Will a JET ENGINE Motorcycle Set New Records?

Will a JET ENGINE Motorcycle Set New Records?

This video is sponsored by Brilliant.org
but more on that later In the last episode make it real we made
a jet-powered bike now it’s time to see How fast it can go All right so we can’t actually test this
on the road because obviously it’s quite illegal to use a jet engine powered
motorcycle in the city streets but we did drive it around and get some
people’s reactions Now before we test it out we thought
would be kind of cool to see what the public’s reaction to our invention would
be. So we took it to a local bike night to see what other bikers thought about
it Now did you notify your insurance, that you have a jet engine on your bike? What the heck is this? It’s a jet Engine. There’s a little electric motor in there
get in the front so it spins it up and it goes through a cycle Literally 75 pounds of pushing you. non-stop. Need a lighter buddy? All right so to test it to its full
capability we’re gonna take it to a drag strip and see what it can do on the
quarter mile. The drag strip we’re going to is called the Grand Bend Motorplex
and it was actually pretty reasonable to rent for a few hours A quarter-mile drag strip a CBR 250 and
a jet engine. All right so we’re here at Grand Ben Motorplex and we’re about to
test the jet engine powered motorcycle Big thank you Knox they provide us with
some awesome motorcycle gear to make sure Ian doesn’t get hurt in the event
of some kind of catastrophic accident Feel safe
I feel safe. He feels safe let’s do this! All right. What’s next? Well we’re actually gonna do three tests Three tests. We’re gonna run
it just the bike then we’re gonna run it just the jet and we’re gonna run both. So
obviously both together is gonna go the fastest But the real question is can the
bike in neutral with the jet engine go faster than the bike with the engine? That’s that’s the real test here so let’s see what happens. So what’s going on here? let’s take a
look at a free body diagram to help explain the physics behind the jet bike. FG is the force of gravity FN is the normal force counteracting gravity. FF is
the force of friction which is mainly wind resistance this is proportional to
the square of velocity meaning the faster you go the larger the force. F
motorcycle this is a forward force the motorcycle of the engine turning wheel
as you increase gears to go faster this force drops. F jet we know the thrust of
this jet is about 310 Newton’s or 73 pounds The cool thing about this is
there are no gears just a constant force this means there will be a slow
acceleration at the beginning but the force won’t be reduced by changing gears. If the force of the motorcycle is larger than the force of friction then the bike
accelerates until an equilibrium is met. Unfortunately the track isn’t long
enough for us to actually hit the top speed and we don’t want to hit the water
barrels at the end of the track. If you guys want to learn more classical
mechanics like this Brilliant.org has Some great interactive courses on the
subject very similar to what we studied during our engineering degrees. Brilliant
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smith and sign up for free the first 200 people to go to that link will get 20%
off their annual premium subscription. All right that was friggin awesome!
The jet engine by itself in neutral didn’t make the bike go too fast I think
we almost said 90 maybe a hundred kilometers an hour
very good 100 all right it hit 100 km/h with the bike in neutral and then with
the bike on plus the jet engine I think we did what one sixty? One sixty yeah. Probably could have went faster but. We were running out of strip. Definitely felt a lot better with
the jet going. Did it Satisfy your need for speed? Almost. With a jet like
you’re flying through the gears and you just feel like you got some oomph in between. Like having an after burner or something. Yeah but we did have a few issues in the jet engine starting up. Something’s going on with
the fuel pump. So the fuel pump wasn’t going the engine wasn’t starting.
So we sat there for an hour ran out of time. So we can’t do any more runs
unfortunately otherwise we’d probably get a bit better speed. Yeah literally
literally you guys got the jet engine Working with five minutes left on our
rental time for the the track which Which kind of sucks but when we put two jet
engines in the MGB yeah we’ll come back Yeah big THANK YOU to Knoxx Outerwear
for providing Ian with some safety gear. See it’s pretty durable. plus these jeans like Kevlar
in them so if he actually went sliding Hypothetically, dyneema. Dyneema sorry not Kevlar, very similar. But hypothetically if he went sliding he
wouldn’t get too much road burn. You have four seconds. Four seconds. You better hope you stop in four seconds. Did you guys get it running? Five minutes left. Did I miss it? You were suppose to be filming dude. did you did you not get the shot? No I can’t hear
anything from down at the other end! What? You didn’t get the shot? The only thing we didn’t bring was walkies. You’re Fired. well we hope you guys enjoyed that video
we had a lot of fun renting out a drag strip for the day to test out the jet
bike but what do you guys think we should add the jet engine to next? What
other vehicles do you think would be much better with a jet engine? I
think we’re gonna add to the spy car but if you guys have any ideas of crazy
jet-powered inventions let us know in the comments below thanks for watching Oh

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  1. Project idea 1: make a jet plane.
    Project idea 1.1: make another jet plane.
    Project idea 1.2: actually dogfight with said jet planes.

  2. Maybe if you used a real jet engine this would have been cool. Mount 2 TJ-100'S one on each side behind the driver and see how fast it goes.

  3. I rode this bike before (without the jet engine of course)
    If the engine is in good condition with low quality gas it actually could reach 160km/h. It can reach higher but the limiter kill the engine..

  4. When forests catch fire looks like almost impossible to put the fires out. How about using the jet-engine + water injection to create a huge cloud of steam and burned O2 ? Would that put out the fire ?

  5. who noticed they pointed at the rear tire width as the top speed 140/70-17 hahaha the top speed was on the right at 145 haha

  6. I have a pretty cool idea how’s about modifying a surfboard put a jet engine or 2 on one do some cool summer surfs

  7. Your like iron man but is not a hero and doesn’t build his suit but can create anything with just science

  8. Don't go cheap on us, put 2 jet engines and blow the cam car in the dust. Shit, I think there is room for 3 jets.

  9. I understand that there were some issues with track time, but I kinda wish there was a test with the engine canted forward/downward.

    I'm impressed with Ian though, I would've been afraid of the rear tire going squirrelly and going down. I like my motorcycle without a jet engine attached

  10. I love you you use the metric system in America…. you know. Because all of our cars display KPH.

  11. the track is to short, the bike should do 1/2 to 3/4 of top speed before the jet engine gets from Neutral to full trotle, than you would get around 200 tot 250 if the track is long enough

  12. Sick video, I was just there at the Grand Bend Moterplex yesterday for the first time ever. We really appreciate this video!

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