Workers Reveal What You Should Absolutely Never Buy At Costco

Workers Reveal What You Should Absolutely Never Buy At Costco

Despite Costco employees’ overall satisfaction
on the job and extreme loyalty to the brand, both current and former Costco staff do have
some suggestions on what not to buy from the wholesale warehouse club. Here’s a list of things to skip on your next
Costco run, according to the people who probably know best. This might seem like a no-brainer, but Costco
workers all seem to consistently remark that buying fruit at the famous warehouse store
is risky. Most say it has nothing to do with the quality
of the items, but more about the fact that it’s usually impossible to eat all of it before
it goes bad. Aside from the principle that it might not
be smart to buy a perishable item in bulk, one long-time Costco produce department employee
admitted in a Reddit thread that there are overall issues with the store’s produce. The user revealed: “Mid level management and store managers know
very little about handling produce in general and most just don’t care because it is physically
hard to do.” When Business Insider spoke to Costco employees
about what they avoid buying in the store, the answers varied — one worker was adamant
that customers steer clear of the mayo. The folks at Eat This, Not That! seem to agree
with the Costco worker, arguing that buying condiments like mayonnaise in bulk, especially
for a family, isn’t wise. The site reports: “Your favorite condiments like ketchup, mayo,
and mustard tend to be loaded with sugar, salt, and other preservatives. Despite this, they can still go bad.” Nobody wants a rep as the neighborhood mayo
hoarder, so props to Costco workers for keeping customers in check. Sure, Costco does have a solid reputation
for selling super cheap gasoline — but if you’re looking to service your entire vehicle,
perhaps you should consider visiting an auto shop rather than a store that also sells wine. “There’s a wine section?” “Yeah, a really good one, just past the
tires.” “No way. They do not have –” Oh, but they do. However, a Reddit user who claimed to have
worked at Costco in various capacities warned consumers that the tire center wasn’t worth
their time, saying: “The tire selection is very low and you can
usually get them quite a bit cheaper somewhere else if you shop around.” On another Reddit thread, a former Costco
tire center worker wrote: “Compare prices and warranties. Often Costco has the better deal, sometimes
not.” Customers and workers consistently praise
the Costco food court and the delicacies from its own brand, Kirkland Signature. However, one Costco manager suggests you avoid
the infamous Kirkland Signature Chicken Bake. The manager explained on Quora: “Calorically, these bad boys are over 1000
calories… Crispy dough, cheese, chicken, bacon and Caesar
dressing with a coating of Parmesan cheese on top. A treat once in a while if you are into it,
but definitely not a daily go-to.” In fact, serving up delicious food like the
chicken bake is essentially just a sales tactic for Costco. The manager revealed: “Many of the food court items exist just to
get you in the door. Come for a chicken bake and buy a TV on coupon
that you just can’t pass up.” Costco has a ton of great deals — but electronics
might not be one of them. One Costco manager revealed on Quora: “With Internet shopping being what it is today,
there are an unbelievable amount of hot deals going on at any given time in every major
category of electronics. On a day to day basis, I stand by the statement
that no one will beat Costco’s price in a direct comparison, but for electronics, I
will allow that one might get lucky to the tune of a few bucks here or there.” According to research from Clark, there are
lots of items available at a much lower cost on Amazon — although Costco did beat the
online mega-retailer on a few items. So while it might be tempting to buy your
next giant flat-screen TV from a place know for selling giant stuff, you might want to
check yourself before you wreck yourself — or your wallet. There’s a longstanding rumor that Costco’s
Kirkland Signature Vodka is actually Grey Goose in a cheaper outfit. While it’s been confirmed that both vodkas
have the same water source, Grey Goose maintains that it’s not Kirkland Signature Vodka, claiming
Grey Goose has their own exclusive well, uses their own proprietary methods, and distills
their vodka a whopping 800 kilometers away from where Kirkland is made. Regardless, it seems Costco’s store brand
may actually be better. The two vodkas have been through several blind
taste tests and Kirkland Signature usually wins — plus, depending on your location,
it may be half the price of the name brand stuff — or even less. “Oh, my god. Amazing.” “Yeah.” “Cam, what is this place?” If you want a huge selection of colors to
pick from for your next set of bed sheets, you might want to head to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Apparently Costco is coming up short in the
linens department. While Costco does sell sheets and towels,
the variety is pretty weak. Costco merchandise manager for bedding and
home, Jim Klauer, even told CBS News: “If you want 20 colors, this isn’t the place.” It also seems like customers aren’t really
sold on the quality of the Costco brand sheets either. Reviews from Costco’s website describe them
as “uncomfortable,” “poor quality” and “disappointing quality.” In a Business Insider ranking of the best
sheets for your bed, none of the lines carried in Costco even made the cut. Did you know Costco also doubles as a travel
agency? “Vacations? At Costco?” Sure, planes aren’t taking off and landing
behind the warehouses, but you can reserve rental cars, hotels, vacation packages and
cruises through the company. But just because they offer it, doesn’t mean
it’s worth doing. A former marketing manager for Costco Travel
revealed on Quora: “Costco Travel deals really aren’t that amazing…
if you’re going to Costco Travel expecting to consistently find something rare and wonderful,
don’t.” Take it from a guy who worked there, you will
likely find similar (or better) deals on one of the many online travel sites available
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  1. I cannot resist the mix nuts, chocolate with almonds, whole pizza whici is only $10, chicken bake, polish 🌭. Sorry but ICostco is still always busy compared with other big supermarts.

  2. On purchasing tires; not only are the discounts so-so when compared to other tire sellers, you’ll end up spending those savings having tire maintenance services like rotations and plugging flats done at other shops because busy auto centers in Costco and Sam’s Club don’t make time to perform those free services that tire sellers typically offer when you purchase their tires. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to wait an hour or more for these service. I end up frustrated and going to a smaller shop and paying the 10 or 15 that they want just to get it done. Some saving 🙄. I love shopping at Costco, but there are good reasons to pass on some of their offerings

  3. Wow the production team for this channel must really have run out of things to show…
    "don't ever buy Mayo at Costco… It's got too much fat"

  4. Very true about the tires. I've owned a mechanic shop that sells tires as well (sold as convenience for our customers) for 20 years. We kick the crap out of Costco on price all day, every day. And yes.. we have nitrogen. We offer lifetime balance and rotation at no extra charge. The first time I saw Costco's tire prices, my jaw dropped.. and that was just the tire. The additional charges for disposal, balance, etc make them that much more expensive. We beat them typically by 2/3 of their advertised price for just the tire.. and we have everything included for that same 2/3 price. Costco is a good company.. they just don't make the mark for tires. Must be a good money maker for them I presume?

  5. Last time I was a Costco, there were 3 separate altercations over line spots. Between that and the bring your extended family to buy 2 things, leave your cart in middle of isle, and get free samples, it’s worst than Walmart. And you pay for it. Nope. Cancelled.

  6. The key words being "a person who claimed to have worked for Costco". Your quoting of unverified former works pretty much invalidates this video.

  7. What a shitty video. This person only quotes people who have negative reviews on Quora… just made a video with useless negatives. You have to be a smart shopper and cannot blindly flow a brand…

  8. Crap BGM … costco for per unit lower price not for vast array or selection … everyone knows that.

  9. I watched a blindfold taste test of six vodkas, and grey goose was last out of 10 vodkas. A cheaper budget vodka came in first.

  10. Well one thing y’all didn’t meantion that’s bad ass about Costco…
    One can buy furniture and as long as you keep the receipts you can return it for a full refund no questions asked….
    purchased our couches 8 years ago and return it every so many years to get a brand new one. You may spend an additional 20-60$ due to slight price differences but that’s better than dropping $1000 to have you baby or buddy puke on it and now your stuck with it for years…. Dog and Cat owners…. 3-4 years tops and a couch is done! Just take it back and get a new one!
    That you won’t see at Living Spaces

  11. I have nothing… absolutely nothing bad to say about any products, perishable or non- perishable items sold at Costco. This review is full of nonsense.

  12. And whenever I get a chance to go back to New York and go to a Costco I'm going to do every last thing listed in the video.
    F*** you mashed. Lol

  13. Well he did really good up until the word that you used in correctly called infamous don’t use that word unless you know what it means it doesn’t mean famous it does not mean famous. If you don’t have the time to look it up don’t use the word just because it sounds like something you wanted to do mean the word infamous mean Krully famous like Hitler another one would be Jeffrey Dahmer, I’m sure their chicken bake is not infamous. It could be famous but I really doubt that there’s that many people who buy it to make it “famous”. So even though infamous sounds like a really cool where do use you sound like a fool for using the word incorrectly. Especially this word.

  14. Never buy spices or herbs with the exception of salt. They are old their essential oils have evaporated and they're in such huge containers they will be no better than cardboard shavings by the time you get halfway through them.

  15. For return items make sure you have the receipt, or you get the lessor sale price. But if you purchased at the sales price, you only get back the sales price even the item went back to full price. Why don't they just give you back what you initially paid? You need to watch out for repackaged return items at full prices. Other big box stores do the same thing even with missing parts.

  16. I have no criticism of the Kirkland bed sheets I've owned for years. Soft, cool, comfy. Further, while you can get price breaks at other tire stores, Costco offers free or low-cost balancing every year, and the quality is very high. I'll never buy a tire elsewhere.

  17. The Costco Chicken Bake is 770 calories. Not over 1000 calories as a so-called manager were purported to say. Pizza slice 600-700 calories, Italian Sausage sandwich 699 calories, Hot dog 560 calories not including condiments and large soda is over 960 calories. Don't believe everything you hear on the internet. Why? they don't do their due diligence and research the truth.

  18. Don't bother with this unabashed click-bait as it's just a bunch of random unverified sensationalistic assertions – in other words: a typical Mashed piece…

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