got in the Jumbo sub
box and it’s a working elevator so it brings your car up here keeps it another
boost and off into another and then the final jump and whoever
makes it to the end first of course wins be also the Sun track
I’ll show you guys that out I think it’s time for me and you to race Logan I’ve
got my gold card Logan has this green car now of course there’s only one
switch that’ll activate both cars so you know it’s 100% fair and whoever makes
the finish wins you’re ready to do this Logan ready as I’ll ever be
all right here we go in three two one epical is dry it’s crazy because your
car was beating me but then up the elevator my car started beating you that
was so cool than when they hit the elevators all right well I think we need
to go again because that was way too close all right guys it’s time for round
number two Jake are you ready oh dude I’m ready or I’ll let you do the honors
of letting them launch this time all right in threes buddy to me my car my
car thought that’d be racing this way I kinda went up the elevator the wrong way
but fix this all good this is like one of my favorite drag races and the fact
that we can just fold this all up when we’re done and like move it anywhere we
want it’s pretty awesome now I think it is time to check out the stunt tracks on
track is really cool we have another really awesome new feature for this so
the stunt track works well maybe we should just show you okay here we go
let’s get our car lined up here and then let’s get our other two cars lined up
all right guys here goes our awesome hot wheels on track in three no i-5 man so this little doohickey here
launches two cars at once after you activate it by eating this
thing so you think it’s a stun this way but then we go 90 degrees and it’s a
stunt this way we’ve accomplished something a pretty insane dude but guys
we made the world’s first transforming Fox 4 2 F course this has been Pappa
Jake and Logan and we will see you guys next time
for another awesome video turn

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