Will Stanced Cars Die Out

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look through Instagram, scroll through a few car pages, today’s style is of, one could say very evident, you’ll see bolted on wide body’s, that is what it, you know, that’s a thing right now, you know, you’ll see the huge wings, that’s a thing right now, and you’ll see some of
the wildest wrap jobs you know what I’m saying, people don’t dab anymore I’m not doing it, but I really wanted to for a quick second, but there’s one thing that seems to be like all other
builds have in common, and that is stance, and when I say stance I mean like excessive double digit camber, it seems to be happening
way more often now than ever before, which
always begs the question on like whether it’s a fad, a trend, or really if it’s ever going to die, now the camber serves like a really very little
functionality other than helping like dudes
run super wide wheels and being able to sit fender to lift, now don’t get me wrong, you
have to appreciate the time and the custom parts needed to achieve these insanely
slanted boy clout points as they would say, but will
the trend actually die out, that’s a pretty good question, by the way I’m Alex dot F I and today we’re gonna be talking about just that on if stance
cars are gonna die out, or if these styles are going
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bang, bang, bibbidi, bop, with any trend in the world, that’s exactly, you
know exactly just that, it’s a trend which means
naturally things die out, when new ideas come up and everybody wants to be part of the next big thing, its a common, it’s a
commonality we would say, and if you look back through US history, specifically at car culture, you’d be pretty insane to see
how far we’ve come especially in the space, you know, few decades, the 60’s and 70’s was
an insanely weird time, because you had the muscle car haven and then the 70’s came, and then the EPA ruined
everything that was fun, and then you had everything that went into like wood station wagons, and then going in to low
riders, and things like that, then you had the 80’s and 90’s come around with the Japanese cars
started to get imported and you had the Honda’s, the
Datsun’s, and the Nissan’s, and the things like that, then you had Honda Civic’s
with insane body kits, mini trucks with wild paint jobs, pretty sure people were
taking their new Scion FR-S’s and BRZ’s and then pretty
much the same thing, there pretty much doing the same thing, just the platform changed, they put them on the ground instead of lifting them up, they put the 20 degree’s of camber on it. So the question is, is
well could it be a trend? Now here’s the thing you have to take in to consideration, the
automotive scene is much more than just than the United States and if you look over across the way in to Japan and things like that, or even Europe, you’d see
that the whole European and Japanese stance scene has been a thing for quite a while now, so you can’t just knock it off as a trend, especially as it gets more common in the good ole US of A, the US of A is like mid west of USA alone, like the USA is the last one to get any of the cool stuff, the mid west in the USA
is always the last one to get any of the cool stuff, like Yeezy’s are the thing right now, but I’m pretty sure they we’re the thing like seven years ago in California, I wouldn’t even be shocked if that was the case, now before you type your comment, I already know what you’re going to say, but Alex, most of the cars
are so super popular now, and the racing scene is
huge with no stupid camber, now listen I get it, that’s true, and you know it really is. But have you seen the
Mustang’s and Camaro’s that have been rolling around with the insane camber wide wheels? If you jump out to our gallery, you start to see people
taking those muscle cars and doing just that, you see people taking all
sorts of different vehicles and making all crazy excessive styling, now take it back to 2000’s, probably the most recent
of a different sort of generation change and a lot of it had to do with flat profile
wheels, the hood scoops, the roof scoops, you had the lips, you had the flat profile wheels, you had the crazy vinyl on the side, but at the time that was the cool thing, one that’s always remained
the same though is the fact that it’s always been some sort of excessive expression of nature, now if you look at GT 86’s, 350 Z’s, GTI’s, Camaro’s, Volvo’s, you could pretty much run slanty (inaudible) set ups on all of those and people are rocking
the hell out of them. So will they really die out? Some people say it should
have never have started, and other’s are now hoping that they will just please, you know, please end, Oh my gosh, please end, we’ve seen the comments, we’re there, we usually
have to respond to them, because we hardly eye everything, or we just delete them, because you guys some
times are little bit mean. Right? But it’s a trend, that started really, I mean for a long time ago, it’s been a thing for quite a long time and now that the people have gone kind of to social’s more and more often, you’re just now seeing
a little bit more of it, Now has it gotten a little
bit more socially acceptable? Yeah. Do I think there ever going to die out? That’s a question that
really kind of depends on what people are replacing it with, because really with car trends they last about five to seven years, give about one to two generations of vehicles for people to roon the trend and then people want to
go do something different, because not everybody is doing it, you can actually see that start to happen with the big wing thing that’s happening, now people are trying to
go to the duck bill set up, because they don’t want
to be like everybody else, they want to do something that’s unique in their on way, stance excessive camber that whole thing was the unique thing and it has been the unique
thing for some time now, that’s pretty much it. Do I think? Or do we think that stance
cars are gonna die out? Maybe, probably, because I don’t think that it’s a staple of the scene just yet, but if it continues to be as successful and as prominent as it has been, in the past three to five years, it might just be the
low riders of the 70’s, you have to remember that
taking it back to the 70’s and 60’s, and 50’s and 80’s, and 90’s there was always stuff
that people were doing that made cars inherently less functional, but people still just had that much more of a fun time with it, any time you’ve probably
done something unique, you just have to look back about 30 years and you’d probably find somebody that’s already did it, accept in a more weirder way, with more hair, you
know like puffier hair, probably some more hair spray, some things like that and you know it might be something that’s not for every body, but it really kind of comes down to, I don’t know. Does it matter? Let us know what you guys think in the comment section
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are running for their set up, so that their on stance or not, we have a huge aftermarket gallery, with other 10 thousand
vehicles over there, that you can actually
see what’s super common, now stance is obviously the loudest, but you’d have to be pretty surprised at how many people are actually going for pretty standard look these days and instead of going
for the stancey thing, they have a tendency to be going towards the super meaty track
set up, pretty interesting, anyway I’m Alex, we will
see you guys later, peace.

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