Winter Tires for Toyota

Winter Tires for Toyota

[Gear noises, upbeat music
plays] When you can see your breath
outside — that’s a good sign
it’s time to switch your tires. Below seven degrees, all-season
tires start to lose some of
their elasticity. That’s when you know it’s time
to put on your winter tires. For those wanting the safest
winter driving experience, the tire industry recommends
winter tires in cold weather — even when there is no snow on
the roads. Instead of calling them snow
tires — which is inaccurate — you might instead think of them
as “cold weather tires.” Winter tires perform so well
because they are formulated with
a special rubber compound to help them keep their
elasticity at cold temperatures. These tires are also fitted with
extra wide tread blocks and
grooves to help maintain contact with
the road surfaces which can
improve traction, reduce stopping distances and
improve handling. Winter tires can also help
prevent hydroplaning, which occurs when your tires
float on a layer of water,
causing your vehicle to skid. If you see the mountain or
snowflake symbol on your winter
tires, then you know they’ve met
specific snow traction
requirements. And remember, Transport Canada
recommends that you always
install winter tires on all four wheels. Installing winter tires on only
the front wheels, or the rear
ones, could disrupt your vehicle’s
handling. Over time, and with normal
usage, the tread depth on your winter
tires will decrease as the
rubber compound wears off — which affects your tires’
performance. When the tread depth reaches
4/32 of an inch, or the size of two quarters
stacked on top of each other, visit your Toyota dealership to
see if your tires need
replacing. Remember you can always ask the
advisor at your Toyota
dealership to help you choose the right
tire. Thanks for taking an Inside Look
at your Toyota! [Upbeat music fades to silence]

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  1. Funny how in the video they show Alloy wheel nuts on Steel rims……Huh…..I was told that a big no no by my Toyota Dealer. @1:26 of video.

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