Why are Euro Cars So Popular? | The Build Sheet

Why are Euro Cars So Popular? | The Build Sheet

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we’re gonna be going over some of the reasons why
European cars are just so damn ‘nique. (drilling) (clanking metal) (upbeat music) Before we get into it
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all that good stuff fitmanindustries.com. When it comes down to the car scene, we have what we can call
little categories within it. We have the JDM, we have the domestic and then we have the euro scene. That’s like the main three. In the European car scene,
it like is there, right? And it’s absolutely massive,
however it doesn’t seem to get as much hype around
it, like the JDM scene does. Don’t get that confused
with how popular those European cars actually are to enthusiasts because the truth is they’re
absolutely everywhere. But Japanese cars have that history and have that heritage behind them and you’re absolutely correct. However it does not mean
that European cars are completely exempt to that
same history and heritage. In fact European cars
have arguably more history and racing success compared to Japan and even the United States,
which dates all the way back to when our good friend
Karl Benz was building some of the first internal
combustion engines in automobiles back in the late 1800’s. There’s this thing called the Autobahn and this other thing called, maybe you’ve hard of it, the Nurburgring. From Grand Prix racing to Group B, Europe has an enormous
amount of racing heritage. So with all of this you have
top automotive manufacturers of the area competing
head-to-head with each other. You had Porsche, you
had BMW, you had Audi’s, you had Mercedes all
fighting for that top spot. All of which brought huge advancement in automotive technology. We saw Audi absolutely
destroy the competition with the introduction
of their Quattro system. BMW’s engine screaming around every corner at insanely high RPM. All of this leading to the production cars that we know and love today. So enough of the history
lesson, let’s talk about some cool cars. It’s no surprise that European cars do tend to come with a lot of technology. Some very useful and some
that we can maybe consider, may just seem a little nonsensical. But that’s why people love them. So what if a cup holder
in a certain 2003 Mercedes Benz cost over 100 dollars to replace. Or if one of the computers for
one of the front seats go out and it’s like 600 dollars
to replace that computer. It’s all growing pains, right? It’s a part of owning the car. The number of features
that were coming out in the late 90’s and early
2000’s in European cars was nothing short of extraordinary. If you can find one today
with everything still working and without electrical issues, you’re gonna have yourself
one fine automobile. Now, without the need
for much explanation, the European car market has
some amazing working cars. You have cars like the
BMW E30 that has become absolutely timeless, the
B5S4 that in the right color, like Nogaro Blue on some
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the tablet just died look absolutely killer. The euro scene is no
stranger when it comes to the stance of game and it’s hard
to find a Volkswagen GTI without some Rotiforms
and an airlift 3P kit. And with the amount of
coupes, sedans, hot hatches and even some pretty insane wagons, leaves one with a large
variety to choose from when looking for the next vehicle. Which brings us to our next
point, so they look great, they perform well and for the most part depending on the brand, they are pretty advanced
in their technology and the features that they offer. But there is another underlying
factor here as to why European cars are so popular
and are so sought after. And that reason is that they
can pack a serious punch. The unsuspecting E55 AMG, for example, coming out of the gate with
469 friggin’ horsepower, powered by the 5.4 liter V8
super charge under the hood of this 3,800 pound
family sedan rocket ship. A car that size should not
be able to move that quick. It is absolutely terrifying. Of course you have your
other mainstream cars such as the M series BMW’s, the S4’s, S5’s and the RS variance from
Audi and the R32’s from VW, that from the factory have
a decent amount of power. Now of course like any car
enthusiast would have it, throw some modifications like
an upgraded turbo or two, some exhaust and a proper tune and the amount of power
gain is incredible. The list goes on and on and on, especially when you get
into higher ques of cars within the BMW lineup or
even the Porsche lineup the amount of performance that
is offered with these cars is what drives enthusiasts to them. They are built for performance driving. Now obviously with a lot of new high-tier European performance cars they come in at a little bit of a cost. However if you go back a
few years you’d be surprised to find out how affordable
some of those older cars have become because depreciation
is a wonderful thing. And they really have become a
fantastic bang for your buck, no matter if you’re going for looks or for all out performance or
just wanna surprise someone at the light when your
family sedan snaps a 4.5, zero to sixty at the stoplight. Or maybe, you know, just
wanna live a little bit of that luxury lifestyle. So you go ahead and pick
up a nice German car. I mean you do you. You do you. There are many, many reasons
as to why people absolutely love the euro car market or
even the scene in general, but go ahead and drop a
comment of what you love most about European cars or if you own one we would love to see it. We’d love if you just hop
on to fitmanindustries.com add it to our gallery. it’s a fantastic thing. It’s a huge Fitman gallery, it’s like the largest one that’s online. You can find the link
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  1. Have a euro car of your own? WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT! Get it added to the largest online fitment gallery! www.fitmentindustries.com/add

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    My Nissan Versa

    So you wanna buy a Nissan Versa and join the #NissanSquad with an epic low cost entry? Look no further than this mean mamajama.

  3. I don't have one, but I would love the porsche 928 s4
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  4. European cars are just generally better car enthusiast cars, they come manual, more comfortable, and not fwd for us people who actually drive…

  5. I have a big turbo b8 a4. I wanna run a stance build and I was just informed recently that I have camber bolts in the back that come stock on the car so I can adjust camber. Can someone clarify all that for me?

  6. its because american could not compete with European cars so they made NASCAR that they can compete with them self..

    its just a joke. dont cry

  7. The other night, I saw a large group of modded Korean cars. I was very happy about this. The KDM scene is starting to expand. We need more enthusiast.

  8. Many of my friends got euro cars like Audi & BMW and Mercedes. They look cool in their stock condition. They have their technical problems, but the middle to high priced models are near to perfection at the interior and suspension aspects. Overall good cars, but there are some points that i don't like.

    Due to high price tag, less customation option and the boastful car community in europe, makes them not attraced to me.

  9. I like how mean and classy EUROs look specially the newer ones. Wouldn't own one due to initial price and future maintenance cost but they're nice to look at.

  10. I've worked my way from a VW Golf in high school to a new C-Class Mercedes Benz. Maybe I can make it to a Porsche some day.

  11. You guys should do, “Why does JDM in America get the most hate” I see in the north east (specifically MI) HATE JDM and when they “like” a car it’s GOTTA be the NSX/GTR/TYPE r… never the lower trims, when most people get the most out of the lower trims… only thing I get it GM was born here but seriously it’s disgusting how these Domestic guys carry themselves and trash on JDM vars

  12. You forgot about the legendary 850 BTCC Wagon when mentioning European racing success.
    But I guess that is a good thing as i a “True Scandinavian” do not consider myself European, I’m Scandinavian.
    So the Volvo 850 would not be European but Scandinavian or SweDM.

  13. I live in eu. So I see plenty of those. And bunch of old asian cars. In my country american cars are rare as some actual supercars

  14. Why Euro cars?
    All Cars that are listed in the video are German cars…..where is Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Lotus, Ferrari, Lambo, Pagani, Lancia?
    Italy and England had more Manufacter that Germany or any other State in the World.
    But cool Video 😍 I love your videos guys!!!

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