Oppdrag: Finne gjenferdet i hjemsøkt hus – metode 27 Hvor er han? Jeg vet du er her! Hvorfor stjeler du dekk? Hvordan påkalle et gjenferd – versjon Perajarvi
(Av: Teimo) Jeg venter på deg.

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  1. Ты классный и смешнойи тебя смотрят русские ты классный парень удачи!

  2. mogl by ktos mi powiedziec jaki kolor ma logo racedepartament bo nie moge sie zarejstrowac poprostu nie wiem co napisac

  3. Can you show the grandma saying the history of the house?
    Look, i know the history from the kids playing with matches and stuff, but i kinda want to see grandma talking about it.

  4. FUCK THAT UPDATE!!!😡 WHAT?!! 😲I must to go to there for the wheels?!!!😲 It's the best to buy wheels!!! 😕😑fuuuuuck that upgradesss!!!!!!😒😒😒

  5. Radex a question can you enter the chat on the pc? I mean try to log in to TeleBBS and it does not say "could not connect" and the Internet cable was connected.

  6. why i play on steam but my game is just on previous update idk u are playing on 2018-10-28 my update is on 2018-10-24

  7. I don’t know if I like the new wheel spawn, it doesn’t really make sense why they would be there. I think it would make more sense if the spare wheel (that to you get from the landfill) spawned there instead of all the stock wheels.

  8. It's ironic that you are playing with fireworks in a house, where a man lived that died because some kids were playing with matches in the barn lol

  9. When you have less subscribers than channel with no commentary you know you are doing everything possible wrong with your channel.. i'm talking about myself. 😀

  10. Według mnie to jest głupie :-/ Boo z tego co wiem,"fabuła" My Summer Car polega na tym że Satsuma należy do ojca głównego bohatera. On ją rozebrał na części w poszukiwaniu zawodnej części… WIĘC JAK DO JASNEJ CHOLERY TE KOŁA TAM SIĘ POJAWIŁY????

  11. Bing a extra battery if it get too scary (edited) if you got one in your garage

  12. Is the cover to the hole in the floor a mod or is it something you can buy in game please tell because it’s annoying when the wheel gets stuck and they you try to push it out and then the car flips because of the BS PHYSICS

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