Winter Readiness: Tire Socks

Winter Readiness: Tire Socks

The tire sock is a kevlar
based blanket device that we can mount over the tire
when we need to. When the road gets snowy,
or slushy or icy we can put these on the bus. They’ll help us get over
hills and come out of bus stops and therefore we can keep
service when
the weather gets bad. We have trained technicians who
then drape the tire sock
over the rear tires. The operator is instructed to
drive forward the tire sock is put on the
tire. Tire socks are more
effective than
snow chains. The rider comfort isn’t
compromised so when these are on
the bus you can’t
even tell the difference. As you can see one of
the really nice
features of these is they’re light weight
and they’re easy
to carry around so they’re really portable,
they’re also really easy
to install. Looking at the actual
friction material
on the tire sock it’s basically just kevlar
fabrics woven. When it snows, we work
closely with our
local municipalities to make sure the
roads are cleared,
salted and sanded. Because we’re only as
good as the roads that we
operate on.

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  1. Great design, This will prevent damage to the road. Buses can be the heaviest thing on the road when fully loaded. I hope to see this keeping the buses going this winter season.

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