Worlds Biggest Farm Tire! What Are We Up To?

Worlds Biggest Farm Tire! What Are We Up To?

you guys remember when I said something
big was coming something special I told you guys about it’s here good morning everyone it’s Monday
morning a little bit due out it’s very cool right now which is good that’s why
I got a sweatshirt on the cool weather helps the peas they like the cold
weather so that’s a good thing I’m gonna get old blue Pete here fire it up run
this loads of town we’re in a wholesome that grain that we showed another video
try to get as much knocked out as we can and then as soon as it’s sellable to go
spray well go heat that can follow and get that worked out too so but we’ll get
the peas and hopefully the wheat hauled in here and then there’s some surprises
coming so stay tuned for that back at the Quonset let’s fire the 4520
up get some green flowing out of that back protein on that last load I took in
was sixteen five that’s uh that’s good protein anything about 14 is excellent
and if we can maintain 14 this year that would be perfect but I’m not expecting
that usually 12 somewhere in that area up against the
PT all right now and it’s about to get loud so let me put
my earplugs in earplugs going a lot easier if you lick them first
it’s like a wet willy everyday pretty good system of water
and it could start rain around Rocio Nevada getting spit on the truck it’s
filling up I think I’m gonna shut down it looks like it’s coming down enough to
make the road a little sloppy so miles will stop we’ll keep on when we get a
chance but for now the trucks to get parked so we’ll move on to the next job
which is I’m not sure yet talk guys we’ll figure it out
here’s how we’re sitting that rain system moved over didn’t really do a lot
maybe like 500 the most loves them too much but it does keep stuff a little
damp which is good because the rains from last week still have the ground
fairly soaked so anything that puts pressure on the moisture helps keep it
in the ground which is good the guys took off the trucks they’re hauling
grain which means I’m gonna run the brute start knocking out these acres but
I know you guys have seen a lot of the brute so I don’t think i’ma show much
this but if you guys are wondering yeah I’m spraying in the brute okay you guys remember when I said
something big was coming something special I told you guys about it’s here
wait till you see what we got I know you guys have been curious what
the heck’s going on you see in the post you’ve wandered and yes we do have two
of the world’s largest agriculture tires in production
these are LSW 1,400 from tight and tire and we have two of them and here we’ve
got two LSW 75060 are 30s and you guys are wondering what the heck these are
going on so let’s let’s show you you’re gonna like it take it gigantic the fish are the biggest tire
to be on this farm by far could it be for perhaps the series two big bud no
sorry it won’t fit in the wheel well too big put that tire be for perhaps big
brood no it’s not gonna fit on that Oh way not
a chance well what about the Apache world’s largest egg tires can’t I don’t
think it’ll fit on the Apache let’s keep trying I’m sure by now you guys are
thinking it’s got to be going on this and no it can’t fit on that tractor
either I only means one thing that’s right this is going on one over
82 50s we chose this one that’s got the bigger hopper extensions on it
and I think it’d just be a little better fit for this combine but tight and tire
sponsored us a set of LS w’s for this bad boy and these are not the ordinary
LSW these are 1400 LS w’s the world’s largest egg tire these tires are
gigantic look at this thing how big it is not amazing it makes everything on our farm look
tiny but it’s not uncommon to put this large a floatation tire on a combine
especially back east where you guys have the real swampy ground soggy ground
mucky ground we’re going to call it we do get some of that here too but it’s
gonna be a great comparison because we’re gonna have one a combine equipped
with the l SW 1400s and the LS w.zahn the rear there’s seven fifties on the
rear and our other combine we’re gonna keep the six 20s in the front duals and
the originals in the back so I’m really curious to see the ride comparison speed
comparison stability and of course when we get into some muddy conditions to see
which one you know gets through a little better we would love to have put this
tire on our big buds it’s just not gonna fit unfortunately wheel wells are not
big enough for that tractor so it won’t happen but thank you tight and tire
let’s get to work let’s get these bad boys on this combine get one step closer
to harvesting crop nineteen okay get it done I’m gonna get some coffee I’ll go get the Telus kid underneath
there so we start pulling the wheels off and catch one force will put them for slight problem those bolts are lucky 380
worked on there and our air compressor is only said like 100 psi so I’m gonna
go grab the service truck which is right over here now baby boost up to about 160
that’ll hopefully give us to the foot pounds we need to turn those things off
and of course torque the new ones my garb just finishing button up the
other side cut this jacked-up Jack’s a little more sturdy this time so that’s
good I’m gonna go ahead and run over and grab the Telus kid and get in a position
and then we needs ready we’ll bring the service truck over there and start
taking that side off pull up dan what’s going on here our
impact gun down here this earthquake is what it’s called
is not taking these off they’re torqued way stronger with that that impact gun
can handle and we have really no way to put a breaker bar on here we just don’t
have the means to do it so I think what do we do how do I get these bolts out to
put that tire there on there and then I remember we called a friend who has this that’s a hydraulic impact gun and that
baby puts out some serious foot-pounds so we’re hoping and banking on that
being able to break those bolts loose so that we can get that wheel off and get
the new one on it fortunately this service truck right here as hookups as
you can see so like I’m just firing the truck up we’re getting there hooked up
and then we will be able to pull those duals off if this takes them off and get
this fat LSW 1,400 on there cuz this tire needs to be on that combine right
now and then we’ll get to the rear wheels which are right here and then the
column I will be done well they’ll snap the end right off the
sheared it alright try something probably stupid got this breaker bar
here we’re gonna put it on like that I’m gonna jump in the telus kidneys the
forks and I’m gonna lift up on it yeah how about those apples he’s a
genius watch the line up with the rim hole so
split a couple nuts on we’ll get that button up tighter and then we put the
palm right around going to the rear wheels we’re gonna drive around a little
bit make sure everything kind of loosened up flop through come back
height hearing again and then tighten it again get the new tires bring them over here
look at that jacked up I’ll start pulling those wheels off bring new ones
nearby pack grant out of out of throw it can’t
go any higher we need it to go up like literally like a quarter of an inch like
I’m just letting few pounds out of it that’ll help it’s going on now whole era
back up when I get her bolt it on tight I mean well I guess I’d get rid of this
thing I think that’s all she wrote for the telescope for now I don’t think we
need it anymore I’ll go park it and then oh look at this beauty that we just
created well that took a little bit longer we
were expecting because well our impact guns are just not quite up to snuff but
we found a way around that so we call this Columbine the beastmode combine
it’s got LSW is all around it the 1400s on the front 750 s in the back take that
tracks it’s tall it raised the Columbine up a little bit it’s wide but it looks
so good well thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed it expect to see this
beast in future videos a lot and tight and tires that’s one heck of a tire
there we’re still blowing away how big that thing is that is an amazing tire
catch you guys later take care

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  1. mmmm 73 inchers…….so, when are they gonna run over some crush ca……wait, this is a farm channel, not a monster truck channel (long live Old Skool Monsters)…..

  2. If someone gets that stuck they just need to start applying for a new job bc they r legally unqualified to drive a combine

  3. Upgrade that one inch earthqauke harbor freight special for a Ingersoll Rand or mac or snap on

  4. All you had to do is get Leg Arms to look at the bolts and they would have came off 😂. Those tire look good on the new Combine. I'm glad that y'all got them both and are getting companies to give y'all stuff to promote their products in y'alls videos. Keep up the good work. God Bless Y'all

  5. Hey Nick y'all should take the duals from the one u put the lsw tires on and put the old duals on the other combine for triples

  6. I hope you have good luck with those. Tire guy told me horror stories about them not to long ago. And the fact that on titan’s YouTube page they disabled all comments says a lot about the company

  7. Hi family and loved this video and made me thinks? the only case IH in game FS is the 9240, so could I edit this and make the 8230 like yours with the new 1400's fitted? Well the answer is yes I can and yes I did. TBH it looks just as good as yours now. I may need to add a picture to this later but can be see at FS-UK while it's still open, until then you's guy's keep pushing forwards, love your videos and Congrats also nick on the new baby Girl???????? Sorry boy!! Hehe. Here is the picture of my combine edit at FS-UK PS: not finished yet with it. Here is another link to picture for the complete edit of the tyres, but may edit the combines deck, as the ladders are no good for this variation.

  8. Hello Welker Farm In my country it's harvest for us. We are so tiny comparate as you. Nice stuff!* The lenght of the bucket is amazing !!! and the tires are soooo incredible!
    Greetings from french farmers in France -Europe

  9. Why is this one of the most popular uploads and it has only been uploaded like a week ago? could Titan be involved with fake accounts?

  10. Hey fellas, its cool to me to think that the place I work at more than likely made the tire cord for those tires. I work at Hyosung USA and we make tire cord for several different tire manufactures and goodyear is our main customer and titan is a newer customer.

  11. Almost everybody here where we farm in the Mississippi Delta has float tires or tracks. Very rare to see one with anything else.

  12. Handle the case tyres all the time, tension on those bolts are 1000 ft pound. We use a 18 to 1 torque multiplier to redo them up.
    The 1400 LSW tyres are a absolute monster, I saw them on wheels in the Titan warehouse in Australia a couple of months ago.
    We are a tyre dealer in the Eyre Peninsular of South Australia in Australia.

  13. the upside to them is they are more comfortable to ride on , downside is if you have a flat you are done tell you change it are fix it.

  14. Arnt the rear tires mounted on the wrong side? The cheveron pattern is like an arrow on top and supposed to point forward right?

  15. My dad retired when he was 50 and bought a hobby farm in West Virginia. He loved mowing fields, putting hay bales in the loft, etc, etc. I spent one week a year there on vacation and we would work together every day on some job which I knew zero about. It was a great experience for about 25 years. This video reminded me of working with dad. There was always something broken or whatever and a solution had to be figured out on your own. It was an hour trip to buy a loaf of bread so we would have to dream up some way to fix it or go another route. You do the same stuff, but on a much larger scale, and not just for fun. You are also good video producers. Well done.

  16. LOL it's not size that matters. Are they free or so cheap they are almost a STEAL LOL HALLELUJAH WOOHOOYA ME HAPPY 🙂

  17. thanks titan tires, now alter the bud's fenders so they can be four on each. oh by the way, how much would four cost?

  18. Why don't you use gas to heat the nuts cherry red then whip them off? Instead of breaking things for no reason…..

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