Why Tires Matter | The Build Sheet

Why Tires Matter | The Build Sheet

– Winter is here, the snow is here. It’s outside and we got
new hoodies just in time. And I’m gonna tell you
about that in just a second. What is going on everyone,
Gels from Fitment industries and we are back with yet another episode of the build sheet. And today we are going to be going over why your tires on your car matter, and how you can choose what kind of tire is going to work best for you. (energetic music) Before we go ahead and get into it, don’t forget to subscribe;
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industries dot com. Anyway, time for a quick little history review on the evolution of the tire. With the first air filled tire introduced in the year 1888 than none other than Mister John Boyd Dunlop,
it wouldn’t be until a few years later in 1913 that the first radioplied tire will be developed. Something very close
to what we know today. Since then, tires have
never stopped evolving. Things like winter specific
tires, speed raidings and even all season tires were all part of this evolution throughout the years. And now here we are today
with different types of tires for a whole variety
of different uses. We have all seasons, touring, performance, tracking competition, winter, highway, mud, all terrain, the list goes on and on. And after you start
looking for a set of tires, you are thrown all of
these different types your way and you might sit there and wonder how do I know what type
of tire I really need? And does it truly matter what I go with? And as a quick answer
to the second part of the question, yes a hundred percent it does matter. Believe it or not, tire manufacturers don’t spend countless
hours and thousands of dollars just for the fun of it. Designing, developing and testing tires they make sure that
they excel in what they are meant to do, because
when you are driving your car no matter what type of driving that may be, your tires
are the point of contact between your car and the ground. And it’s going to be the defining factor for a lot of things. When picking out parts
for our cars we usually take all of the necessary
time to do a little bit of research at the very least to make sure what we’re buying
for our car is going to work with the rest of it, or is going to get the job done well. We also look at things like longevity and reliability and of course the performance of the actual part, how much are you going to gain from installing this piece of equipment onto your car? However when it comes to tires, that kind of mentality seems to get lost a little bit and just
thrown out the window. So here’s some things to keep in mind when picking out your next set of tires. First things first, know what type of fitment that you’re
going to be going with. Now yes, certain brands
or designs of tires are going to suit different types of fitment better than another. Now what do I mean by that? Well usually it comes down
to the type of stretch that you’re running or the amount of stretch that you’re running. If you need to run some
amount of tire stretch to get the fitment you want, maybe it be fendered a lip or
maybe you want to run a really wide wheel setup, the ability for the tire’s
side wall to stretch is going to be something
that you keep in mind. Because if you plan to
take some R888’s and stretch them for your setup, you’re not gonna have a good time. Now with that track
rated or high performance tires, for the most
part are going to have a very strong sidewall that isn’t going to give very little flex. Now on the other hand,
there’s tires like the enang king, NS25 or the Federal 595. They are going to have
a softer side wall and have the ability to be
stretched very well. And we see those as
one of the most popular options that people
pick up for their setups from fitment industries dot com. However, if you are
going for more of a track stance that you are going
to occasionally like daily drive or drive a
little more aggressive. Tires like the Nitto
NT555 or the Inventis V2 from Hancook are very
popular options that a lot of people seem to go with. Personally, I run the
NT555’s and I love them. Now a lot of other people around the shop also swear by the Michelin brand of tires. For good reason as well. Michellin Pile x sport 4
plus is one of the most popular michellin tires
that we see people pick up for their wheel and
tire packages for something that’s more performance oriented and looks and performs good. Now obviously some other
things to keep in mind include what type of
weather you’re going to be driving your vehicle in; rain, snow, dry and hot maybe, maybe
all three in one day if you live in Wisconsin. Having a different set
of wheels and tires is never a terrible idea to be able to swap of throughout your car
throughout different seasons. Like I said, especially if you drive your car all year round in
an area that experiences multiple different seasons and weather and all that kind of stuff. Having a set of winter
tires specifically to deal with snow and ice can
truly make a difference. However not something that you’re gonna want to run all year round, so make sure that you have like a
nice set of wheels and tires to swap on the
spring, fall and summer. You know like the four months
that we actually get of that. What it actually comes
down to is having the confidence to not only your vehicle but in your tires as well. So if you can feel
comfortable and confident whenever you are driving, whether that be something related to performance or just everyday driving or when
you hit some inclement weather, tires can truly make
or break that experience. So go ahead and drop a comment down below. I want your go-to tire
is down in the comments. And then maybe let us
know why you’ve decided to go with them versus something else. And of course, if you’re
interested in finding out more information about a specific tire or any other things about different brands or styles, you can check
out more videos right here on YouTube or check out our website fitment industries dot
com where we have a ton of different tires available
and more information about each of them over there as well. I’m Gels from fitment industries. Don’t forget to subscribe and please pick up a hoodie. Get entered in to win
some free wheels, tires and suspensions, its like the greatest thing we’ve ever done. I got nothing. We’ll see you later, peace. (outro music)

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  1. Yall should collaborate with donut media and do the fitment for their HiLow series to suprise james when he comes back from the hospital

  2. Summer Tire: O.Z. Wheels w/ General G-Max
    Winter Tire: stock Detroits on cheap all season since we don’t get real snow down here.

  3. I just picked up a set of 4 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ for my Scion tC a few weeks ago, love them so far, we'll see how they do in the winter. My Corolla has Pirelli P-Zero A/S tires and last winter they did really well, I'm happy with both but the Michelins should be super fun in the summer/spring

  4. Don't mean to be negative, but there were a bunch of different types of tires mentioned and we got:

    "Performance doesn't stretch well, except for these. Also, winter tires are good in winter."

    What is touring?
    Are all seasons good in all seasons?
    Why is "Highway" a type of tire?

    I'm left with as many questions as I have answers.

  5. I had BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S on my last two cars, and loved them! Good year round performance in any weather. Unfortunately, they don't make them big enough to fit my Golf R so I've spent the last week stressing over finding new tires 🙁

  6. What tires do you run? Drop a comment below! DONT FORGET! We are doing a FULL BUILD GIVEAWAY! Details can be found here! http://bit.ly/34EhF6j

  7. If you are one of those riding around with only a inch of the tire making contact with the road because of crazy camber. It really doesn't matter what kind of tires you have. Only a inch of road contact makes all tires suck.

  8. Well, my car behaved insanely bad with old winter tires. No traction at all, went sideways no matter how slowly I was driving – it a deadly combo. New Michelin X-Ice North 4's got put on and the damn car can actually be driven. Ice everywhere, but even with a FWD car – can't really complain about the traction, since these tires seem to really bite the icy roads. They also seem quite good on snow.

    Tires certainly matter.

  9. Summer Tire: hankook ventus prime 3
    Winter Tire: Continental wintercontact ts 860

    For winter I can't recommend the conties enough, the grip in wet and snowy conditions is just sooo good.

  10. I run Michelin PS4S on my 2008 335i and Michelin PS AS3+ on my 2003 540i. Currently testing them out coming from Continentals. So far I’m loving them.

  11. @2:15 LOL -'manufacturers spending countless hours and THOUSANDS of dollars'?? It tracks alot higher than that bud! Try annual r&d expenditures in the MILLIONS.

  12. On my summer set I run continental extreme contact sports. Basically the closest thing to track only tires but still streetable. Saved my truck multiple times from accidents as people love to come to a complete stop for no reason

  13. daily car ony get's SAVA 175/65 R14 ESKIMO S3+ 82T on steel wheels (semi-all season(more for winter than summer)), they are cheap(160$ for a whole set+ some for installation) and get the job done (I change whole set usually every 3-third winter, during summer rotate and balance tires and wheels to get most of them).
    would like to have summer/winter set, but budget is too low for know.

  14. What kind of tires should I get for my 2004 Subaru Forester and where I live I get all types of crazy weather and I like to speed sometimes??

  15. Ive always gone with cooper CS5 Ultra tourings. There a great all-season tire, that wont break the bank and wear pretty evenly too. Ive seen people easily get 60,000 miles out of them.

  16. trying out the FIrestone Firehawk Indy 500's for the 1st time having them mounted this weekend for my 370. have heard and expect great things w/ these tires for the price. Michelin Pilot 4S' were just too expensive for me to replace every 15k miles that I couldn't justify buying them again

  17. I put the federal 595 on my IS 300 because I live in New York and it's been great in the summer great in the rain great in the Winter

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