Why Not to Put Wheel Spacers on Your Car

Why Not to Put Wheel Spacers on Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about why not to use wheel spacers on your car, now lately quite a few people
have been asking me, Scotty is it alright if I’m gonna get bigger wheels
to put wheel spacers in my car and some guys say, hey I’m gonna get a wider
traction so I want to put wheel spacers so my tires are out further, well it’s
not a good idea and here’s why using spaces is basically just a rig, you
get the spacers they go over the hub and bolts on over that, it’s just a cheap way
to get bigger rims to fit on a car or to make your wheels go out further, these
are really cheap ones here they make ones that actually have in
sets, where they bolt to your hub and then they have new studs sticking out
that the wheel goes on, but they all do the same thing, they push the wheel out
further, it’s basically a cheap way of modifying the suspension system on your
car, guys do it because maybe they got a wheel that doesn’t fit right,
so they’ll put spacers to make it fit or they want to have their tires out
further, so that it handles differently or has more acceleration with bigger
tires, but it’s just kind of a cheap way of ringing things and it’s not a smart
idea, in that sense it’s just like the video I made a while back about why not
to change the muffler on your car to one that makes more noise, the engineers
have designed these things, they spent decades perfecting suspension systems,
they created them so the tire rides perfectly and will wear evenly but still
can corner are really well and accelerate in corners without skipping,
and guess what, when your tire is bolted onto the stock hub, all that geometry is
correct, from the angles of the top to the bottom, to where the tread contacts
the road, this was all carefully designed so if you get a spacer and stick it on
here, it’s gonna make the wheel sit out further and the theory is, a wider track
you’re gonna get better grip, but really from what I’ve read from the engineers,
the most you’re going to get better doing that is one two maybe two,
which isn’t much and since doing this moves the tire out further, that changes
the entire geometry of the suspension system, which often leads to more tire
wear, it can make your steering effort harder, it can make your steering
somewhat unresponsive under harsh braking because of the change in this
geometry, and lets face it, if you modified your car to go faster, the last thing you
want is unresponsive steering when you’re braking hard, and because it’s
changed the way that the tire sits, it also can wear your wheel bearings out
faster, they’re loaded differently and they weren’t designed for that load they
were designed for a load that was closer to the center of the wheel bearing, so
the wheel bearings can wear out faster now you have to use your head when it
comes to trying to modify your car, come on, these engineers have been designing
these things and they started with basic wagon technology in the stagecoach days
and got into the sophisticated cars that can break handle and be a nice ride, you
start modifying it by sticking your wheels out further, hey it’s just a dumb
idea really, now big wide tires are fantastic for drag strips, because you want
the most contact you can, to get all that power to the ground, so that it takes off
and doesn’t just sit there spinning skinnier wheels, but hey we don’t drive
quarter mile races, we drive all over the place in our cars and you’re
gonna ruin all other aspects of it just to get one thing of, going in a straight
line a quarter of a mile faster, now I do admit that spaces are better made than they used
to be, these are the cheap ones, the actual expensive ones look like this,
they are quality made, they bolt on and then they got their own studs and nuts
to hold your wheel in, it’s not like they’re gonna fall off if you put them
on correctly, because again decades ago when I was a young mechanic, some of these
kids I actually saw the wheels fly off because they were just using cheap ones
and not bolting them on right or they were so thick that there wasn’t enough for
the nut to go onto the stud so it wasn’t holding it much and they
would just fly off when they took off fast, that’s not a problem with modern
vehicles with these well-made hub centric
really quality products, but still it’s ruining the original design of the
vehicle, and sure guys are always gonna do those kind of mods on jeeps and stuff
especially ones that they take off-road I mean if you’ve ever been in a Jeep,
they ride like crap anyway if you’re gonna put these giant wheels and you’re going
rock crawling, it’s a specialist vehicle that you’re having fun with, it’s not
something that you drive every day on the road, because if you do all the
fillings in your teeth are gonna fall out, so now you know the truth about
wheel spacers and why you should really stay away from them, unless you’re going
to the drag strip or rock crawling, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. hey guy. so uhhhh pro racers run spacers! d1 Drift, time attack. It is PROVEN to better your car if racing or faster driving is what youre doing to your car. and frankly if a pro racers uses them and says its safe if done correctly then imma take his word over yours. Whoops

  3. Jesus, Scotty. Is everything Armageddon to you? How would you like me to clear big brake kit? Even the template fucked me. But even Infiniti oem wheels all require 2mm spacers. Why is that? The wheels came from sport models with BBK.. the brakes are infiniti stock akebono as well. You think I wanted to run spacers? Can't no one mod their cars with you. I personally not into modding cars, but again, what do you want me to do, throw BBK away? And yes engineers and architects are geniuses, but very rarely is everything on a car to ppl's liking. Them getting it safe is one thing, them getting everything right is 100% subjective. You rip on engineers all the time. Are you more qualified than them? Why don't you spread some love and give us.. 'if you have to' advice sometimes.

  4. Well hes Right and wrong, But i'm not going to go into a long explanation , There is one factor he forgot to mention which is important, the spacer will increase the rotating mass of the wheel this means the engine will need more power to accelerate the car, and on a stock car will give you less 0.60 performance ,so its best if you want wider track to buy the wheels with the negative offset .

  5. Just don't ever lecture us about the virtues of a clean garage.
    It's obvious you would not be speaking from experience, at all.

  6. Uh, I disagree car manufactures work on perfecting cars. They go for safety and reliability, not perfection. If they perfected their vehicles there would be no need to make newer models . The secondary market would fail to exist if that were the case

  7. Ima put em on for 1 inch out and slap on off road tires. Also yes it changes geometry. A wider stance and more stability for cornering. Also if you are slamming on your brakes going the speed limit then you definitely are a road hazard.

  8. I honestly don't care about speed and performance. simply wide Tires looks better and makes the overall car look awesome that's all to it for me cosmetic. and yet for example i have 2007 Toyota Camry XLE v6 .. Toyota or the Japanese for some reason use these specs on tires 215/60 R 16 . i want to change that to at least 225/ 55 R 16 . most websites say that wont work on my car !!! the more confusing part of this my car actually takes up to 19 inch wheel 235 tire width so why not not take my custom size that i want to use ?!! 225/55/16

  9. He talks about how the engineers made these cars perfect for they way it is, no, they made it the most economical way they could, they knew adding bigger exhausts, better intakes, tuning etc costs more money and raises the price of the vehicle. They made it to sell at the best price point. You can greatly improve ride/hp/efficiency etc in aftermarket equipment

  10. I've had 22s on my car for almost 10 yrs and never had a problem with tire wear or wheel bearings or steering ,so once again u have no idea wut ur talking about. If they are on correctly and for your car then u will have no problems….just like I proved u wrong about a cai not adding horsepower,,,,,u were wrong when u said it doesnt….

  11. The guy I bought my Camry from used tires way to wide for the car, I payed 500 bucks for it I'm not gonna order new tires so spacers it is.

  12. Hmm, I’ve owned 3 cars all with wheel spacers with combined mileage over 400,000. Not one single issue. Buy the correct spacers for your application, along with longer wheel bolts. Torque correctly and evenly and you won’t have any problems.

    Oh btw those “spacers“ you mentioned that bolt to your hub and have their own stud and nuts are actually wheel adapters designed to use wheels on your car with a different bolt pattern from the factory bolt pattern. Or if you just prefer studs over bolts. Again which are perfectly safe, when used properly and applied correctly.

  13. Youre holding and speaking about wheel spacers. The ones you showed with bolts are not spacers. They are adaptors. They are made to change the bolt pattern.

  14. There should be a video on, "But if you DO install spacers, here's how you should do it." That'd be better than just telling people no. At least folks will have a great idea on how to do it safely if they choose to install spacers.

  15. Eibach tuv approved hubcentric with bolts to suit to correct torque, degrease everything.
    No problem.
    10 to 16 mm no problem

  16. I'm putting MRAP wheels on my F-450 to make it a super single. Same truck, wheels, and tires as an Earthroamer. MRAP wheel offsets are completely different from the stock dually wheels. I need 2" to turn the fronts lock to lock. Front wheel track is a little wider but not way out there. The dually rear axle is much narrower and I need 7" of spacer to match up the width of the front. Rear wheel track is, again, pretty close to stock. Finally, BORA steel spacers cost as much as the new wheels and tires combined. Not cheap at all.

  17. I love ya, Scotty, but Jeeps have driven really nice in the last decade, and the new JLs drive like any other modern SUV. 🙂

  18. He talks about it increasing grip 1%-2% which isn’t much but all these issues he talks about afterwards, it all effects all these things around the same percentage.

  19. some cars are designed porly, example Jeep with spacers will not loose tires on braking there is a video about that =zaYFLb8WMGM

  20. Thanks for posting this, Scotty. Dumbf*cks who have their wheels sticking out obviously skipped their physics class in high school. I just shake my head when I see an already-cheap Jeep with spacers. My, my, my….

  21. I'd rather change the whole suspension.
    I want to make my car wider but in a way that won't impact performance, but rather improve it.

  22. Bora spacers is not a problem. Yeah all that geometry is correct lol yet millions of cars and trucks have mistakes and recalls 🤭 good scotty..

  23. Hey Scotty do a video on how to fix your garage door, you know engineers have been developing garage doors for centuries to not sag like yours. By running your garage door like that you run the risk of blowing up your whole house. Trust me, I own a Celica.

  24. in some ways hes right when he says not to put a loud muffler or a cold air intake or headers but what he doesn't specify is what cars not to do those mods in a mustang or corvette or and performance vehicle you could do those mods because they are performance engines you will feel improvements modding those types of cars but when you have a Toyota corolla or a cavalier or something putting those bolt on mods will most likely do nothing and even make the drive worse and have check engine light because those motors are not made for speed and acceleration and those pcm are not aftermarket bolt on friendly like a mustang or corvette i think when he says don't do this don't do that i think he is referring to normal cars i had a cavalier z24 i put a cold air intake header muffler the car was slower lol and had a check engine light because i dident tune the car for those mods i dident know better i was young but now i have a mustang and i did those mods even without tuning it i feel more performance but obviously i did after and i got more performance

  25. It’s a Good Thing to have Scotty kilmer on YouTube if i Need some Good Reviews for Some Advantage And Disadvantage Stuff for Cars, But i Have to follow my Own ways The best Stuff for my Car.. Love and Peace Scotie…

  26. I recently put 10 mm wheel spacers on the front of my car. They were great until I braked hard into a turn and my car kept going straight.

  27. You told why not to, but how to do align tires with the fender or protruding out further than the fender. Can it be done safely albeit more expensively. The only cars I have see with such, the price tags start at 80k and up =/

  28. Pretty much some of his videos,like the exhaust headers why not to put them on. Why not to put a cai in a car,n this one for the wheel spacers. My 94 m6 camaro has this. I've had my camaro for 10 yrs n none of those things,I've had issues with🤔🤔🤔

  29. I have been using spacers from a long time and no problems at all , unless you wanna go crazy and install the biggest size of spacers then yes you will have many problems … The point is why do i have to listen to scotty whose against anything and always talks about toyota only and won't see anything but toyota , this guy hates almost every car brand especially german cars …

  30. If you have wider wheels or those with a different Inset you use spacers to correct the geometry for your suspension. If you are planning on running stock wheels, yeah don’t use spacers. If you happen to have lowered your car. . . All that careful engineering is fucked anyway.

  31. Damn Scotty been watching ur videos for months now and never seen u talk good about newer cars. You sound like a whiner who doesn’t want to work any more.

  32. There are just as many positives for spacers also so do your research folks. The loss of control under breaking a also a bit of a stretch and most of the time they are used to correct offset and won't effect bearing load or steering geometry at all or even minimal. Think "Toe" bearing preload.

  33. Your mother lied to you as a youngin… you will be an absolute disappointment to the world. Sry bud, your a grave disappointment to the world.

  34. No. The load from a wheel is transferred to the axle/hub through the friction of the clamped joint, not through the wheel stud. A wheel stud can only bend if the lug nuts are not properly torqued, in which case the wheel is about to fall off, anyway. … Therefore, properly installed wheel spacers are perfectly safe.

  35. My Corolla rides like crap anyway because it has big wheels and rubber band tires. I put 15 mm spacers just to push the wheels out a tiny bit – not for functionality but to make it look better. It looks a lot better, and no problems with it in over 2 years. I wouldn't do anymore than 15 mm though. And I check my lug nuts pretty often.

  36. To those who dont believe that spacers ruins bearing, goodluck lol i put 1" spacer on my civic and after 5 months, it fucked up my all 4 bearings

  37. Had 1.5 inch wheel adapters (the ones that bolt to the hub) and Wrangler rims on a 2006 Jeep Commander. Had no problems with the wheels/adapters/suspension. Got rid of the car after the second 3.7 went..

    Best thing to do if you are running just plate spacers is to check torque of your lugs every 2k. If running actual bolt on adapters check the torque of the nuts holding the adapter to the hub at every tire rotation.

  38. Look up Pessimist in the dictionary, you will see his picture. I bet his wife wears ear plugs from just listening to him all the time. My last car had 25mm spacers for 167K miles, not one issue, ever. Tire wear, performance, handling, nothing. BUT if Scotty says it is wrong it must be wrong, at least his engineering degree gives him the right to inform everyone on youtube and they should do what he says….

  39. You never actually said WHY. You said don't do it over and over. Then you spread the rumor about engineering but NEVER ACTUALLY EXPLAINED WHY

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