World Famous Rubber Chicken Museum

World Famous Rubber Chicken Museum

good afternoon fellow travelers today
we’re at the one the only Archie McPhee’s novelties and rubber
chicken museum Archy McPhee’s less talk more monkeyin
true Archie McPhee tradition Bacon Man just spotted Bigfoot hiding out front of
the store squirrel in underpants and here’s what
we’re all looking forward to the free Rubber Chicken Museum here we go
following the signs I can’t wait this way to the world’s largest rubber
chicken I saw the world’s largest rubber chicken at Archie McPhee entering the
rubber chicken museum highlighted is the stained-glass chicken
this rubber chicken is signed by Seattle celebrity JP Patches and over here’s one
signed by the one the only Svenghouli this dilapidated chicken over here is
reported by Archie McPhee employees to be haunted right down the
bottom I’ve spotted the second smallest rubber chicken in the world it’s like it’s talking to me exit through the rubber chicken museum gift shop checking out the rubber chicken museum gift shop you can get your very own chicken suit a
variety of rubber chicken themed gifts or the or the rubber chicken museum
t-shirt well we’re here let’s get our fortune
told by a captain Archie luckily only fifty cents let’s give it a try I’m trapped in here until my lawyers can get me out please put in some more money so I can breathe the name of over in the corner
we have the Archie McPhee bacon shrine bacon air fresheners bacon candy bacon
stinky candle delicious bacon mints bacon flavored toothpicks get your bacon
bandages gotta check this out it says it’s an attraction without parallel the
amazing Archie McPhee glow chamber only five cents pay here all right we’re
gonna look inside see if what we can see … amazing just turned a corner and didn’t
expect to see the Wallingford Beast this is a Fiji mermaid style oddity and if you want to take a little bit of
the wallingford beast home you can get your Wallingford Beast air
freshener smells like pine there’s even a whole section devoted to Bigfoot toys
and merchandise get your Bigfoot soap so that you can smell like Bigfoot if you
feeling lucky you can take a try at Archie McPhee’s lucky takeout boxes with
a collection of surprise items inside or for those more daring the Jumbo surprise
bags and we almost left without getting a shiny souvenir penny here we go there we go so this place has a huge
assortment of toys novelties and other bizarre objects for sale check it out
there’s lots to see and do in store I got a surprise box we’re gonna open that
in a little bit please subscribe so you can stay up to date on all of our latest
adventures and check out the interactive map so you can see all the cool weird
and unusual places I’ve been to otherwise it’s time to exit through the
gift shop all right so it’s time to do our Archie
McPhee surprise package unboxing Archie McPhee’s is known for its strange
bizarre unusual and useless novelties so who knows what we’re going to get in
fact I found a book on Amazon that’s called who would buy that and it’s this
story of Archie McPhee’s I’ll put a link in the description below if you’re
interested in hearing the history of Archie McPhee you can check that out for now let’s open this up and take a look at what we got all right here we go so it looks like mainly a just a
collection of small toys and trinkets there was a larger package there for $30
which would have given you probably some larger items but I decided to start off
with the smaller kit so let’s open it up and see what we get first item a little
paraglider a little parasailor figurine we’ve got some twinkle eyes for
what I’m feeling in a decorative mood or maybe I’ll throw those in the Halloween
bin also have a little figurine of a photographer or vlogger so that’s
something that I can put put on my desk kind of a cool little trinket of course
we’ve got a flying squirrel who doesn’t need a rubber flying squirrel all right let’s see here we’ve got a few of these
these are little I guess they’re for cupcakes or something looks like you
would put them in the top of the cupcakes as decoration they’re black
cats probably for Halloween so I can put those in the Halloween or the baking
baking stuff we’ll look at those get those out at a different time of year
also let’s see who doesn’t need a hand full of tater tots these are rubber
tater tots I got five of them in there have no idea what we’re going to use
those for but there they are tater tots and the last few things we have one of
these guys who remind me of the half-human half-animal figures that are
on the outside the art to make these buildings that we saw earlier
this guy is a human body and a dog head so interesting let’s let’s hold on to
that I guess I also have a tin of these our killer bees they’re be shaped
candies and natural honey flavor so well who can’t use a tin of mints no problem
there last but not least check this out just what you were thinking wind up
Abraham Lincoln okay so I’m gonna wind this up then we make a little bit of
room here and let’s check out Abe Lincoln Honest Abe going for a walk alright ok so that’s it for the unboxing
I got about one two three four five about nine different types of items if
you don’t count the the duplicates you know when you go to art you McPhee’s you see lots of weird unusual stuff and this this surprise box opening is no
exception there’s lots of weird and unusual stuff I’m gonna enjoy my tater tots

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  1. Big Thanks to ILikeYoursToo (Reddit) who pointed out: "The tater tots are pencil toppers because there is a hole in the bottom of each one. I might be wrong, but I’d hate to think you were missing out on the opportunity to have plastic tater tots on the end of your pencils."

    Looks like my pencils are going to be well decorated 🙂

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