– Hey y’all, Shawn with Custom Offsets. We like giving stuff away, so we’re going to give stuff away again. We have just partnered up with
and gotten a huge selection on the website of the BF Goodrich tires, so you’ll see that this
is just your typical BFG’s thrown on a stock set up, so we now have a ton
of the tires available, I think there’s over 500
tires, makes, models, sizes, on the website now, but we also have our humongous selection of wheels, we’ve got I think 40 or 50 thousand wheels to choose from these days, so you can also package these things up and get some of the best
package prices in the nation. So what we’re going to do
is we’re going to go ahead and give away a set of these tires because that’s what we do when we’re excited about something new, so I’ve got a set of BFGs, any size, any model of their BFG Goodrich tires, coming to one lucky person and here’s how you get to win them. You’ve got to have your
vehicle loaded in our website, now remember to have your
vehicle loaded on the website, you’ve got to have custom
wheels, after market tires, so that you can show off your vehicle. If it’s already loaded, just
go over on your Facebook, copy the link of the page,
and post it to your wall, and then tag us via the hashtag #COBFGCONTEST, so COBFGCONTEST, all one word, hashtag thing, I don’t know how you do the hashtag… Hashtag. Now, if your vehicle isn’t
already in our gallery, go load it to our gallery. Within like 24, 48
hours, it’ll get approved and you’ll get an email, and again, go out to it, click on it, go out to it, grab that link, share it on your wall. Same for Instagram. So you can share it on
Facebook and on Instagram and that would give you two entries. What we’re going to do is we’re going to follow those hashtags, come out and see who’s sharing those. Hopefully we’ll be able to like and comment on yours when you share it, but then we’re going to
add your name into a hat. So if you don’t see us
like or comment on it, that means we didn’t capture it. Share it again or tag us @CustomOffsets, on your post, so that we
can make sure and snag it. So we will be catching all these up, so you can start right
away tomorrow, August 1st, and then, or probably today? It’s today now, today August 1st, and it’s going to go all the
way to the end of the month. On August 31st we’re going
to announce the winner, so we’ll shut it off probably
midnight on August 30th, that you’ll have to have
shared it and tagged us via that hashtag, remember, #COBFGCONTEST, and then we’re going to
throw all the names in a hat just like we always do, we’re
going to fishbowl probably, and we’re going to go ahead
and pick some winners. So we’ll pick some winners for some gear but we’re also going to pick somebody to win a free set of BFGs. That’s all I know, peace. (hip hop music)

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  1. So basically I have to spend around $2500 in custom wheels and tires just to win free tires? Most legit shit I've ever seen ūüėĎ

  2. So if I have a truck with nice wheels and tires I can win more tires.. What about the people who dont have a truck with nice wheels and tires…?

  3. this place is the shit already ordered‚Äč wheels an tires but they cut outrageous deals an there wheel shine is absolutely amazing

  4. Anyone have an aftermarket 8×180 setup I can borrow to enter this contest so I can upgrade my stock pizza cutters?

  5. Can we copy the link for our team stance gallery?? Like for instance. http://www.teamstance.com/crew-builds/154994/2003-gmc-sierra-1500-cali-offroad-americana-custom-suspension-lift-6in

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