Why it’s IMPORTANT to use the Correct Air in Your Tires (Summer & Winter Air)!

Why it’s IMPORTANT to use the Correct Air in Your Tires (Summer & Winter Air)!

Hey guys, ChrisFix here and today I am going
to show you how to remove the winter air from your car or truck tires, and add in summer
air! I am also going to show you the importance on why you need to do this. Now most people understand the importance
on properly inflating your tires This is something that you learn, when you first learn how to drive. But what a lot of people dont pay attention to is the actual air that you are putting into your tires which is just as important For example, we know that over-inflating your tire is bad It could cause a blowout, it could cause the middle of the tire to wear, and we also know that under-inflating the tire is isnt good as well It will cause the side-wall to be spongy, the handling wont be good

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  1. I saw the thumbnail and was actually convinced and then I saw the ChrisFix brand winter and summer air..

  2. The whole time I’m thinking how tf can air have a different weight when it’s hot or cold then I looked at the date😂

  3. My wife thought her horn sounded funny and asked me to ask Steve our mechanic if he could put some horn fluid in it. I told her she could ask him herself.

    The best part was Jason agreeing to be part of your madness.

  4. Chris next time you fill up your tires remember to replace the Valve stem bearings. If not it pop your control arm fuse…

  5. Saw the title, and only clicked on it to check the date it was posted! 😂😂 I honestly don't know how he's keeping his cool, I'd be dying!

  6. Under inflation causes blow outs more often than over inflation. The excessive flexing of the side wall causes the inside of the side wall to shed often exposing the nylon belts that run through the the side of the tire.

  7. Petition for next year’s video to be a livestream taking the entire car apart and putting it back together

  8. hey chris, can you help me and my dad out. his mazda b4000 runs rough and sometimes stalls in the winter but it never happens in the summer. could you please make a video about fixing this.

  9. Actually the air coming out of the tire is cold because it's expanding from a high pressure – low volume to a low pressure – high volume. This causes a temperature drop.
    That's also why deodorant comes out cold from the can.

    Very good video!

  10. I love your videos and it helps me with my class a lot some things are a little off like using the nitrogen in the tires to an extent in the long run (atleast here in warmer weather in Texas I can not speak for the rest of the country/ world) that using N is no diffrent then using normal O, its maybe at best a 1 lbs diffrence or less and in the long run from a money standpoint is a waste of time and isnt cost effective

  11. When you posted this video I didn’t watch the last minute but here we go I just rewatch it and I heard April fools

  12. I swear to god I went to menards and saw them selling COLD AIR. Reminded me of this video which is why this comment exist.

  13. Hmmm…My auto parts store doesn't stock summer and winter air. I need to get on my inventory guy to bring some in.

  14. Great tutorial, just one little mistake I noticed; you say change the air in all four tires, but what about the spare? There's not much point having a spare wheel if it's got the wrong air in it. Otherwise a very good video 😀

  15. That was very funny!

    A few Years ago we send that new guy for 1 gallon of electricity. OMG funny as hell!!!

  16. It had me rolling I thought it was a real thing I was outside in the dark deflating my tires while watching the video because I had my tires replaced in the winter and I thought it had winter air can’t believe I fell for this😂

  17. What's your feel on tire dry rot? I have 9 year old original michelin tires on a 2010 I just bought from mt dad and the side walls have a lot of minute dry rot cracks. Don't really want to buy new tires but don't want these to get a flat or worse blow out.

  18. It took me: two times getting completely fooled all the way through two April fools videos before by Chris, and until 2:11 I was sold lol.
    Love you Chris fix and EE

  19. We can make a deal, I would be an authorized dealer of ChrisFix Winter and Summer air aditive here in the EU. I bet we can earn fortune! Moreover if you write a certificate that proves it saves fuel and thus reduces emissions, we may try to sell it to Volkswagen and other brands 🙂

  20. 5:32 does it really say Chris Fix on the summer and winter air? Because he always says he links down all products in the description.

  21. Thanks Chris! I really need to get the summer air in my tires. I suppose while I'm at it I should also replace my blinker fluid and muffler bearings. And I need to check out my clutch belt as well.

  22. I'm not a mechanic at all. I work on my motorcycle a little bit, chain adjustment, oil change, tire pressure, etc… And… I was like!!! Winter air?????? Cold air, become, … … Hot by itself no matter what. Then I minimized the video and saw the date…. Thanks for the laugh Chris…:)

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