Why BBS Doesn’t Make New Wheels

Why BBS Doesn’t Make New Wheels

– Hey guys, so if you’re just watching this video, you’re going
to notice this beautiful sunset behind me, or it
may just be blown out because that’s how video cameras work. But if you want to know something else that’s beautiful, BBS
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enjoy the video guys, we hope you really love it. When it comes to name brand wheels, there’s not many that carry the pedigree of companies like BBS.
We’ve talked about them in the past when I was
young and had no facial hair, and now we’re back
to talking about them again because I still don’t
have any facial hair and I just want to talk about
BBS, and, well, you know it seems like BBS doesn’t
seem to come up with many forged wheel designs
anymore and we decided to ask them why. By the
way, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries and if you’re
looking for some BBS Wheels or wheels in general
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Anyway, BBS is a brand that at its core, has
been around for one reason and one reason alone. To
make racing, OEM, and after market wheels. Like, that
is it. Like, that is the focus, that’s always been
the focus. And now with most people being able
to dive head first into the wheel market with, you
know, a little, you know, a little bit of, a little
bit of cash, you’re seeing wheel brands pop up
like all over the place, and that happens year after year. If you jump on Facebook,
you more than likely have seen like four or
five new wheel brands, and then you’re gonna
go to Sevas and there’ll be like 20 more wheel
brands and then the year after that there’ll be
20 more wheel brands. And that’s just like a thing right now. So, when it comes to you, an
avid, professional, educated definitely not just window
shopping car guy or gal, who goes to compare wheel
brands and models you might often find that
BBS offers the same style of wheels they always
kind of have. So why? Well, here’s the big old history of that. Every single wheel
starts life at BBS, okay? Like no tooling, no nothing,
comes from anywhere else. It’s all in BBS. BBS designs
and engineers everything. BBS makes their own
blanks, they melt their own alloy, they don’t buy anything. They kind of like, they
do it all themselves. And for the brand, there’s
really only two major ways that they go into making wheels. Now, for our case we’re
gonna talk about the forging ones because
these either they have dye-forged blanks, or
they’ve produced their own blanks, but lets jump into the first one, dye-forged blanks. So, dye-forging is insanely expensive and they only do it for
exclusive partnerships. A good example of this would be like when BBS partnered with the Ford GT. – [Alex] To produce a wheel
that was just as good as the carbon fiber
counterpart but not as, uh, as finicky as the carbon fiber wheel would be to a Ford GT consumer.
So, BBS was like, “sure, but” and when on
their way to do just that. So from there engineering
takes these ideas and feedback from Ford and they make a render. They send the render to
Ford. Ford then reviews it and asks for re-tooling and reviews and a whole bunch of different things. Not maybe a fan, they
want this they want that. If you can imagine a brand like Ford being picky, imagine that
communication back and forth. But once its approved
they do make a mock wheel. They will then go to
produce a sample wheel, which will mill out the wheel from scratch and ship it to them for approval. Once all approved, they
can then make the actual tool that allows them to
stamp out the wheel from the metal. Once the
dye-forged blank is actually created, which has the
design forged into it, then it goes into spinning.
Now, that’s the key difference, is that the
design is actually like forged into what they plan
on making which is kind of weird, but when you think
about it in comparison its the way that they
make everything just work better. This actually ends up cutting down waste and time, and BBS
likes to go into investing into their own tooling when
they go into making these wheels because its really expensive. The RSGT dye-forged wheels is an insanely expensive wheel molds.
To create a dye-forged blank is as much as 100,000
dollars just per part. But the 2010 GT3 per
part number, their forged wheel blank is 200,000 dollars,
for just the front and back for the Ford GT. So,
for after market forged applications, they’d have
to make like 10 to 12 different tools, which
is millions upon millions of dollars and initial McScrooge dollars. Because I just think about
having that much money and I just figure it would
be like, I don’t know, something that’s not real.
But that’s where it gets tough though because BBS
doesn’t like making wheels just to make wheels. It
has to have a purpose. For example, when they’re
doing an after market wheel for Porsche, they
need to know exactly what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, how they’re doing it, when are they gonna introduce the product, how
they’re gonna introduce the product, they need to
know how many percentages of Porsche owners are
gonna buy the after market wheels, how many of them
are gonna pick a BBS out of that, they wanna
make sure that those that they’re producing the wheel for are exactly what they would want, and its just like, they just want it, they just want it nice and perfect. I
mean, that’s pretty much what it is. And if the
market isn’t big enough to justify the few
million dollars in molds or dye-forging, they
ain’t touching it because BBS is very careful with
how they make the investment for new products and for new markets. The second way that they make their wheels is what allows them to make new designs without being overly
invested just in molds, and that’s through their
own standard blanks. But even that has a heavy
risk involved because the molds are all theirs. So, has BBS made new wheels? Yes, they have.
They’ve made 8 of them to be exact, all for
after market modification. And they actually made
two more of them that were forged in magnesium for the Porsche automotive racing
enthusiasts, that, if you really want to get into
the technical information, they don’t just randomly start on fire because they coated
them with a whole bunch of really good stuff,
and now they’re like, they’re making the
magnesium forged stronger, but that’s not really our
market, so we’re gonna cut it right there. But
they are really neat. I mean if you like neat
stuff. Would be good for you to know. What we did learn is that BBS is very specific about what they do. Is it fair to say that
BBS doesn’t make new wheels? Probably not. But I said it, and they were like you are… you’re a guy there, guy. And I was like
yeah I’m a guy, and then we talked about it, and now I’m here. So, the wheels being
made are more oriented towards the racing at
the performance market with the others providing,
as BBS would say, real solutions for the daily driver of those that purchase motor sport wheels from us. In all, they’re still
doing really… they’re still doing a lot of
stuff. The question is, is how much do we see
in our angle, from our point of view, from
predominantly a car show scene? And that’s where it can
get a little tricky. But either way, BBS is
a brand that doesn’t take anything lightly, especially wheels. That would probably
explain why people love the brand so much. So,
with that being said, which BBS wheels do you
wish they would bring back? I keep telling them to
just bring me back the RS, or the LM, or something
and just make it in big boy sizes for everybody to lo and behold. Jessie’s probably staring at me like I’m a little weird, but drop
it in the comments below and if you’re looking
for some BBS wheels, head on over to Fitmentindustries.com
to check them out. We got a link below
too if that’s your thing. I’m Alex with Fitment
Industries, and we will see you later, peace.

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