Wheels and Tires on your Adventure Bike with Mitas MT07

Wheels and Tires on your Adventure Bike with Mitas MT07

hey guys welcome to my bike shed, been quiet for a while but I show you what I’m up to I want to address the tire issue on Herman my trusty 2007 BMW GS writing mostly asphalt I never had a problem in my tires my tire of choice is the torrents from Metzler a great all-around tire served me very well and I got a lot of mileage out of it gravel sand and a little bit of road are no problem for this tire as you may expect mud and wet grass are not really in the brief for this tire so you should really lower your expectation when you go in this kind of terrain on my last trip to Norway I got myself in a hairy situation I went down a path full of large rocks and littered with huge gravel and was really tough riding dropping the bike on several occasion I realized the Achilles heel of my bike is not the tyres it’s the wheels being where I am was never the plan for that trip but as it goes with these long journeys sometimes you end up in situations where you never really planned for the wheels are my bike our standard BMW cast Eylau wheels they are perfect on the road and maybe you can ride over your front lawn but they have no business going offroad cast wheels don’t flex and if pushed too hard they just snap and that’ll be the end of your trip spoke wheels on the other hand have some flex in them even if you damage the spokes or the wheel you should be able to limp home so here I was in the middle of nowhere hoping my wheels hold up back then I made the decision to get myself a set of spoke wheels fast forward this week having a spokes wheels for six months in my bike shed I just decided I have a go I opted for the Midas M to7 it’s a 50/50 tire great on the dirt and great on the blocks obviously because they are tubeless tires I had a professional mountain for me right now I have two sets of wheels so I can get my bike ready for any situation all I have to do now is change the wheels over if I plan to venture in a more challenging territory that takes me about 30 minutes that’s it there was a little snack along the way the bolts on the back wheel are too short when you coming from cast wheels so supposed the other way around there would be too long but nevermind what it means is I have to go out and get a set of new bolts so do I think the hustle in the expense is worthwhile I think so if you want to push your bike a little bit more than just going down the road of keep cruising then you need spokes wheels because the cast alloy wheels are just not made for it and if you ride a lot of tarmac and you want to go off-road a spare set of wheels or maybe just the ticket for you avoiding running down your nabis in everyday commute I keep you up to date how I get on with it in the meantime if you have any questions just put it in the comment section below and I will answer your back straightaway don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the ballet icon and don’t forget to like my video because every little helps and don’t forget write safe

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  1. Changing Wheels and Tires on my BMWGS1200 because the older wheels are not up to the job. Nobody tells you that when you buy your bike. What is your experience with BMW standard wheels.?

  2. I changed from 2014 GS to a 2018 Rallye, changing wheels would have been cheaper 🙂 one thing I notice is the spoked are harder to clean.

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