Why Not to Buy Run Flat Tires for Your Car

Why Not to Buy Run Flat Tires for Your Car

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to talk about run flat tires, should you get them or not, now the original
run flat tires were made by Michellin in 1934, they made it for military use and believe
it or not armored cars so people couldn’t shoot out the tires and rob them, these tires
had a special rim inside and it was all foam, so if the tire went out, the vehicle would
then ride on the foam, like I said it was for military vehicles and armored cars,
it costs so much they never really put it on regular cars, then in 1958 good year made
what they called captive air tires, it was the first one that was sold for the whole
market, I remember when I was a kid in the 50’s the
had this ad with this woman who got a flat tire and they were showing how horrible it
was that this woman couldn’t possibly know how to change a tire, that she was walking
through a dangerous neighborhood and they weren’t all that popular but it was the first
real mass produced one, now recently both bridgestone and pirelli
were supplying run flat tires to BMW and mini because they didn’t want to have a spare tire,
they wanted less weight, they wanted more space,
so instead of having 4 regular tires and a spare, you got 4 of these run flat tires,
now in my mind using them instead of spare tires is a dumb thing, take this 2002 Lexus,
it’s got a full sized spare, here it is, a full sized spare tire, this
one even has a fancy alloy rim, now in my mind on modern cars, it’s bad enough
that these newer cars only have this little spare tires that are the mini spare tires
because if you’ve ever driven one with one of those mini spare tires on, they don’t handle
well, if you’re in the ice or snow forget it you’re going to kill yourself, but the
point of having no spare tire at all is even dumber, I mean yeah you can drive these run
flats theoretically up to 50 miles you might be able to push it 100 at 50 mph or less,
but even then they don’t handle all that well and if you get a big hit on the side of them,
the tire is ruined so you’re going to have to buy new expensive tire, and that’s not
going to be cheap, for example, on a 2010 BMW 3 series, if you
buy a normal good year tire for it, you can get them as low as $111 dollar a piece for
a normal tire, but for that same car if you get a good year run flat, it’s $327, and of
course if you go to the BMW dealer it’s a lot more than that for their run flat tires,
now my next door neighbor on the other side of the fence, she’s got a mini that came with
run flat tires, and she was always getting flats in them, they cost her a fortune to
repair when she could get it repaired, so she just gave up and got a normal set of tires
and a cute little air compressor to fill them up if they go bad on the road, since she no
longer has a spare tire to put on, and that can work ok because most tires get nails or
something and they loose air gradually so you can just pump them back up again, maybe
put a little fix a flat in it and then pump them up so a good air pump can help, but really
nothing beats having a good spare tire in your trunk when an emergency happens,
and here’s some information on run flat tires that you may not know, to begin with, they
weigh 20-40% more and when you have more weight that’s spinning on your car your going to
get worse gas mileage and since they have thicker side walls so they can ride on that
when the air runs out, they ride poorly, believe it or not your tires, especially through the
side walls absorb more shock than your shock absorbing system does, so if you have really
stiff tires, it’s going to make for a poorer ride, which is also one of the reasons that
most people and manufacturers don’t use run flat tires,
so buy a fancy BMW for it’s great ride, and then it ride rough, your not going to like
it, really they don’t use them much at all anymore,
because people spend that kind of money they want a nice ride they don’t want something
that rides, rough and that’s why we have air filled tires in the first place, originally
they were solid rubber, well solid rubber rides like a kid in one of those little red
wagons, you go over every bump you feel it because
their solid rubber, so all the millions of dollars spend on researching and developing
to make a car run good and then put on those tires that run rougher, that’s not going to
cut the mustard, so it’s another reason why these tires aren’t
all that popular, for example honda used these run flats on
some of their vans and acuras but they stopped doing it in 2009, there’s no sense in designing
a thing that rides right and then put on a tire that doesn’t ride all that well and from
my experience from run flat tires, they are often very hard to repair and the guys that
repair them I’ve seen guys charge $90 to repair one tire, but a lot of times they aren’t repairable
so you have to buy a new one, and they cost so much money that economically it’s not such
a smart choice either, so unless your fighting a war in a military vehicle, or fighting a
war on the street, driving a armored car, run flat tires, hey
not such a great idea if you ask me, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. All them german cars these days still Do come with runflats (except the maybach, it comes with Goodyear eagle ls's that Aren't runflats, but they're still paperthin) because of the whole "no spare tire allowed" weird method I dont get it and I probably won't understand

  3. I'm glad Scotty mentioned portable tire inflators. If I get a flat, I first try to inflate the tire. As long as the tire holds air long enough to drive to a repair shop, I prefer that method. If I can avoid changing a flat tire on the side of the road, I will do that. I can see a practical use for run flat tires on military vehicles, where lives are at risk, but they don't seem to be worth the expense in most cases. Everything on my nearly 20 year old car is low tech and I prefer it that way.

  4. To all the people saying they have never seen a woman change a tire, my wife changed a tire on our Mazda3, while 3 months pregnant! Unfortunately, she left the headlights on the whole time, so the tire was fixed but she needed a jump! This was early 2000's we didn't have cellphone's, but this incident made me feel so bad, I sprung for a pair that week! Great video Scotty, keep it up!

  5. Needing a spare or not really depends on where you're using your car. I'm perfectly happy with 4 run flats and no spares living in the city. Never gotten a flat, and if I do, my insurance provides free towing to the shop. Even if I were to have normal tyres and a spare, and putting on the spare myself, still have to get my car into the shop for fixing the flat and doing some alignment.

  6. Used CORVETTE Lovers ,Between Late 90' s To Mid 2000' s Need To Heed SCOTTY" S Advise,As Most Recent Used Corvettes Either Have No Spares or Are Under The Cars?Not So Safe for Changing on Our Interstates. Old Friend of Mine Has a 2000 Vette Conv. & Thinks His Original.Shocks ,That Have Close to 200,000 mls.,Are Still GOOD & Runs the Non Flat Goodyear Radials.Riding in It Is About Like Riding In A Covered Wagon or ARMY Tank!! LOL

  7. scotty, i found a great deal on a 2010 rav4 V6 Sport, unfortunately they are designed with run flats in mind, can i just change them out without compromising the vehicles ride?

  8. Our old Toyota Sienna had run flats. We got them changed out as soon as we got a flat cause they were so expensive to replace. Defiantly worth it cause we never got stranded and saved a load of cash.

  9. Im a tire expert. I personally love run flats there built tougher than a regular tire , they may be heavier but there real tough

  10. I have run flats on three of my BMWs and I have zero problems with how they ride or handle. BMW specifically engineers the suspension for run flats so they ride no differently than my BMWs that have normal tires. Of course, I'm not surprised Scotty poo poos them. What do you expect from a guy whose ideal car is an '87 Toyota with zero options?

  11. Don't the manufacturers tune the suspension of current cars to compensate for the stiff ride of the run flats? if so wont replacing with normal tyres make the ride too soft and ruin the suspension in the long run? I am also planning to switch to regular tyres on my 2016 BMW X1 once the stock tyres wear out. Any inputs will be appreciated.

  12. Just yesterday, I was driving from DC to NYC when I burst a tire on my MINI in New Brunswick, NJ. I’m actually really happy for my run-flats because I was able to drive the 40 miles all the way to MINI of Manhattan.

  13. Duke, the purpose of run flat tire is to save life when the tire is flat on highway to prevent the car accident, such as flip over, over turn, and lost control of the steering. The tire runs comfortable before it is flat. Safety is important for luxury cars and small cars.

  14. Sorry Scotty, but I do not agree with you on this 1. I have a 2012 BMW 5 series and always had run flats. The new generation of run flats is actually very nice, I would like you all to test it yourselves, pretty much all the issues Scotty brings up have been dealt with although they still are a bit heavier and more expensive, if you blow a tire while driving on the highway or what have you, it might save your life.

  15. I have a slim spare tire used it twice and it worked just fine. I agree full size is best but slim is waaaaay better than none.

  16. Everything about the mini is expensive, my sister drove one for a while, but it just was constantly having problems and needing expensive parts. Didn't even have that many miles.

  17. Totally disagree with you!! all my cars have run flats I will not ever buy any other tire but RFT.I have them on 2 BMW and Infiniti , cars ride perfectly fine even though my wife hit a path hole and put 3 inch gash on the side wall we kept on driving it with no problem .
    RFT are my choice 100%

  18. I had run flat tires on my Audi. I can tell that the steering was way more precise than with regular tires because of the steel walls. Also, we ran almost 20 km whithout noticing that the tire was flat. No sound or vibration at all.
    I dont use run flar anymore because of the weight. Too much pressure on suspension and bushing

  19. Love it when Scotty says 'hoowee' and then the owl picture pops up – never fails to make me laugh. The images with the dialogue makes Scotty's video a lot of fun…

  20. I think you forgot that you're not supposed to keep using the replacement tire. Having one less wheel on your car is a great weight cut too

  21. Heres some information you might not know Scotty. Runflats are heavier but they have less rolling resistance so its actually better for fuel economy.

    The only company that says its okay to repair them is michelin and your only allowed one repair for the life of the tire.

    If a car comes with run flats from the factory you HAVE to use run flats or its illigal. You dont have a choice. The only choice you have with run flats is if your car doesnt have them, to put run flats on it. But they are a lot extra compared to a normal tire and they are only meant to be driven about 100kms. Also, if you drive on a run flat while its flat for any distance it will have to be replaced.

  22. I was wondering about that between the two tires. My car didn't come with a spare tire or a jack or a air compressor

  23. Старый скряга и жлоб. Бронирование шины в первую очередь БЕЗОПАСНЕЕ. Ипохуй сколько они стоят😃

  24. I don’t have room for a spare in my mini non run flats are around $100 run flats are $120 I just got a hole in my sidewall and drove it to the tire shop could’ve spent a few hundred on a tow cause I don’t have a spare

  25. My 2017 S-Class has Conti run flats and the car rides beautifully. You did not mention the REAL value to some of us: when we have the opportunity to travel on uncongested interstates anxious as heck about a high speed blowout (been there, not fun). There’s so much debris on roads today that catastrophic tire failure is a very real possibility. Not to mention changing a tire with little shoulder area and inattentive drivers who slam into state troopers with lights flashing so anyone else is in real danger. Simply knowing that I could safely exit the highway is worth so much more to me than cost.

  26. Scotty, I live in Buffalo NY where the potholes are awful. My 2018 CTS has bent rims twice now and has run flat tires. If I switch to standard tires do you think this would help? I have never bent a rim in 20 years and now I’ve bent 2 of them. Thanks for your help.

  27. Some cars don’t have space for a spare tire. For example my bmw x1 has the battery in the back for weight distribution, and it has the rear differential that takes space as well. So I carry a 5€ repair kit (I had to grind the insertion tool because on the last flat tire event I coudn’t use it) , a foam sprayand a compressor. I also have runflat tires. It’s safer to have runflats because you don’t have to stop right away. You can drive them up to 70kph, after that the car becomes unstable but they do their job.

  28. I was quoted 1300$ from Costco for Bridgestone Drive Guard run flats, I found the same tire with 90% tread left for 460$ :)… great tire

  29. Scotty, I think the high performance low profile tyres give a far poorer ride for more stability when you need it. Old fogeys who can't make a speed limit use high walled poor spec tyres….who are you .

  30. Thanks Scotty I almost bought some I'm glad I watch your video how about tiger paws self sealing whats your opinion on those

  31. I don't respond often but this video is ridiculous. Most high end cars do currently use Run Flat tires. I have been in the industry for 12 years. You are incorrect on your claims. The cars that use these tires are engineered for the weight and ride of the tire. Also, using the correct OE approved tire matters. All tires are not the same and the difference in article SKU numbers could mean several pounds more weight (which does matter). Sure, Mercedes, BMW Audi….. have such terrible ride quality that is why people pay the higher price for these vehicles. Absurd! With the correct tires your your ride and handling is wonderful. You are neglecting to point out that European performance cars (and most others) are moving to higher speed rated tires with lower profile stiffer sidewalls anyway. Repairs – never! That is what road hazard warranty is for. Pros – where scotty makes fun of the lady in an unsafe area. I will point out Bill Cosby's son was murdered (shot) while changing a spare. Savings – cost of purchase price of the vehicle, weight, space, land field. Tires do have a shelf life. what is the point of a tire (materials, energy, production cost, wheel) that is going to set in your trunk and leach carcinogens into your car and the environment while it rot's from non-use. Simple – this a shade tree hacker that thinks price is all that matters. Well guess what there are plenty of standard tires on mini vans and hondas that cost 300 or more. also, you should price your local dealership. Since 2008 they have become very competitive and will sell you the correct tire.

  32. I got Pirelli P7 run flats. I had to get a new one cause one was worn out I wanted to stick to the original tires that came with my car. 230 a pop.

  33. I have runflat tires and can say confidently that you are wrong. The stiffer sidewalls do you make for a heavier tired, but they also make for last. Stiffer sidewalls do make for a heavier tire, but they also make for less rolling resistance which compensate for the loss of gas mileage due to weight. And as far as riding rough, you are delusional. My Bridgestone Drive guard ride wonderfully.

  34. My Michelin primacy run flats on my x4 are finished after 38000km. I gotta change all of them, and bmw is asking for 2000$ installation included. I told them I won’t be doing that I will buy normal tires. The sales manager jumps out of his seat saying, no Man U can’t do that, u can’t put non run flats on a bmw, they are not designed to run that way. He was talking about about the suspension is not fit for normal tires like wtf??!. So can i just put a normal set of tires on them? I was thinking of buying a set of 4 for 1000$ installed at Costco, Bridgestone Potenza

  35. On calif freeways – sometimes between nowhere, I’m not a fan of having to pull over and wait for a tow truck – which I’d need to do on a non run flat tire in my cars without spare tire. I’d rather have a skinny spare, but I’ll take a run flat instead of going bare and risking rim damage. But I also hv an air pump as backup…. which takes up space too. I wish car makers would at least put in skinnies.

  36. Wait a minute, Scotty. One of our cars is a BMW that came with run-flat tires, and I replaced them with regular tires almost immediately. I carry no spare, in part because in the last 15 years, neither my wife or I have had a flat in any of our cars that was anything more than a slow leak. So I do keep a pump and a can of fix-a-flat in my BMW and my Mustang (which has a pump and "limited mileage" repair kit in the bottom of the trunk). Also, I had a 2002 BMW M Roadster with no spare, but a repair kit and pump. No problems with anything so far! I DO have a full-sized spare in my pickup and my Jeep. BUT if, as you say, at 3:16, the run-flats cost gas mileage, I find it difficult to believe that a car manufacturer would go that route. After all, the reason for the mini-spare movement (or the no-spare movement) was to reduce weight and improve fleet gas mileage.

  37. thanks for the info I decide to watch your video before I buy. Now I'ma just stick with them regular tires

  38. but but modern cars have no spare wheel bcoz they never get a flat tire , back in 2004 when i bough my first Audi, it had the space for a spare tire but it had no spare tire, 8years with that car and i never had a flat tire…bcoz there is nothing on the road that could cause that,
    now 15years and many cars later i never experienced a flat tire nor have i ever seen anyone having that problem

  39. I had a blowout on the M4 outside London at 80mph. My runflat did nothing except say 'you've got a flat tyre' – and then did 45 miles home on it. YOU are assuming a flat tire….not a BLOW-OUT at speed.

    I also tow a caravan. Try a blowout at 60mph then!

    Sorry, yes, parts of what you say are right. But you are being FAR too simplistic about why people buy them. I just paid 1300 dollars to upgrade my 19inch wheels on my new X5 specifically to GET them.

  40. Due to MS roads I have to sadly admit to having to replace 3 of these run flats since I bought my 08 Mini Cooper S. $750 total just on TIRES! PLUS $1570 for a brake job (somehow the brake fluid got contaminated and ruined (brake system overhaul) ). Coolant pipe from pump to thermostat replaced $1600. and another 1500$ in oil gaskets being replaced. and last but not least the good news of my car shop discovering a factory recall bulletin about the high pressure fuel pump SAVED $800. I don't like the run flats on my Mini, they ride terrible, and potholes LOVE to blow out the sidewalls,and to dent,warp, and micro-crack my Aluminum wheel rims. I am more than positive I have spent MORE than Blue Book value in repairs for this vehicle. I am still "upside down" on the contract. I LOVE my Mini THOUGH!!!

  41. I really hate how new cars don’t come with spare tires if u get a bad flat u can’t pump up you have to wait around for a tow truck turns a 10 minute tire change into a 1 hour tow to a shop and hope they don’t have long wait.

  42. I just got a 1 inch wide nail in my run flat Pirelli on my Mercedes. I went from 44 PSI to completely empty in about 10-15 minutes. The tire was so low I ended up having my friend bring me my winter tire and changed the tire in a parking lot. I ended up having to replace my run flat and it cost me $350 CAD for a 225/45/18. Never buying a full set of run flats again smh

  43. Mine RFT rear tyre now running almost 80k KM..and i think can still go another 20k..the secret is to check the pressure is always optimum..its a monthly practice..that way will save gas and extend tread life..

  44. For my BMW X5, the price difference on the same Pirelli Scorpion Verde or Bridgestone, between Run Flat and Regular is about $40 to 50$ per tire. Plus the new Pirelli Run Flat, are almost as comfortable as the regulars. In general the real price difference is never more than 60$ per tire. So it is not so much more convenient to use regular tires and who want the experience of having to replace a tire on the driver side on a highway? Or looking for a tiny hole and work with the patching kit and compressor under torrential rain, again on the emergency lane in a highway or in the Bronx?
    Please let me know.

  45. My vehicle automatically pumps up the tires if they get low and it can also allow you to change pressure on demand. My other vehicle just has skids though but, it is a helicopter so it makes up for the lack of tires/wheels.

  46. Is it not really dangerous to swap run flat tyres out for normal tyres without your suspension being adjusted? You should warn your neighbour with the mini!

  47. Love run flats. Just done 30,000 miles on them, with a 320d. No noise and stick to the road well. Would not have anything else. Just priced up front replacements at £90 each, fit and balanced.

  48. Not exactly fair explanation
    I have a 328xi with run flats it’s tire size and profile that make the tires expensive run flat is not much more (great ride)

    Most people’s who have had to change a spare will tell you it’s a pain. (If they are stored under the vehicles they are usually seized etc.)

    Bottom line there is a value to being able to have a blowout on the highway and being safely able to drive to a tire shop without having to get your hands dirty. (Or dodge traffic)

  49. Scotty, your advice is many years old. Run flats by Goodyear, are a mere 138 bucks each. I have them on my Fiat spider 124 Lusso. They ride like a charm.

  50. Very true..Had a Caffy with run flat… on a long trip we had to stop every 100 miles to clean the rubber mess off the wheel or the tire would go flat. ABSOLUTELY DO NT BUY RUN FLATS… THEY DO NT WORL WELL.

  51. Thanks, Scotty..
    I've a car which already had a run-flat tyre, can I still replace it with a normal tyre?
    My car is a BMW

  52. The problem is many manufactuers, especially high end cars like Audi, BMW and Mercedes, come with run flats from the factory, and there is no other choice. There is zero space for a spare, meaning if you wanted to carry one you'd have to have it sitting in your cargo area, in so doing kiss off your available cargo capacity. And even if you switch to regular tires once the run flats are spent, you'll still have the cargo issue if you want a spare.

  53. I’ve sold lots of tires, LOTS!
    Fixed them, and dealt with all the customers. It’s always an issue with a run flat tire one way or another.
    I own an electric car as well and the jerks didn’t give us a provision for a spare. I bought snow tires and another set of wheels for the car. Now Ive reduced weight again after not running the run flats and with the lighter wheels makes a positive🙄🤣 difference with the range.
    It’s an “intown” vehicle so I’m not worried about a flat crippling it somewhere far away.
    Very removed decision making. AGAIN!!
    Thanks for spreading your encounters for the peoples.

  54. Living in Boston, would never go without them. Hit a massive pothole every year or so, and would be stranded in the cold and dark, waiting for some tow, to replace my tires with whatever overpriced crap the local place is selling. Run flats saved me 3 times already.

  55. Um no. Sorry but this is just a blatant lie. 2:30 Why would she 'always' be getting flats? This make no sense. In addition, run flats do not cost a fortune. They are the same price as a regular tire. I have my run flats with 40,000 miles with no issues whatsoever.

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