Will a BMX work on mountain bike trails? Sorta.

Will a BMX work on mountain bike trails? Sorta.

We’ll get back to this in a few minutes. Today we’re at Virginia Key park to answer
a question—one we kind of already know the answer to; Can you ride a BMX bike on mountain
bike trails? I mean, you probably could. They’re great for jumping over stuff and
nearly indestructible. But then again, you could probably go hiking
in tap dancing shoes. BMX bikes come in many shapes and sizes, but
at your local skatepark you’d find something like this. The tires are high pressure, the seat is super
low, and the brakes are…well there are none. We’re also missing the pegs but I don’t
think that’s a factor here. For our test course I chose a loop at Virginia
Key Park called Purple Haze. All of the trails here are named after rock
songs, and just like the song, Purple Haze takes only about 3 minutes. You’ll see why that’s important. I also like this loop because it has a little
bit of everything, from loose sand, to roots, to chunky rocks and wooden obstacles. There are also some well packed berms which
I’m sure the BMX will work great on. There are no prolonged climbs or descents,
nor would I want there to be. BMX gearing is made for short sprints, to
set up for gaps and jumps. As you can see, my mountain bike makes quick
work of all these features. Pedaling through the sand and dirt is effortless
on big cushy tires. On bigger bumps and drops, the suspension
helps keep the bike grounded. Even if I get going too fast, hydraulic disc
brakes are at my fingertips. The experience on a mountain bike is fun,
comfortable, and fast. But we didn’t come here to use the right
tool for the job, this is Seth’s Bike Hacks you’re watching. Time to take the 20 inch for a spin, balls
out no brakes. Right off the bat, I could feel the bike bouncing
and shifting around on the pebbles and sand, but on the berms and wooden features it was
a blast. The BMX was so snappy and nimble that it outperformed
the mountain bike that was following me. That ended really fast when I hit this little
section of mushy dirty. Sand, gravel, and rough terrain is crippling
on a BMX. On inclines, I was able to pedal hard and
use my momentum, but there’s no way I could have done any real climbing on this bike. I was very surprised at how well the BMX handled
the rock garden, but then again it was down a small hill. If it were level or uphill I wouldn’t have
had the gearing or clearance for pedaling. For the roughest of features, momentum is
the only way to get through on a BMX. As I worked my way through the trail, I became
totally exhausted. In places where a mountain bike would just
coast through, I was pedaling with all my might. On a BMX you’re always out of the saddle
mashing as hard as you can. Bombing this little twisty section was scary. I just barely made it around this turn without
tumbling into the bushes. After one more chattery section I was nearing
the end of the loop. The BMX had made it through the course. But believe me when I say you can’t do this
for very long. After catching my breath, I thought it would
be a good idea to take another lap. Filled with confidence, I was going faster
than I did the first time around. That could have been much worse. I made it through this twisty section the
first time, but on round two my luck changed. Even if the bike had brakes, I’m not sure
how well the tires would have gripped the surface while stopping. No matter how you slice it, washing out or
losing control is a really big possibility on a BMX. I’ll be feeling that one for about a week. The whole reason I did this test is that people
actually do ask about this. If all you have is a BMX and you’re curious
about mountain biking, you might want to wait until you can do it on a mountain bike. Either that, or find some dirt trails that
are made with BMX in mind. Mountain biking on a BMX has a really bad
fun to danger ratio, so I just can’t recommend it. Thanks for riding with me today and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. You failed at that experiment… This should be titled "Can you ride a Park bike on mountain bike trails…"
    Back in the 80's we rode BMX bikes on trails… But we had bikes with brakes, better gearing, and knobby tires. You over over-generalizing BMX bikes. There are "Park bikes"… "Trail bikes". "Jump bikes", "Freestyle bikes" "Flatland bikes"…… etc…
    Get a BMX bike that's more suited to the dirt. Brakes, knobbies, and better gearing… Then try again. Guarantee it would be a blast on that trail, and mostly flat trails. Any trails with climbs, and you would definitely miss having gears.

  2. old school.. pre-moutain bike days…a time when there was only racers and bmx's… bmx was the off road-er of choice.

  3. Today I had the most dumb idea, there was a trail with sand and all the rugged terrain for a mountain bike, I decided to ride MY BMX bike down the trail at full speed, I was bumping and swirling everywhere, and then all of a sudden I lost control and my bike started to turn into an f5 tornado I freakin fell super hard and slid across all the sand dirt and the dirt terrain, I ended up with blood everywhere, hands, knees I had a huge flesh wound, foot, feet, like everywhere was bleeding and the pain was un bear able, my mom finally found me after a few minutes with my bike all scratched up and dusty and im there bleeding everywhere. Moral of story, DONT MOUNTAIN BIKE ON BMX.

  4. I live like 30 minutes away from a dirt trail/ short race track. Ever since i was old enough to ride without training wheels me and my mates go there during the weekend, I use my BMX and let me tell you it was great. Although you are correct when you say you get tired out really quickly. On the short straights, banks and hills i'm good. But on the small jumps that have about 1-2 meters between them. I struggle.

  5. don't most BMX bicycles have a very old style drum break inside the hub of the rear wheel? please let me know. because I personally haven't had the opportunity of seen a BMX that doesn't have any form of breaks. Please be aware that I'm not BMX rider myself. However, I have friends who do ride this bike. Therefore I am very curious to know.

  6. Yeah… No protections, No fullface helmet and why didnt you build brakes on it Ehen you Ride a MTB trail🤷🤦

  7. I like the way you put that… "fun to danger ratio"… always need to think long-term… is it worth it??

  8. If you had a original bmx race bike from the 1980s it would work better I have one and it works great it’s my dads old race bike he gave it to me

  9. come ride at george poston park trails near spencer mountain in n.c.,make a video of that lmao i ride bmx on them all the time,they also have the only paved pump track by velo solutions in north carolina

  10. dude, before mountain bikes, all there was, was BMX… then trail building became popular for MTBs and the trails got slightly rougher because MTBs have 26" wheels,  then mountain bikes got a foot of suspension travel and the trails got even rougher  one day mountain bikes will have 2 feet of suspension travel and trail builders wont give a fuck about pine needle smooth trails and no BMX will ever shred trail again. Then after that, you'll be doing videos about how no 26 bike with a foot of suspension  travel can ride trail…..

  11. I actually have a fuji adventure bike which is like a low mountain bike
    can you do a video of using an adventure bike for mountain biking

  12. Once I took my bmx bike to a black diamond downhill trail with street tires and somehow made it alive 😂

  13. The issue is the rider(operator) not the bike. Bikes have wheels that roll. They also have pedals to push and h’bars to steer. Somebody skilled or crazy enough has to do it.
    Ive ridden road bikes on trails before MTBs were ever invented. My favorite bike is a fixed gear ‘cross bike. Ridden daily and on technical, rocky singletrack.

  14. Cant get enough of your vids man! Your the one who inspired me to get back into the mtb world after quitting for years because my first hardtail bike (ironhorse) was stolen after saving for months which discouraged me enough to say fuck all that. But a couple days ago I found a bought a bike in the same day and I'm in love with it, im on it every chance I get and think about riding it when I'm not with it lol, but it's your carefree have fun and be wild attitude that helped me realize I've been depriving myself of so much fun for no reason! Hope we cross paths one day seth, you are the shit man what you do is incredible, thank you for all your hard work 👌👍🤘

  15. I rode racing bmx it was kinda hard to climb but so much fun descending ps. Watching in 2019 i would like to see video of that

  16. Haha, I always wanted to try this. Thanks for showing me that it's not really as much fun as it would seem like. I only now noticed that you're a goofy footer. Would probably still do it if I ever own a BMX and MTB at the same time. I'm kind of sick of hurting myself for no reason though, but watching videos like this realyl makes me want to get back on a bike seriously again.
    "I deserved that". My version of that was "One more time" lol. Bikes taught us how to gauge confidence vs. commitment and why and how that matters in a very intimate way.

  17. I dont think this is a valid comparison…Your mountain bike ran brakes, where the BMX is brake-less. Im almost 40, and have been trail riding BMX, similar stuff to what you showed to everything including the Boise hills in Idaho….BUT I RUN BRAKES!!! I can control my bike just as well with brakes as a mountain bike. Maybe redo this review with a fair comparison? But you're right..you deserved it…For not having a BMX properly set up for dirt riding, aka BRAKES and Dirt tires.

  18. Why no brakes? You used a freestyle bike not a BMX. Take the brakes off your mountain bike for a proper comparison.

  19. should've had one with brakes, I've got a buddy in his 40's that rides a BMX half the time he rides. takes more than one ride for your legs to adapt

  20. Hey Seth I have an idea, lol you mentioned that the bike was nice and nimble, but slowed down on the really mountain parts. So why don you add off road tires, gears and some disk brakes, and see if there is a difference? Yea it would totally be a Frankenstein bike but so worth it to watch.
    Cheers man and keep on having a blast.

  21. If it's not super rocky it's a lil crazy but doable, I've rode some local trails in the woods , not super downhill or rocky.

  22. Sounds dumb ik but I bought a specialised bike and it is shit! Could u put a mtb suspension on a bmx
    frame and get mtb bars making it a dirt jumper?

  23. You could easily use a bmx on trails you just need to have good brakes and know how to take proper lines you actually end up faster on some trails because of the slicks

  24. 3:29 nah your just not got the leg muscles for it!. I could get my BMX up all sorts back when i used ti ride everywhere. Mots of my routes had some climbs and i'd sprint them as much as I could. if you spend most of your time on a geared bike you don't develop single gear climbing muscles…Watching the rest of this I think your main issue is your just not used to the BMX. I would say though taking it over rocks is definitely not a BMX thing but that twisty section, you have to throw BMX's into corners on trails like that, its doable but really you need at leats a rear brake, the no brake BMX thing is bloody stupid.
    Oh god I just realised you used a BMX with the tiny front disc… yeah if your not used to BMX even thats not gonna hjekp you up hills (mine was race geared).

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