Wltoys k989 1 28 Rc Drift Project Episode1 Austar Rc Wheels and Tyres Upgrade From Kyosho Mini Z

hi guys thank you all for watching a new episode of How To DIY Rc for a while, I wanted to get into Rc drift car because drifting my full-scale car makes me so happy It’s so much I smile from ear to ear and searching on the internet we seen so many cool but expensive drift cars but as a beginner, I want something more on a budget than we came across this wltoys k989 1/28 scale rc car that’s a kyosho mini z and sinohobby mini q clone that performs like a proper drift car but cost a 160 dollars little car that is pretty expensive for the size it is and this k989 cost me only 20 dollars on discount with a extra discount code on top of that really so cheap and most of the sinohobby mini Q & mini z while fit making it a very affordable rc drift car on a budget to get into the hobby of drifting another good thing is a small size lets you drive indoors every day no matter if it’s cold or raining 1/28 is perfect for indoor training to get your skills up pretty fast as a beginner the 3 really big plus points are it’s cheap and the spare part with available drift parts that are very affordable and you can use it on a daily base and this mini rc car on a budget come’s with a metal chassis a metal drive shaft and metal dog bones/CVD and 15 high-speed metal bearings it’s a lot of bang for my buck what I got for my 20dollars if you want to have in-depth view of this car than click this review video up hire in the corner well this car got a lot of good parts the stock wheels a soft rubber and really grippy and they don’t drift in this first build series of turning a budget rc car into a proper drift car for under 50dollars we choose this upgrade the stock wheels and tyres from austar plastic drift wheels that are mend for the kyosho mini z and sinohobby mini Q and the wltoys 1/28 rc cars and they have two different sets of tyres and the rims are from plastic and come in four different colors of red blue chrome and champagne the front wheels are 9mm wide and the rear are 11mm wide and have a 1 to 2mm offset the diameter of the rim is 20mmand the outside diameter of the wheel is 25mm the difference between the two sets of tyres that you can buy the 6802 they have two sharp angels on each side of the wheel giving a small contact surface in the middle that have zero camber angle the 6803 have a large contact surface with a high angle of camber but with the two sets it’s super easy to fine tune the car for each surface like carpet wooden floor or stone and the rims cost me 3 dollars and each tire set cost 2dollars so all in 7 dollars for the complete set don’t break the bank with the links down below let’s go to the track and see how the perform on the track, i got my mind really focus on driving so didn’t give an end review of this really good upgrade i’m really liking this upgrade over the stock wheels turning it into somewhat of a drift car with it’s a spinout of course but the tyres still need to rub in to get the full potential out of these wheels but that while take some time but i can really see the potential of this little rc car to be a perfect proper drift car we just need to do some more upgrades mods and DIY hacks that are coming up in the next episode 2 where we are going to do some upgrades and diy hacks and going over the upgrade parts that we have to order to make it a proper Rc drift car all keeping that under 50dollars so i hope you give this video a like and Subscribe so you won’t miss the next episode 2 and want to say goodbye until next time

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