Why Buy Genuine Honda Winter Tires

Hi, my name is Mike Vite. I’m the Parts
Manager here at Bolton Honda and today I want to talk to you about multi-fit
wheels and direct-fit wheels and explain to you what the critical difference is. So
often I have many consumers that come when they’re shopping or pricing for a
winter packages, and they make a lot of price comparisons between the dealer and
an outside source. Once I show them what I’m about to show you, it’s a bit of an
eye-opener to understand where their money’s going and where they get the
best value for the dollar. So on display here: we have one of these black wheels
is a genuine Honda product and the other black wheel is what we call a multi-fit
overseas production wheel. So often we’ll have the customer come here and I’ll ask
them to decide and tell me which wheel they think is the original
Honda and vice versa. The majority of time most consumers will pick the top wheel here. -Oh yeah I would a picked that too. -Yeah and the top wheel, here, is actually the aftermarket multi-fit wheel. And I’m going to show you a really highlighted area of why this is so much different than the genuine Honda product at the bottom. So, what I’ve done here is I put on display: I’ve
installed a genuine Honda hub with the five wheel studs and it’s the same
product code and if you look closely you can see. Now, again, this is an
exaggeration but you can see I can move this up and down. So inside here
this inner perimeter is a essentially the center bore. And what the
manufacturer does is generate this product so it fits say for instance a
Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Volkswagen. That’s called a multi-fit design. The
problem is with this design, as you can see, even if you torque spec these wheels
down all it takes is one good pothole or bump and what happens when
something round goes out around a round. And that will cause a significant
vibration issue. The other problem here is with this design you are supporting
the weight of the vehicle by the five wheel stud which is really not safe. The
strength comes from within, so if you take a look at the bottom one we can see
when Honda’s done is they’ve engineered this lip. And with this lip design, as I
showed you above, you cannot move – I’m gonna back off the hub here – I cannot
move the hub up-and-down. It’s locked in place. That’s what you want to see and
that’s a direct-fit design. So, this is the difference between, again, a direct-fit genuine Honda product and a non direct-fit. And that’s the difference is
where your money goes, which is why it’s so important when you’re choosing the
winter tire package. It’s not always about have the tire, it’s about the male as

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