Why Not to Buy Low Profile Tires for Your Car

Why Not to Buy Low Profile Tires for Your Car

Rev up your engines! Today I’m going to talk about why you shouldn’t
buy low profile tires, now tires have gone a long way since the 1960’s
when I started working, and I had motorcycles with spoked wheels and
tube tires, back then, most tires were just two ply,
they weren’t all that strong, you had tubes that would get holes in them
and you had to take the whole tire apart, patch the tube, put it back in, it was a pain,
but the steel belted radial tires came out, they got much less punctures because of the
steel belt and the radial tires wore better, and got better gas mileage,
but then they came out with these low profile tires,
which they put on high end sports in the beginning, with their low profile tires, they corner
really well and hug the road, and they’re usually super wide like this,
so they have lots of traction for hard acceleration, now this is all fine if you like going fast
and cornering quickly, but they have the drawbacks that they ride
really rough because they don’t have a side wall to absorb a lot of the shocks,
and of course then they became popular with a lot of the kids,
I had a customer and his teenage son got a Chevy S10 and he put the low profile tires
and the giant rims on, and that thing would knock the fillings out
of your teeth when you drove down the road, eventually even he gave up and went back to
normal tires after getting a ton of flats and breaking a bunch of rims,
because what a lot of people don’t understand is, your tires actually absorb a lot of the
shock that you get when your driving down the road,
the side wall flexes and take a lot of the bumps out so you don’t feel it when your riding
in the car, the lack of any real sidewall, these things
are so small, there’s very little resistance to bumps, so
they really ride poorly, and if you live in a big city like me, or
some place that just don’t have money to fix the roads,
potholes are death to those things, there’s no sidewall really, so when you hit
a big hole a lot of times the tire will ram into the rim and break the rim, destroy the
tire, tires cost more and the rims are super expensive
too, in the city look what happens,
not only does the rim get eaten up, but the tires get eaten up all the time because they
don’t have much sidewall, they’ll hit curbs, bumps on the road and will
smash holes in them, plus they are generally super wide, the wider
the tire is, the more friction there is, the faster they’re
going to wear out, I’ve seen some of these tires wear out in
15,000 – 20,000 miles when normal tires might last 60,000 -70,000 miles,
and let’s say your front end alignment is a little bit off, with normal tires, that
might not be that big of a deal, but with those tires, if they are off just
a little bit, they’re going to wear out even faster, and cost you more money,
but if you want to drive your Ferrari or Maserati like a maniac, your going to need these kind
of tires, but for the rest of us, driving our normal
family cars, stick to normal tires and let the race car
drivers have their low profile tires, you’ll be happier with regular tires and a
smooth ride, more quick fixes on the Scotty Kilmer channel,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that bell!

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  2. I fixed flats on 100's of cars. The worst thing I ever saw was water inside the tire. Many tire complaints of "Thumping and shaking" are from the coin operated air stations near the gas pump. There is no water capture device on these. Do you think 4 ounces of water will cause imbalances above 40mph? Duh.
    So repeated use is adding water vapor into your "slow leak" tire. I have a DIY water accumulation capture system on my air compressor. And it worked so well that I used it for three stage auto paint. Sourced from a junked car A/C Condenser. BTW they are rated @300psi. Plenty for my 140psi pump. Keep the H20 out of your airtools and tires.

  3. Hello I just go my tires replace I was told it was little low pro for replacement of my stock high pros and notice a jet sound driving 40-60+mph is it suppose to do that? I did not notice this before my tires was changed. Thank you

  4. lot of cars come with low profile tires. people dont care they will be trading in their vehicles for new models in a couple of years anyways

  5. They kill your fuel economy too. I know a guy who loved his Fusion Hybrid, wanted to go from 17s to 22s. Dude. You bought that car for good fuel economy and the smooth ride. What the hell are you thinking?? I told him, at least keep your stock wheels, so when you realize what a huge mistake you made, it'll be easy for you to switch back!

  6. You're right Scotty but you forgot to mention one other item 1 you cannot get traction snow or rain and that's why I enjoyed the pizza cutter tires they were common size you go into any tire store and get you tires never has to worry are they going to have my size on a Jetta I had it came from Factory with lovely low profile tires I hated them damn things

  7. you wont catch me riding around on doughnuts and bagels..those r for eating..not driving.. ill need a chiroprator and back traction before i put some muffin tires on my BMWs.. which is likely another thing bagel riders hate.. with my 20 way adjustable seats.. i cant even feel those bumps anyway.. bagel fans wouldnt know anything about that. lol

    and another thing.. i like this channel but Camry drivers and minivan drivers are the worst.. when i see them i avoid them by default because i know eventually they will do something not so smart.. i'd put money that a majority of the pastry tire gang drives one or the other.. lol

    bye felicia

  8. I couldn't agree with you more, low profile tires might be great for the tire company's who now will charge you more for the tires and on top of that you'll have to replace them more often IMO they remind me of the way cars use to look like 80 or 90 years ago that you see in the old movies where you have a tall tire on your car.

  9. Once had a Scion TC, with those low profile tires. You are absolutely correct, it will knock the fillings out of your teeth. I went with the highest sidewall I could fit on that car, without modifying it, after that. It did make a difference. Car is long gone though!

  10. What is the rule for low profile tires? What I heard is anything below 50 is low profile regardless of sizes. Anybody is this correct?

  11. Scotty, love your videos. I am learning a lot about cars here. I just bought a very nice low mileage 2016 Dodge Challenger R/T here in Florida. 5.7 Hemi engine, Certified pre-owned with a good factory warranty, and so far I am very happy with it. My mechanic checked it and didn't find any problems. These Challengers all come with those 20 in wheels from the factory. Should I consider getting standard 18in rims and tires for it, when it's time to get new tires? The original 1970-72 Challenger had standard 18in wheels.

  12. Hi Scotty, what can you say about a 1987 Mitsubishi Lancer boxtype, subcompact car with 17 inch wheels? its standard was 13. Everything you said is right. Would it be okay if I'd rather replace it with 16s or 15s. Or should I stick with 13s with thick tires?

  13. My Kia Rondo came with 17 inch 45 profile tire, is switching to 16 inch 55 profile worth it ? Can you modify the spedometer if i get more rubber and the wheel ends to be 106% of the original wheel size ? Even the winter tire set is 17/45 wich is pretty bad here in Quebec.

  14. The fact. That your explaining who not to when you should be explaining more pros and cons. Theres different people that has different. Styles

  15. If your into car racing you should have race rims and tires specifically for track use only yes the roads can be terrible for ride comfort and it makes me worry about ball bearings, it’s true I got 205 40 17 and the ride can be unforgiving on more than 75 percent of roads I drive on plus it’s hard to find a decent price on a good tire for these reasons it looks like a 205 60 15 might be the thing to seriously consider, new rims and tires cost less or equal to finding a good set of 205 40 17, go figure

  16. PENNSYLVANIA and low profile tires DO NOT MIX !!!! PENNSYLVANIA is the most DISGUSTING state for driving!

  17. Posting here one more time. I just cannot help, but feel compelled to let Scotty know that he's advice is always down to earth and so wise. If you have the money go for the most exotic car money can buy and never ever regret it. If it fails you can always go and get a new one. For the rest of us plain street guys and girls with more sensitiveness on expenditures take Scotty's advice always. We may not like Scotty's car preferences but the advice gives the right perspective when time comes to get a car's replacement, either new or used. Unless you are fighting your own wallet, then go and sacrifice it to your aspirational feeling, which is what the automakers are pointing at, in the first place.

  18. Dont get low profile unless you also plan on upgrading the suspension. OEM tires are part of the suspension

  19. Scotty I love your channel but sometimes your like the fun police lol, shutting down anything fun or stylish you can possibly do to your car!!!…I put 19's and 35 series tires on my car…and the gain in handling and steering response is well worth having to pay a little more attention to potholes and dips in the road!

  20. It’s too bad Scotty isn’t an enthusiast lol every time I watch his videos, it makes me hate cars, damn you Scotty! Lol

  21. See, what I don't like about Scotty, is that when he was on Horsepower TV, he was all about making cars fast, modding them, low-pro tires and all that…now he's against it. I don't get it.

  22. Real retarded when they put these low profilers on heavy vintage cars like 69 Impalas and plymouth furys. Like the weight of the heavy gauge steel on these cars alone wasnt enough to squash them stupid things flat.

  23. Hi scooty, i drive a Toyota corolla sport 2005 model. I would like to upgrade my tires and rim, what size of tires and rims would you advise i get????

  24. I was going to put 205/70R15 on my 1978 Datsun 620 King Cab but upon taking a turn with just 1 older test tire on of that size, it rubbed. Not really bad that I could tell, only when we maxed out the steering. So we then figured 205/60R15 would be better & never rub but now I'm wondering. What if I take a bump & turn at 30 with some weight in the truck, will 60's rub even then? I can afford 205/50R15 but I'm worried about the ride comfort & look. Roads where I live & where I drive aren't always the best & lower profile usually looks better on cars anyway if that. I just don't want my tires to ever rub though, the 60's would give 1.5" more clearance but considering the 70's rubbed at all I'm worried that inch & a half won't be enough in a worse case scenario.

  25. I’ve been surprised when someone tells me he has 17-19” rims Wrapped with low profile tires. They make the wheels look smaller than they are. I wish I could put high profile tires on my s2000. My 16” wheels have a mid profile tire on them and they look much bigger than they actually are

  26. I just installed Macadamia Low profile tires for Toyo and Backgammon auto stability This is normal tires with a straight groove to push forward. If you feel more shocks in a low profile bracelet then you should invest in more shock absorbers .. No reason to do more than two low profile tires although they Eat faster than a low-profile tire.

  27. I had a road trip with my family. I was driving a Toyota Rav4 with regular tires. My uncle was following me in a Lexus RX with thin tires. We were both traveling at 65mph. We were surprised by a freaking big deep pothole. It was hard to see it because it was night time. Both of our cars got hit really hard but my uncle's car right front tire blew.

  28. I was thinking about getting low profile tires until I saw this clip. Thanks Scotty! You may have saved me some money on costly repairs.

  29. Ditched my 20's for 18's on my Silverado. Don't get some vehicle manufacturers. 20's were a $1500 option they put on the sticker. Didn't ride too bad. Probably 1/2 as good as 18's for ride quality

  30. My 2017 Toyota Corolla SE with a 6 speed manual transmission has Firestone P215/45R17 tires from the factory, and I hate them. With only 19,000 miles, the tread is already getting down, and I drive, usually, conservatively.
    When I have to put new tires on, I will go with Kelly Edge. Those have been good tires for me in the past. Swapping out the 17" wheels for 15" is not feasible.
    Only four more years to pay on the Toyota, then I think I will trade her for an older, normal car.

  31. I use to ride low pro's on my old school vehicles. Which kept me at an A+ in the looks department when I rode past the ladies. Always felt like I was riding on a skateboard though. U feel EVERY damn bump !!! Ruined countless rims over the years smh. Married & older now, I stick to 15 inch rims with the gangster white walls on my '77 deuce & a quarter. I still turn heads with my wife riding shotgun😊

  32. Now I understand the concept of low profile tires. They are like beautiful and fine women who just cost you alot of money.

  33. Formula 1 doesn't use low profile tires, and they are the fastest track cars.
    Top fuelers don't use low profile and they're the fastest in a straight.
    And neither does the Dodge Demon, the fastest production car in a straight.
    So what's the point ?

  34. I have an S2000 but want to put a bigger tire on 17" wheels. Instead of a low profile, put a mid to high profile tire. I don't race the thing so im not sure.

  35. i saw idiots with low profile tires blew them running over potholes before… LOL i figured they like wasting money so good video.

  36. This guy is retarded, if you hit a curb in a regular tire you will damage the tire even easier. A regular tire has a softer, less durable sidewall.

  37. You should make the distinction of what you consider to be low profile. Most cars, crossovers, small suvs and light duty trucks come from the factory with low profile tires. The industry considers 50 and below to be low profile tires.

  38. I bought a car with 235 45 r17 tyres
    Can i get bigger tyres later on like 235 55 r17? I wanna improve the confort of the car, no need to go that fast coz the speed limits are too low lol
    Anyone can tell me if it will increase the wheight of the tyre too much? Im worried about that too coz of mpg…

  39. the problem is that most cars today come with 16 to 18 inches tires i just bought a honda civic sport 2019 with 18 inches tires and have eyes on the road for holes all the time since i got this car

  40. They wear out really fast on cars that have the wheels canted a little bit. Porsches are known for going through rear tires in less than 10000 miles. They were out quickly on the inside because of the slight angle of the wheel.

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