Wheel & Tire Match Up – Vorsteiner V-FF107 on Bridgestone Potenza S-04

Wheel & Tire Match Up – Vorsteiner V-FF107 on Bridgestone Potenza S-04

(dramatic music) (smashing) – What’s up guys? It’s Dakota from Fitment
Industries FI Garage and today we have Kirk’s
beautiful Mercedes C450 AMG. It’s a 2016, lowered on
H&R lowering springs. It’s got Vorsteiners, Bridgestones, this thing’s got it all
and it’s classy as (bleep). Let’s get into it. (upbeat electronic music) So, on this beautiful car we
got some Vorsteiner wheels. These are the V-FF107, gorgeous set up. So it’s a staggered set
up meaning the rears are a little bit wider, the
fronts are a 19 by eight and a half plus 30 and then he’s runnin’ some Bridgstone Potenza S-04s. And those are a great summer tire. Now these aren’t gonna
do ya any good in winter. Kirk daily drives this car in the summer and this is kind of
his summer wheel set up and he likes to have fun with the car, so that’s why he went
with these Bridgestones. They’re a great performing tire. A little bit more on the pricier end if that’s what you’re lookin’ at but they’re a great tire overall and they’re a little softer,
you know, get good traction all that good stuff and for
tire size on the fronts, he’s running a 235, 35, 19,
so a little bit narrower but the Fitments great. As you can see when he turns,
no rubbing, no scrapin’, none of that kind of stuff
and the H&R lowering springs really set this thing off as you can tell. Just lowered a little
bit but it’s just enough to make it look good and let’s hop over and look at the rears. So over in the rear, like we said, it’s staggered set up. He’s running a 19 by
nine and a half plus 46 and then he has a 265, 35, 19 that he’s got on the back here. A little more meat, a little more action. As you can see, it’s fairly flush. We’ve got a flush set up here. It’s lowered the, can’t
get two fingers in. Lookin’ at this, it’s,
it’s a good ride height. It’s a perfect daily driver
set up in my opinion. I wouldn’t say to go any lower. I think it gives it that aggressive stance but still remains completely functional. Like I said, there’s no rubbing, you can turn this car full
lock, you can go beat on it, it’ll squat, it’s fine, no rubbin’, none of that good stuff. But he’s still able to
get some meats on there, lower the car, and have some wider wheels and it just ends up looking great. I think the color combo here compliments it really well, but yeah. So that about wraps it up for
this wheel and tire match up. Let us know what ya think
down in the comments below. For the month of August,
we are doin’ a giveaway with BC coil overs, check it out. Super dope shirt. You can check that over
at fitmentindustries.com along with these wheels
if you’re interested in these wheels, look in the description. We’ll have a link directly to ’em. But yeah, this is Kirk’s 2016 AMG on some Vorsteiners. Beautiful set up. Thanks for watchin’. Comment below some more video
ideas that you’d like to see.

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