Why the Ford Police Interceptor is the Ultimate Cop Car | BUMPER 2 BUMPER

Why the Ford Police Interceptor is the Ultimate Cop Car | BUMPER 2 BUMPER

(car engine roaring) (tires squealing) – Oh, sh! (bleeping) Cop cars, they’re everywhere. Like sharks with wheels, prowling the neighborhood,
looking for perps. The police car is a ubiquitous image. A physical embodiment of authority. Just like your big bro. But have you ever wondered what’s inside of them? What is it that turns a regular car into a police car? Well, wonder no more! It’s time to go tire to siren. Bumper 2 Bumper! On the Ford Police Interceptor Utility! It’s not an Explorer! It’s a Police Interceptor Utility! (dramatic music) To understand what makes
a cop car a cop car, you also have to understand
that making a cop car takes two major ingredients. First, is the car itself. Then, it has to be updated
with all the special equipment cops use every day. So first we’re gonna look at the car, and then we’re gonna look at all the police stuff. (upbeat music) From the outside the
Ford Police Interceptor Utility looks like a
standard Ford Explorer. But it’s not. The interceptor makes all
its vroom vroom ponies with this aluminum block, aluminum head, 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6. – Alright, hold on, hold on. Um, so I did the research
for this episode, and got this part wrong. This engine is actually the 3.7 liter V6, which is not turbo charged. Um, still a pretty good engine, not as fast as the EcoBoost, but just imagine that
this engine is the 3.5 and not the 3.7. Alright, see ya later, bye. – The twin Garrett turbos
produce about 11 PSI, kickin’ the V6 up to about 370 HRSPRS. And 350 pounds of torque. Cops love the way that this car delivers power to the engine. Pushes out peak torque at 1500 RPM all the way to five grand, meaning, (tires squealing, engines roaring) it can accelerate the same in any gear. Having the power on tap is super useful when you’re on patrol. This engine makes more
power than the previous gen Crown Vic cop car, but uses less gas. Now you may notice that
the engine is mounted transversely, like in a
front wheel drive car, but here’s the thing, muchacho, you know this thing is all wheel drive! While the all wheel drive system does send all the power to the front wheels during normal cruising, as soon as the car senses
a loss of traction, the power gets sent to a wheel with grip, 100% of the power can be sent to one wheel if the rest are slippin’
all over the place. Say in like mud, or blood. From dead stop the system preemptively sends power to the rear
wheels anticipating a lack of grip. That’s more traction, baby! But how does the car split the power between the left and the right wheels? Well, if the left rear wheel is slipping, the system will engage
the brake on that wheel so power gets sent to the other side, and this isn’t just
for wet roads and snow. It helps when chasin’ someone down, too. I wouldn’t know ’cause
I don’t chase people. I just chase the paper. In sharp turns the stability
control will direct power to the rear wheels
so the front can spend their grip on steering the car. This helps the officers behind the wheel by doing a lotta the thinking for them. Otherwise they’d have to drive like they were a group B instead of focusing on traffic. One of the officers that hooked us up with this car was tellin’ me that they recently took this to the track, and everybody was really, really impressed by the way it handled. Good job, Ford. (light music) The Interceptor is basically like the Blues Mobile. – It’s got cop tires, cop
suspension, cop shocks. – This car’s got cop tires, cop suspension, cop brakes, a bunch of stuff to make it handle as well as a bajillion
pound car can handle. These things stop on the side of the road all the time. And the likelihood of
someone smashing into them is higher than you might think. Luckily, the Explorer Interceptor has been beefed up in the back. It is ready for a
mind-blowing 75 mile an hour impact to the rear. And these modifications
come together to make the most capable police car Ford, or you know what? Anyone else has ever built. (light music) This car was outfitted by West Coast Lights & Sirens in Riverside, California, right down the street
from the Tummy Stuffer on the 215. You’re welcome, Tummy Stuffer. I love your name. One of the very first
things West Coast bolts on is this Setina Pushbar. The little here are made of rubber so they’re replaceable in
case it gets all messed up during a pit maneuver, or pushin’ down a gate
to bust down a meth lab! Right below the bash bar, you got your siren, and your intercom, seemed like, – Just walk away, and there will be an end to the horror. – Now this next piece
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sponsoring this episode of, B, bzz, 2, bzz, B, bzz. (dramatic music) This is what makes a cop car a cop car. The light bar. This one is made by Federal Signal. We all dread seeing red and blue lights flash in our rear view mirror. But that’s not the only
thing this puppy can do. The LEDs can change between a bunch of different modes depending on what the officer wants. You need to light up a big area? (dinging) There’s also different
flash options that can help direct traffic. You see? It’s not just there to pull you over. It’s also there to tell you that they just pulled someone else over. If you’ve ever watched a live police chase on the internet or on the television, you may have noticed the numbers on top of the cars. These allow the car to be
identified from the air so a helicopter can
direct the cruiser towards persons of interest with ease. Hey Keith, the guy is down there, nope, over, Keith, come on, man. (laughing) The police also get
access to a special light that has dubious legality
for the rest of us. And it’s right down here. This spotlight lets
officers check out dark alleyways and tinted cars from the safety of the driver’s seat. It’s also very helpful when you’re disciplining your son. And you know you ate all the cookies, you little perp. You little perpy perp. When you buy a retired police car, sometimes the spotlight can be left on it. But you’re not allowed to use it like you’re a cop, because that’s called
impersonating a police officer and that’s a crime. Then you become the bad guy, and then you get put back here. (light music) I can’t believe it. I’m in a cop car right now. Last time I was in one of these, it was a very bad day. Let’s just say that I wasn’t sitting in the front. Okay, the interior of a cop car. Up here we got one of the coolest parts of the whole thing. This is the Unitrol
Series B Smart Controller. It’s the control center
that allows the driver and their partner to
operate all of the exterior features like the sirens and the lights. I’ve always wanted to mess
around with this stuff. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11,
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. There’s 17 buttons up here, and a toggle switch. Now the toggle switch has three settings. That’s Code 1, Code 2, and Code 3. Whoo, whoo, whoo. There’s a bank robbery! We gotta go bust these perps! Oh, cool, take down. That one shoots missiles. I’m just kidding. It just turns on the light. Hell raiser mode. Down below we have the radio which is how officers communicate with dispatch. And the main reason you can’t get away from the cops. You can maybe outrun this 370 horsepower Interceptor, but you
cannot outrun the radio. Excuse me, sir, your butt is too fat. Now it’s in the middle with a magnet. It’s super strong. Don’t put your finger
in between the magnet and the thing. I did, it hurt. The Interceptor is also outfitted with Mobile Digital Communicators. Really heavy duty laptops, that could swivel back and forth. This is where an officer gets the bulk of their work done. Also in the car, and I’m kinda disappointed that they took it out, is this alligator clip, which holds shot guns. Uh, you unlock that with
this button right here. Sick. Besides all of this cop equipment the driver’s compartment is exactly like a Ford Explorer. You gots to stay comfortable when you’re spending about 80% of your long shift sitting in your car. And that’s actually what
the officers I’ve talked to like most about these Interceptors. The old Crown Vics were sedans, they were low, and when you’re gettin’ in and out of your car nearly 40 times a day it starts to take a toll on your back. Ever since this was introduced, cops all over are talkin’
about how much better their backs feel. Open the back doors, though, and the Interceptor
gets a little less fun. (light music) Eh, I don’t like this. It could be argued that where I’m sitting right now is what makes a police car a police car. The holding cell. If you are back here, you are having a bad day. But despite being as
bare boned as possible, the back of this car is just as advanced as the front. This entire cell is a one piece unit. From the plastic seat
it flows into the floor, which turns into a partition, walling off whoever’s back here from the driver’s compartment. It also makes clean up really easy, should any fluids be expelled. In my case, tears. The windows are barred. That’s a relatively new thing. The seatbelt is another relatively new innovation. It unbuckles right here, and buckles down here. This allows the officer
to buckle in the perp without reaching over them and exposing themselves to danger. The hinge has been
extended so that the rear door opens a full 90
degrees makin’ it easier to put someone back here that doesn’t necessarily wanna be back here. It also doesn’t have door
handles inside, help! Oh, key to a cop car. Now this is where they
keep all the fun stuff that they don’t want us to play with. Like riot gear, duffle bags full of other riot gear, or weapons that they took out. Up here you have your
more disposable items. Stuff like gloves. Oh, cool, fingerprint kit. Seriously, dude. It’s a fingerprint kit. Dude, sick. Very, very cool. If trunk’s all your thing, it is worth mentioning
that the Interceptor also comes in a sedan with the same drive train and upgrades. But the coolest part is you can buy either of them, this one or the sedan, for like $10,000. There’s a million of ’em on the internet. That is the best deal available in America right now. 370 horsepower, twin turbo, V6, all wheel drive monster. You throw a cop tune on this thing, whoo buddy! These Interceptors, in my opinion, are one of the coolest cop cars America ever had. In 30 years we’re gonna
be lookin back like super nostalgic thinkin’
about these things. Man, remember when they made those Explorer Interceptors? Now all we got is these death robots. (weapon firing) Huge, huge, huge shout out to the Oxnard Police Department, specifically, the Drag Program. The Drag Program is an after school thing that allows high school
juniors and seniors to work on cars instead of bein’ out on the streets doin’ dumb stuff. Big, big, thanks for our location, Port Hueneme, which was voted 2017’s Greenest Port. Thanks for watching Bumper 2 Bumper. I’m gonna make a new one of these every Tuesday until the day die. Up 2 Speed is still every Thursday. Follow me on Instagram @jamespumphrey follow Donut @donutmedia If you guys liked this video, it’d be great if you could take a second and click the Like button. It really helps us out. I love you. 1098, it’s cop talk for we’re out!

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  1. With twin turbos it will last about 1/4 as long as the Crown Vic. This will be a horrible vehicle to buy as a used cop car.

  2. Many PDs & LE agency fleets sued Ford or quit using Explorer SUVs. I'd prefer a GM police version Tahoe. Its safer & better made. 2019 models had a few changes, upgrades. I would not buy a Ford SUV Police Interceptor.

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  4. Fords are junk, cost fortune to fix and designed to fail fast. A broken serpentine belt can cost 5 grand to fix on some fords.

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  9. I have a buddy who bought and donked out a retired police Crown Vic. He was behind me one night and honked at me. I flicked him off and he responded by turning on his side light and shining it in my car.

  10. I met a guy who owns a used Explorer Interceptor and also a used Tahoe interceptor. He said they are definitely worth the money.

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  16. Cops always be claiming how people are going just 10mph over the speed limit or doing a burnout or donuts and its highly illegal and dANgErOus when people just want to have fun in fucking life because we have the freedom too but we can't because of this stupid fucking government but then they let a cop go 200mph and crash other cars and actually endanger other people just to catch someone doing a burnout what a fucking government we live in where we can't have fun but cops can speed for stupid reasons fuck this shit

  17. Cops always be claiming how people are going just 10mph over the speed limit or doing a burnout or donuts and its highly illegal and dANgErOus when people just want to have fun in fucking life because we have the freedom too but we can't because of this stupid fucking government but then they let a cop go 200mph and crash other cars and actually endanger other people just to catch someone doing a burnout what a fucking government we live in where we can't have fun but cops can speed for stupid reasons fuck this shit

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  20. NEVER EVER buy a USED police car!!! I bought a 05 chevy impala police package and ended up droppin SOO MUCH MONEY INTO IT !!!! The cops BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THE CAR AND ONCE IT HITS 90k Miles THEY SELL IT!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

  21. Buddy, my dad is a radio technician for homeland security, working with cops is part of his job. I see the interior of any law enforcement vehicle almost every time I go to work with him

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    Thanks Donut Media,now people know their Preludes and Wrxs aint gonna do shit in a chase. Dont be stupid guys

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