Wheel Swap – No Drill, No Glue

Wheel Swap – No Drill, No Glue

hey what’s going on YouTube thought I
would do a wheel swap and I wanted to show you how I do it without using glue
pretty simple technique that I do using some two-inch headpins that I got from
my local craft shop that’s it let’s do it let’s take this 240z throw some new
wheels on it welcome back YouTube this is a 240z that
I did a wheel swap on just the other night gave it some tail lights hit up
the headlights and rolls like a dream and I wanted to show you how I do it
without using any glue it’s probably the same way a bunch of other people do it
but I figured I would show you how I’m doing it there we go our custom 240z
alright let’s do it I’ll show you the wheels that I got I’m not sure what
casting they came off of this was from way back when I was when I was doing
customs and it was they were just hanging around so figured I would put them
to good use first thing we got to do is cut off the wheels I’m doing this so
that I don’t have to drill it out the whole point of me doing wheel swaps this
way without using glue is just so the car is sturdier so I can actually you
know play with it move it around possibly even put it on the track
without worrying about it you know having any weak points or places where
it’ll fall apart and glue being one of those this might look a little weird but
if you’ve ever snapped the wheel off this way you know sometimes that axle
likes to go flying so to save my eye for one and also save possibly having to
just you know find it somewhere in my room or stepping on it later I like to
cover both the ends of the wheels with a piece of paper towel that way when that
axle does you know get cut and pop it doesn’t go shooting out anywhere and there’s one nice clean cut this one
has some really long axles which is nice it’s making it really easy to get my
pliers in there snip it a lot of times I have to jam the pliers in there there we
go nice clean cut didn’t have to drill it out got the wheels off using some
2-inch headpins that I got from my local craft shop get out a couple couple
axles here what’s nice is how long they are lots of room to play with no matter
what size casting or what size base you’re working with feet a wheel on the
end there slide the axle through I put the wheel
on backwards there yeah with the wheel on correctly
slide the axle through and a bunch of axle on this side to play with feed my
next wheel on holding the axle pushed in with my
finger put the wheel back on here find a place where I want to on this side to
cut it now that I got where I’m gonna cut it
using a paper towel again to hold on to it well I cut it now we have the correct
size that we need we’ll need a tire and wheel back on again
holding that axle down all the way in as far as I can into the tire with my
finger and then using my using my crimpers again
simply grabbing ahold of that axle that’s right in the center of the tire
there and bending it over make sure the wheels nice and straight you can see I
took the end of the axle that came through and all I did is bend it over so
I don’t have to worry about any glue I don’t have to worry about any weak
points these wheels are you know what I mean they’re on there they’re not going
anywhere they’re not falling off perfect set of real riders on there ready to
play, be played with ready to be put in my pocket taking any we’re good to go
let’s fill that front wheel on all right and this front wheel on their
super efficiently you would never ever want to do this with a custom that
you’ve read your wheels to especially if you just put them on you know then and
they roll like a dream all right well that’s it that’s how I do
my wheel swap without glue in about five minutes
probably less if I wasn’t filming that’s about it I want to thank everybody who
has subscribed in the last couple months I’ve gotten so many new subscribers it’s
it’s been pretty crazy I just passed a thousand I just shot over my request to
be monetized over the YouTube fingers crossed that they said by the end of
April they should be getting to everybody
sounds pretty cut-and-dry I’ve got my hours I’ve got my subscribers I can’t
thank everyone enough again I really mean it big thank you
tons of appreciation to everyone who’s come over been hanging out with me
watching my videos hope you guys are all hunting hope you guys are out fighting
cool things doing cool things like and subscribe and I’ll catch you in the next
one bye

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  1. Didn't think of this method but nice job. I used brass rod and krimped it on both sides but it looks kinda weird because its gold and not silver. Might try this one day

  2. Nice alternative way of doing wheel swaps for those who don't like to drill out the car! Most of the time I don't even use glue to hold axles in place, I melt the plastic tabs and fit them around the axle.

  3. Awesome job on the wheel swap I might try it one day that also gratulations on your thousand subscribers

  4. i like the idea. I should do that for my customs, i always have problems finding the proper axel size. also congrats on 1k subscribers!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations ! Now to celebrate you should have some sort of a race to amaze and astound all the noobs, perhaps continue and finish a race….. hint, hint nudge, nudge . 😜

  6. WOW! Congrats on 1K!! I didn't even notice until you commented on my latest video. Yes, I gave you a channel shout out but remember it's your hard work that got you here. I gave you the key to the car and you were the one that stepped on the pedal 🙂

  7. I like this method and will give this a shot sometime! 👏🏾 Those pliers serve as a good crimper too? Can I find that at any local hardware store?

  8. I'm not sure I like the hook that remains.  For loose cars, I think I'd like a more finished look.  But, if you were to put these back in a blister, this is a very good technique.

  9. I've got my Sunday planned out ahead of me tomorrow! Hobby Lobby here I come! Thanks man, my wheeless OG P-917 from '69 might actually roll once again 😎

  10. Idk about putting it in my pocket 2 take sum where 2 go play …..but awsum idea for custom collection tho 💯👌

  11. Instead of bending the end theres a way to use a tool along with a drill or drill press and basicl turn down the end of the pin or axle. There are vidios online showing the procedure. I apologise but i dont remember details as to the names and so forthe for the vidio showing what im talking about. But look into it. Maybe search turning hot wheel axles. The firt vidio i watched that showed it was a guy restoring a matchbox. Marties or marty's matchbox.

  12. I found some old matchbox mustang rubber race tires and I am trying to swap wheels into my 370z without damaging anything

    2 CAMBER?

  14. A lot of people have been asking about diameter size. The standard Hot Wheels permanent axle diameter is .031" / 0.8mm. Most of the headpins i've found are in the .029" / 0.74mm size.

  15. That’s a great and easy way to add wheels. Thanks for sharing! Btw good luck on the YouTube monetization. It’s a dream for me to be as successful as you.
    Fingers crossed for you.

  16. Not liking that bending it over nonsense. Just flatten the head.. couple quick taps using a hammer and a nail setter punch

  17. Check out memo's hot wheels tutorial. His wheel swap method is sweet. Similar but he puts the axle into needle nose plyers as far down in the plyers as he can and taps the end with a hammer. He later cleans up the end with a dremel. Now of coarse with this method you mave to disassemble the car but in the end it looks factory.

  18. Great idea for axles! I'm wondering if I cant figure out a way to flatten the clipped end instead of bending it so that it has a more stock appearance…

  19. Awesome wheel swaps. I like this method better than drilling and/or glueing. I may cover this method in one of our videos and will mention that I saw it on your channel. Thanks for the demo and video!

  20. Sir am just a kid who is new to this and I don't have any access to a drill so your way is very helpful

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