Why you should fit Winter Tyres to all four wheels.

Why you should fit Winter Tyres to all four wheels.

Some of you may be conidering purchasing winter tyres.. ..and have been wrongly advised to
actually fit just two winter tyres to the.. ..driving axle. I’m here in Sweden where it’s actually illegal to do that. I’ve got two identical cars, they’re both front wheel drive and lightweight. This one has a whole.. ..set of winter tyres, whereas this one
has them just fitted to the front. So, let’s see how they get on in our
comparison tests. I’m currently in the car that is fitted with four winter tyres and the first test that I’m going to do.. ..to demonstrate their effectiveness.. ..is go round this top corner as fast as I can. That was pretty effortless. The next test that I’m going to do is.. ..effectively dodging an animal in the road. So, I’m doing a constant speed of.. ..forty kilometres per hour and I’m just steering.. ..I’m not having to do any corrections, the electronic stability program doesn’t need to kick in.. ..and the car just drives through those obstacles. So, the car that we’re in today is a lightweight, front wheel drive car.. ..and what we’ve done is we’ve fitted two summer tyres to the rear and two winter tyres to the front.. ..and we’re going to see how it handles. OK.. so, I’m having to do a lot of driving corrections, a lot of steering corrections here to get the car to behave. That is terrible. If you’re driving along the road and you have to change lane.. ..or you have to avoid an obstacle in the road such as a deer or something like that.. ..and you just need to turn the steering wheel I didn’t even turn it that much and the back end just slid.. ..round, which for a front wheel drive car you’re not really expecting it to do that. so now let’s see what happens when you
only fit winter tyres to the drive wheels.. ..on a rear wheel drive car.
This powerful and heavy Mercedes is so hard.. ..to control through these bends. First of all it wants to under-steer which is an unexpected reaction and then it.. ..violently swaps to over-steer. It is such a waste of an expensive and powerful rear wheel drive car if it turns into such.. ..a handful.
There is no enjoyment in driving it.. ..in this state. Wow! Why would anybody.. ..fit just two winter tyres to the driving axle? It really upsets the handling of the car and actually makes it dangerous. It’s not a surprise that it’s illegal here in Sweden.
So if you want to save some money and only fit two.. ..tyres, please don’t do that!
It is so important, you really must fit four winter tyres.. ..to make sure that your car is as safe as it
possibly can be in the colder months of winter.

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  1. Dumbass the 1 series is sooooo much lighter and the other bmw is soooo heavy so its really unfair and 2 summer and 2 winter worst than just winter you rather work in a take away idiot trying to act clever

  2. Didn't turn the wheel that much. But yet she is basically kicking the back end out on purpose. They just want more sales

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