Wheels, Tires & Suspension Under 3K

Wheels, Tires & Suspension Under 3K

– Hey what’s going on guys
it’s Fuller from Custom Offsets Custom Offsets TV on
YouTube, and this is Luna from Custom Offsets Custom
Offsets TV on YouTube and we are here to tell
you about five complete set-ups for your vehicle
you can get for under three thousand dollars, so that’s wheels tires, and suspension under three grand which is pretty much
insane and unheard of. So for the first set up
we’re bringing you the ever popular Moto Metal 962 wrapped in the Federal Couragia in thirty three by twelve and a half
sitting on rough country three and a half inch level lift. Now a lot of these brands
your definitely familiar with Moto Metal has been around
forever the 962’s been super hot for the last I want to say like three years or so and it seems like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. They offer a couple of different finishes and pricing can change a bit depending on which one you get but in
general this whole set-up is going to be under that
three thousand dollar range. Now, the Federal Couragia
MT, you might have heard some people say bad things about maybe some people say good things about I actually personally ran
a set on a Ford Ranger I had back in the day because
they are a very cheap tire they’re very affordable
and I just needed something to basically get me
through for a couple weeks before I flip the truck because I was just driving it as a beater. They can be pretty loud if your driving in everyday, but they
do exactly what they’re designed to do they are a super cheap tire and I mean, if you need a cheap tire they do that for you I
think I probably beat that to death already in the
first minute of this video but, you should kind of get the point. They’re loud, they don’t wear
perfectly, but they’re cheap and if you actually do any
like mudding or off-roading they do halfway decent so,
relatively impressed with those. And then, the rough country
kit, we’re going to bring this one up a couple
times, pretty much because it is one of the most
affordable kits on the market that’s technically a lift kit. So they call it a level lift because it’s not very big, there’s
no new spindles or anything like that its kind of like
a, just a giant leveling kit, but it does come with new
shocks and stuff like that and it does get you three
and a half inches higher. Now are the angles the
best? No unmitigatedly I can say that, but when
your into the game with wheels, tires, and suspension for less then three thousand
dollars, overall I think it’s a pretty good packet. Hey Corey. – Hello. – How’s your Busch Light? – Am I in a Custom Offsets video? – You are in a Custom Offsets video. – Hallelujah! – Well I’m short get down, there you are. – Now I’m in a Custom Offsets
video, is this what it’s like to be famous? – This is what it’s like to be short Not to be famous, but to be short. – This kind of sucks. – So for our second set-up we were going out to the gallery to find
all of these, you know seeing what wheels and
tires and suspension will not only be less than
three thousand dollars but also fit vehicles so the
gallery is how we figured that out by using that on our website. And then we came across
the truck that’s like a ’13 Silverado it’s running
twenty by twelve ballistic rages with a negative forty four offset and the Falken Wildpeak AT3 in the 305-55 which is basically a
thirty three by twelve. And he’s running a seven and
a half Rough Country lift. And believe it or not all
of that added together is still less then three thousand dollars. And heres the part where I got tricked. It turns out this truck is
actually a two wheel drive so that lift kit is only
nine hundred and fifty bucks but, if you have a four wheel drive you can still pick up that same kit for like a hundred and fifty dollars more. So it gets you just over the
three thousand dollar mark but then you getting a huge lift seven and a half inches of lift your getting the twenty five twelve’s and the negative forty four offset and your getting the 305-55 and the Falken Wildpeak AT3 is actually
a really good tire. We recently did a review on that if you want to check out the
full video to go in depth you can definitely do that by checking our YouTube channel, so like I said, you get the big lift,
you get the big wheels and tires and its still less
then three thousand dollars if you got a two wheel drive, otherwise just barely over that its
like twenty or thirty dollars more if you’ve got a
four wheel drive truck. Now keep in mind obviously
this could change depending on what truck you have. Some trucks have lift kits
that are significantly cheaper some trucks have lift kits
that are more expensive like for example if your
getting up into like a three quarter ton or a one ton truck those lift kits can be more expensive. But in general, I think
most people out there are driving you know, a half ton pick up and the most common by
far that we see at least uploaded to the gallery is
definitely the Chevy Silverado. So again for this example,
we use a Chevy Silverado since it is the most
common vehicle that we see in our gallery, and
then this ones running twenty by ten Moto Metal 970’s wrapped in Atturo Trail Blade thirty
three by twelve and a half’s. And then the same Rough
Country three and a half inch suspension lifts, so like I said before it’s not a very fancy
lift there aren’t a lot of components but you still
get three and a half inches of lift which allows you to
fit the twenty by tens and thirty three twelve and a half’s. Now depending on how much
trimming your willing to do there’s a potential that
you could go up in size since this package, wheels
and tires are around two thousand dollars and
then that lift kit is only a couple hundred bucks I think overall the total package is less then
twenty three hundred dollars for your lift, wheels and your tires. so again pretty impressive
to totally transform how your truck looks to go to something that looks significantly
better for not that much money roughly probably
what your getting back in taxes this year. So when it comes to Atturo
tires, that another one that we get a lot of questions
on and I made a whole separate video on their entire tire lineup to show you the differences
between each of them and kind of tell you what
each one is good for. But in general it’s one of
those cheaper brands as well so people have a lot of
concerns about longevity and you know, how many miles
they’re going to get out of it. And what we’ve seen is
because they are so popular a lot of people are buying
them because of again, they’re affordable. As
long as your rotating these you know every three
to five thousand miles and you keep up on proper
maintenance make sure you don’t, you know your ball
joints aren’t out of wack or anything like that we
see these tires preforming just as good as some of
the more expensive tires in the market. Now
they’re not going to last quite as long, but they do
pretty good for the price. So yet again we picked
another Chevy Silverado for this example because it seems like like I mentioned before, these
are just the most popular truck and because they’re so popular manufacturers are making a
ton of different products for these which then in
turn can keep costs down since they’re mass producing it. So the wheel tire set
up on this one is the Red Dirt Road Vortex in
a twenty by twelve and negative forty four wrapped
in a thirty three twelve and a half Nitto Ridge Grappler. So what you’ll see is the Red Dirt Road again it one of those brands
that’s more affordable but then because they went with
such a cost effective wheel they were able to put a
really good tire on there. The Nitto Ridge Grappler
is by far our favorite tire here at the shop because it lasts a long time it has good load ratings if your going to put this
on a heave duty truck you know depending on
what size you get they definitely have options for
just about everybody out there and its a hybrid so its
combining the best of both the mud tire world and
the all terrain world and combining them together
so you get good mileage they’re not super loud but you still have low traction performance,
kinda messed that up you know what I’m saying. And then same thing for
the lift its the same Rough Country three and a half
inch lift that we’ve been talking about because it’s just cheap it’s really affordable and
it gets you lifted for less I think that’s probably their slogan. So then for number five
since we made our own wheel brand obviously we have to throw one of these in there. So
number five is the Arkon Lincoln, it’s a twenty by
ten negative twenty five which we give it a little
bit more offset then then other guys out there.
And that going to be wrapped in the Kanati tires the Mug Hog’s which is the MT from those guys and its a thirty five by twelve and a half. So your getting a twenty
by ten and thirty five little more meaty set up,
little more aggressive but because of the price
point of the wheels and the tires, you can actually
afford a seven and a half inch Rough Country lift.
Now this will depend on year, make and model of
your specific vehicle but for an example we
use a Chevy Silverado again and you can pick that
up for about eleven hundred dollars. So overall you
get a true directional or proper directional cast
wheel some not-so-popular tires, but they work,
they’re cheap and a seven and a half inch lift, so you
can really go from being stock and boring and low
and not having any stance to a completely lifted
truck that looks really mean really aggressive. So
if your looking for any wheel tire set ups we got
probably just about anything you want you come to our
website at customoffsets.com search by year make
model or by size or brand or anything you want to
do if your not really sure where to start I
totally recommend checking out the gallery so that’s
customoffsets.com/gallery. You can search by year
make and model to see exactly what other people
have put on their truck so you know what fits right down to the diameter, width, offsets,
spacers the whole nine yards its all on there, peace. (Hip-hop beat)

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  1. First awesome and helpful videos keep turning them out
    Question though?
    How much lift do you guys recommend to still run factory drive shafts?
    I here alot about after 4-5 inches and bigger you need a longer or 2 piece driveshaft?

  2. Just look around for good deals… here’s what my setup costs (see video on my channel):

    20×9 +1 Gloss Black Fuel Hostage ($989 – eBay: tax free/free shipping)

    305/55/20 BFG K02’s ($1000 – eBay: tax free/free shipping)

    Motofab 2.5” leveling kit ($65 – amazon: free prime shipping)

    Installation = mount/balance/level/alignment – $250 (my buddy that works at a dealership)

    Total: $2304 total… all items were new NOT used. 🙂

  3. I notices the fords and dodge already come with some decent clearance, not 100% because I don’t own one. But here in the NW I see a lot of doge and fords with bigger tires and stock suspension.

  4. I'm waiting for Moto metal to put out a 10 spoke ( same style ) not twisted or directional , flat face 😉😉 wink wink ,

  5. My mom has auttro trail blade xt 33 12.50 20 om her 17 f150. Only rotated twice and still have 40% left. Have 94xxx kms om them. Great tire never got stuck with them. Highly recommend them

  6. I have a 15 Silverado with 22×12 RBP glocks, atturo trailblade xt 305/45/r22, and a RBP level lift, 3” in front and 1” in the rear and my set up was under $3000. Just trying to give people more options.

  7. I got a 14 Silverado running a 2.5 inch McGaughy’s leveling kit with 20×10 -19 Hostile Sprockets on 33×12.5 Nitro Ridge Grapplers and I managed to do it all for $2500. Solid set up highly recommended.

  8. Do you guys have anything for a 04 nissan armadam i know the front suspension of a nissan titan will fit but not the rears, and rough country discontinued their parts

  9. Where’s the best place to get an alignment for 24’ inch rims ? I’ve went to firestone and they told me they only take 22s lol help someone

  10. You should have mentioned the average instal prices. Down in Florida a 6” lift install costs around a grand which really makes it a $4000 set up unless you have your own shop with lifts and all the tools and a free weekend to do it all

  11. I agree, need to do this same video but for the Ram 1500. I have a 2018 Big Horn and looking to do all of what your talking about.

  12. Pro Comp has a 7" kit for my '03 2wd silverado for 1400$ just sayin…
    Air locker and gearing in the back & I'm all good.
    (For desert trails😶)
    Hmmmm…gonna need a winch up front….

  13. What’s up, I have a 07 navigator Ultimate that I’m looking to set up with rims and tires. I’m not looking to lift because I live in the city, what can you recommend that’s affordable and safe?

  14. Please please please address this issue with the people contributing to the gallery on your website. It never fails when I Finally find the wheel and tire combination on the truck I was curious about almost every single time it is usually either one picture or a couple of pictures at very bad or lousy angles come on people this is not the 1990's anymore you are not having to have these pictures developed then mailed in…..be proud take some pictures from all angles it only takes an extra couple of minutes to take more and upload besides how good would you feel if you inspired someone else out there who is on the fence about fixing up their truck……take more pictures at more angles PLEASE 🙂

  15. "pretty much insane and unheard of"……..except when you look on craigslist and see all the ads for exactly that selling roughly the same setup at every offroad shop offering lifts. The one I see most is the motos, 35" wildpeak mts, and a rc 6" lift for the fords and silverados for about 3500 installed and aligned.

  16. Can I just have everything for free (jk) 😅 I work hard as shit and I’m still trying to get my silverado leveled and stuffed.

  17. Don't buy cheap stuff just bc its all you can afford at the moment. Save up for a while and buy something quality. with tires and lift kits, you really get what you ay for.

  18. If I don’t want a 7.5 inch rc lift kit what do you recommend I can do to avoid the the angles and provide the best performance I can with a budget and with a 3.5 inch rc lift kit ? I’d really appreciate the feed back thanks.

  19. FYI…. We've got as low as 0% APR financing till the end of the month! So if you find a set up that ends up being significantly more than your return , we've got you covered – www.customoffsets.com

  20. Just got old 33×12.50×15 Jeep wheels and tires for $200 and a wulf suspension lift for $150 for my ford ranger. Sometimes it’s a good thing to drive an old, little truck.

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