Why you SHOULD shop at Walmart

Why you SHOULD shop at Walmart

Oh take me out take me out California many
Americans have this weird idea in their head that Walmart is evil yet they
purchased all of their goods from big companies like Amazon or Ebay I
challenge you to find something evil that Walmart does that the other two do
not I personally think that all three companies are great but as a full time
traveler I try to give it as much of my business as possible to Walmart and
here’s why first of all they’re everywhere whether you’re in a small
town off the Gulf Coast like I am right now or you’re just jumping off the
highway to take a rest for the night it’s there that also means if you need
to return something you can do it pretty much anywhere and instantaneously which
is a big deal if you’re constantly on the move there might be a line now
and my eyes are drawn to sevens secondly they’re cheap
they’re one of the only brick-and-mortar stores that can compete with online
retailers like Amazon or Ebay and I was trying to retain the promised land
the question becoming come in I’ll be coming coming
third they are a one-stop shop whether you’re looking for furnaces fans tires
shoes oil furniture jewelry arts and crafts supplies clothes ladders
home-improvement stuff and even food and most importantly they give us a
place to lay our head for the night but that brings me to why you shouldn’t
shop at some Walmart’s whether it is due to County policy or Walmart policy if a
Walmart does not support us we should not support them either what that means
is regardless of the reason why if a Walmart is not allowing overnight
parking then you should not spend your money at that Walmart you should not
support the Walmart or the locality where the Walmart is so take me out well the streets of Paris ever gets for the take me home all right if you enjoyed
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feels real and all your homes

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  1. Thumbs up. Walmart and companies like it are the symbol of all that has gone wrong with our society, but in this society they make life more convenient for the consumer.

  2. I am a truck driver and I was in a Walmart in Virginia. I just had my truck no trailer. I spent over $450.00 and I came out of the store and found a note on the door of my truck saying I could not park there. So I went back in to the store and returned everything I just bought. When the lady asked why I was returning everything I told her if I can't park here long enough to shop then I'll go somewhere else.

  3. Below you'll find the top five reasons why if you shop at Walmart this holiday season you're pretty much a Scrooge.
    Walmart doesn't support American business. …
    Walmart creates more poverty than jobs. …
    Walmart's jobs are poverty jobs. …
    Walmart fires workers illegally. …
    Walmart is a JOB KILLER.

  4. Great video , I'm a fairly new subscriber. Was just wondering if you could tell us a little bit about your rig what size is your fifth wheel and the brand and also something about your pick up thanks keep the great videos coming

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnkNFHAW7Yc Wally World is the worst! They go into small towns and kill all the competition. They take down small mom & pop stores that have been there for 50-60 years and then sell you cheap made in China crap that was made by under paid workers in China. Walmart doesn't pay their workers a decent wage.Most walmart workers are on welfare, the most out of any corporation and they are the largest company in the world. Spend your money elseware!

  6. I agree people say they take lots of jobs because but as a consumer they are great. I shop every week there prices are great. Why should I have not have choices to try to save money . If mom and pop stores can't compeat which I understand why. but why should I have to pay top dollar. I support them  Great video.

  7. Like 'em or not they're #1 on the Fortune 500 list with nearly $500B in annual revenue and are definitely here to stay.

     To the grouchy old sh*thead at the beginning of the vlog: 0:01 F^ck you and the horse you rode in on!

  8. Hey buddy, I see what your saying and understand, but 'm going to need to agree to disagree with you on this one, some of the reason that its marked evil by some is their deep ill regards for humanity as a whole, most of the supplies are manufactured in 3rd world countries that employ people who cannot even afford to shop at Wal-Mart, it's literally sick how these people are treated, many of them live in 300sq ft apartments crammed in 4,5 and even 6 people to one space just so they can afford to live their. so a lot of the Evil is for this reason, I understand what your saying in your case and thats cool in all, but its an ugly bigger picture that when looking at it becomes a problem. sometime find a documentary called (The High Cost of Low Prices) it might make you think twice, at the very least help you to understand the bigger picture. anyway, its just a level of consciousness people I think over all need to be aware of. its not my truth or yours, truth is just truth and it stands just fine on its own. even in the minority of one, the truth is still the truth. hope I was able to awaken the spirit within. Your an awesome dude but the big picture can not be ignored. otherwise whats next right, slave labor like it was in the mid 16th and 18th century?

  9. It just might be me, and I am not complaining, I really love your videos. For some reason though all that I come across are over a year old? Are you still around? I hope so.

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