Woman wakes up to find wheels, tires missing from Toyota Corolla

Woman wakes up to find wheels, tires missing from Toyota Corolla

right now at 5:30 and only on local ten people living in this apartment community in Northwest miami-dade are getting tired of buying tires someone keeps stealing the wheels right off their rides leaving them sitting on blocks and they are so frustrated with security in their community which they say needs a lot of improvement local times y Ramos is live with our one and only exclusive Roy lui and Nicole in fact I just got a chance to speak with management out here they say that they know security is a problem they just don’t have the funds to make the necessary changes as a result this is happening cars are being vandalized wheels and tires taken right from them these kind of things make makes me nervous Jenny Pulido shocked when she said she woke up to find her Toyota Corolla sitting on its rotors and a single block wheels and tires gone I just sold my car like this I was like oh my god what happened here Jenny just one of two owners who fell victim to the crooks overnight not far from where she park the other Toyota was left sitting on the pavement I saw the other car the same the same brand to jota corolla and i just called the police that’s all happening inside the meter su condominium complex miami-dade police responding to find the disabled vehicles but no sign of the thieves when I spoke with residents I learned this is not the first time they have fallen victim to crimes in the community a property manager I spoke with said they have yet to make the necessary changes to security due to lack of finances the owners in this property have to allocate those funds first to try to a boy closing the property that’s why we don’t have more funds to put security we watched as several vehicles drove into the complex through a gate left opened and pass an unmanned guard house that entrance is couseling to like almost right now at $30,000 because they keep on break-in it management says their priority and focus is repairing the roofs on several buildings but in the meantime residents say they are left dealing with the crime it’s a community effort to try to try to do our best so if you have any information you feel can help police you are urged to give miami-dade Crime Stoppers a call that number three zero five four seven one tips we will continue to check in with management any more information that comes our way we’ll be sure to let you know for all of my updates be sure to follow me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter at our Ramos to be a plg here in Northwest miami-dade while Ramos local 10 News all right

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