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  1. At work! But I definitely need this advice but Instagram is 👎😩
    Is anyone on here models, photographer, MUA's, etc?? If you follow me, I'll follow you back 😍

  2. I texted you on ig I wanted u to tell me how my account is nd wre wrong I am……but u didn't text me honestly speaking I really want to be scouted but i don't knw if my Instagram acc can have chances my ig handle is @edward_themodel if u can check nd dm me ur thoughts I'll appreciate

  3. You can't avoid the inevitability of seeing the agency in person. Perception is HUGE. And that's what Instagram caters to. But what happens when the call you in?

    What happens if they like your Insta, call you in and they're still on the fence? The answer is the interaction.

    Not everyone will like you, regardless. But you must know how to both sell and conduct yourself. How you come off when you're in front of them can make or break you.

    I met some of my best professional connections (modeling included) in real life. This matters. Because as a model, my look is best suited for fitness. But my real life connections were the difference makers in getting me casted in fashion jobs. Point blank, they liked me. BE YOUR INSTAGRAM! Because you can't avoid the inevitability of seeing them in person.

  4. Thank you for this info dear, these are some great ideas I'm much older than you and would love to do some modeling for magazines store ads ect… This maybe be a great idea for me to start an Instagram and for my daughter as well. That makes sense to have a separate Instagram for modeling. I will pass this info on To others keep posting these ideas dear. God Bless

  5. Started Instagram a couple of months ago! My account is @j.enrique_esco where I share my personal lifestyle, fitness, and style . Thanks for all of your helpful tips 🙂

  6. My IG handle is nicolecpowell1

    I’m following you already , would be great if you can follow back . I love your videos ! They have the best content and Info on modelling .

  7. Im definitely going to creat another account for my Modeling coz my other account i just post random pictures, so thanx again for a great video

  8. Great vid as always! I think you should do a vid on doing digitals, in depth, and maybe something on like posing/facial expressions Idk. my Instagram is @chabrephilip keep it 💯😉

  9. I am having an hard time in being scouted on IG, and Don't know what to do tried some of the ways you spoke about on this video some ain't working pls this is my IG handle @jenniferatueyi so I can know what to do next. Love your contents, Big Fan of your work .

  10. Instagram: @alxxlara
    Anyone in the Phoenix Arizona area want to collaborate you’re more than welcome to send me a DM. Lets grow together!

  11. trying so hard to grow my insta, but I keep losing as many followers as I gain 😩– I'll follow models/makeup artists/ or anyone who posts fashion-related things back! @nicolo.santino

  12. Thank you so much! A lot tips that you had I was doing and you made me realize what I was doing wrong 😂. Instagram: a.kellyjean

  13. My Handle is @keziah.kimm I’ve recently started being represented by Muse Model Management here in Portland Oregon and I have my digitals and a test shoot done so now I am just looking for ways to up my presence in the industry. I’m definitely going to start looking for other creators to shoot with for my portfolio. I’ve watched all your videos and have learned so much! This vid in particular was right on time. I’m going to work on managing what I post and being more active on that platform. Thank you!💜

  14. I'm not model of an agency but i colaborate with many guys in my city (photografer, make up arrists, hair style). my IG is @o_danielandrade, go there and see my portifolio. i like your channel and your pics.

  15. I really love your work and u as a person…my handle is joshuaokesalako…I've been modelling for 4 years but not got my break yet

  16. Awesome advice‼️ Looking forward to the next video 😀 I am following your IG account via my son’s Modeling IG account. Please follow his IG account back at AkWestModel. Thanks 🙏🏽

  17. Also and model who follow ur instructions in become more professional. Thank you for the wisdom. Follow me on IG: LuverbxyJune n also I have a page on Facebook aswell. I’m interested in connecting with photographers, make-up artist n other models to collaborate

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