Why Flushing AC Systems Doesn’t Work

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to
show you why flushing an air conditioning system when you replace an
air conditioning compressor doesn’t work that well on modern cars, now years ago
if a compressor went bad, you’d flush the system out with some of this flush, the
flush was poured inside this canister from this big gallon here, then an air
hose was attached and the flush was flushed to the system to knock all the
crud out, and it used to work pretty good especially for flushing these condensers
that are in front of the radiator for the AC system, but the fins that the
refrigerant travels through are getting thinner and thinner, so they can make
cars cheaper and cheaper, check this out, I cut a piece off of this evaporator,
look how small these little holes are, that it flows through, here’s a penny in
comparison, seem thinner than a penny and the refrigerant flows through these tiny
holes, and when I blow through it, I have to blow as hard as I can just to get a tiny
bit of flow, so flush that’s not going to cut the mustard, it’s not going to flush any
crud out of these holes, and that’s the main reason I’m making this video today,
I’ve seen too many people change a compressor, flush out the system, only to
find days or months later, the new compressor breaks too, because try as you
might, flushing these tiny holes just isn’t go to work, there’s just too much
surface area too small holes of holes, cruds going to get stuck in the air, it’s going to build up
pressure, it’s going to end up ruining a new compressor too, and since the first place
that the high pressure refrigerant goes once the compressor compresses the gas,
is the AC condenser, it’s the part that normally gets clogged up, so if you have
an air conditioning compressor that blows, you can forget trying to flush the
condenser out on a modern car, because the holes inside are just too small for
any flush to work, in this case it’s really a good idea to replace the
condenser, I know they’re expensive, but if you price around
I’ve often find chinese-made brand-new ones that cost less than one third of
what a dealer factory unit costs, and if you want your new compressor to
last a long time, it’s really a good idea to change the condenser too on a modern
car, I’ve seen too many guys regretted that they didn’t change the condenser
and just flushed it, only come back months later and having to replace the
compressor and the condenser all over again, because in many modern cars, parts
are just made to be thrown away when they go bad, and remember if you got any car
questions I now answer them live every Saturday at 10 o’clock in the
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