Wheel of Time: Before the Breaking

Wheel of Time: Before the Breaking

In the beginning the Creator formed the Wheel
of Time with seven spokes, each representing a different age. The wheel turned through the power of the
true source, and was like a loom using living beings as threads to weave the pattern of
the ages. Yet when the Wheel came into existence, so
too did a being of pure evil, a cosmic force known as the Dark One, which was imprisoned
outside the pattern. The Dark One wanted nothing more than to destroy
the wheel of time, after which it might recreate the universe in its own image. Given the dark nature of this being, many
wondered why the Creator would allow it to exist. Yet some believe that human traits such as
selfishness, greed and violence came from the existence of the Dark One, and so his
presence allowed sapient beings free will to choose the path of their own lives. Whereas the Dark one sought desperately to
interact with the world and the beings within, “The Creator had made the world and then
left humankind to make of it what they would, a heaven or the Pit of Doom by their choosing,
The Creator had made many worlds, watched each flower and die, and gone on to make endless
worlds beyond. A gardener did not weep for each blossom that
fell.” Within one of the many worlds formed by the
Creator, the true source could be accessed through use of the One Power. A form of magic which cast spells of Earth,
Spirit, Water, Air, and Fire. This energy was divided into two opposing
forces called Saidin, channelled by men, and Saidar, channelled by women, and through the
use of this power created mighty empires and great civilizations of advanced technologies
reigning over long periods of peace. Yet, a lasting peace was not to be found,
as free will constantly led humanity to become divided, warring against each other and destroying
the progress achieved. Although humans and other sapient beings could
change the pattern of the ages in small ways as they lived their lives, the overall pattern
could not be disrupted. When someone’s actions or a great event
started to alter the design, the wheel of time sent a being with unique abilities known
as a ta’veren, to correct the pattern. These beings can range in their power and
influence, and while their existence is necessary, they are known to bring times of great struggle
and hardship for the people around them. The ta’veren themselves, live lives of destiny,
and do not possess the same level of free will as other beings, as they were spun out
of the wheel for a specific purpose, and are driven to complete their task. Although no one can know how many times the
wheel has spun, items and constructs from previous ages sometimes survived into later
time periods, and gave glimpses of both the past and possibly the future. The first spoke on the wheel, seemed to represent
the First Age and some have come to believe that this reflects a period of time in which
humans named their planet, Earth. Stories from later ages speak of mighty heroes
and events from this era, such as Lenn who “flew to the moon in the belly of an eagle
made of fire”, and Salya his daughter who walked among the stars. This may be in reference to the astronauts
John Glenn and Sally Ride flying into space aboard a rocket ship. There was the war of giants between Mosk and
Merk, who possessed spears or lances of fire that could reach around the world, which may
be the Soviet Union and United States of America who developed nuclear weapons capable travelling
great distances. There are also references to Elsbet, Queen
of All who may be Queen Elizabeth, and Materese the Healer, mother of the wondrous Ind, which
may be Mother Teresa. Paintings and artefacts have also been found
which may refer to the first age, like images of giraffes and a relic with a 3 pronged star,
which may possibly be hood ornament from a Mercedes-Benz. Some also believe that portal stones, used
to travel instantly across the world, may have been developed in this time. After the events of these years came the second
age, better known as the age of legends, when Aes Sidai channelled the one power as Saidin
and Saidar, using their abilities to help forge an advanced civilization. Though only a small percentage of the population
was born with these abilities, those with such abilities grew to be extremely powerful
and could amplify their magic through the use of angreal, sa’angreal, and ter’angreal. Yet all were held to account by the Hall of
Servants, who prevented abuses of power. Led by a worldwide parliament, or “council”,
of democratically elected officials, the central seat of government was found in the city of
Paaran Disen. Having eliminated poverty, all basic need
was met and life expectancy rose between 150 – 200 years, while some Aes Sidai could
live to be over 700. Other technology of this age include Glowbulbs
which provided light without the need of recharging or replacement, 4 wheeled Jo-cars , floater
jo-cars which hovered above the ground, Show-wings used to travel overseas and a process called
skimming which could be used to slip into the void and quickly re-emerge in another
location. They also used portal Stones, activated by
the One Power, to travel to other dimensions and worlds within the universe of the Wheel. Having passed beyond viewing material wealth
as a measure of status, respect and recognition could only be gained through service to the
community. In this way they might earn a third name,
which was only granted to those of high reputation. During this age, a man by the name of Lews
Therin Telamon rose to become First Among the Aes Sedai, sitting atop the high seat,
and wearing the Ring of Tamyrlin, able to summon the Nine Rods of Dominion. In addition to being a great leader and brave
warrior, he was the most powerful Aes Sidai alive, rivalled only in ability by Elan Morin
Tedronai, a great philosopher and theologian. Although stories make this age seem like a
utopian society, there were in fact a great number of social problems growing beneath
the surface, which were largely being ignored by the ruling government. And while these underlying issues may have
grown larger in time, civilization actually began to collapse with the discovery of a
new source of magic. Ever eager to expand their knowledge and improve
their abilities, Aes Sidai researchers Mierin Eronaile and Beidomon from the university
of Collam Daan, discovered a new source of energy that was unlike the One Power, in that
it was a unified force, and did not need to be divided into male and female halfs. Choosing the Sharom, a large floating white
sphere above their university, as the site for their experiment, they attempted drilling
a hole into the pattern of reality, in order to access the True Power beyond. Unfortunately, what they had actually discovered
was the prison of the dark one, and by creating an opening, known as the bore, Shay’tan
as he became known was now able to directly influence the world. The resulting explosion then destroyed the
Sharom, and with the dark touch of Shay tan now loose in the world, the once tranquil
island of Shayol Ghul was transformed into a dark mountain surrounded by a desolate wasteland
and became the focal point of the Dark One’s power, where the bore could be located. Over the next century many turned to worship
the Dark One, embracing violence, selfishness and greed. A number of powerful Aes Sidai also joined
him in the hopes of great reward and positions of privilege in his new order, such as Ishar
Morrad Chuain, later known as Aginor, who created the shadowspawn races such as Trollocs,
which served as the main army of the Dark One. Yet of all the noteworthy figures who went
over to darkness, none were more important than Elan Morin Tedronai, the great intellectual
who rivalled even Lews Theran in magical ability. Later known as Ishamael, the Betrayer of Hope,
he was unique among the followers of the Dark One, in that he did not join because of a
desire for power or position. Nor did he join to gain access to the True
power which made them capable of magic beyond that of the One Power. Rather he made his decision using reason and
logic to determine that victory of the darkness over the light was inevitable. Elan became increasingly convinced that the
seven ages of the wheel of time were repeating in an unending loop, and that in every rotation
the Dark One’s direct influence was to be unleashed upon the world. And so in order for the Wheel to continue
on, the people of the world would have to unite and fight back against the Darkness,
finding a way to seal him back in his prison. However, this meant that the forces of light
would have to constantly fight this battle, over and over again for eternity just to survive,
wheras the Dark One only had to achieve victory one time, in order to destroy the wheel entirely. Seeing no point in resisting the inevitable,
Elan embraced the dark one and allowed himself to become first among the forsaken, wanting
nothing more than to end the cycle of existence. However, because his reasons for joining the
Dark One differed greatly from the others, he did not sneak off and join the Shaytan
in secret. Instead he went directly to the Hall of Servants
and announced his plans before all the Aes Sidai, sparking outrage among those in attendance. Following the years of collapse, when society
significantly regressed, the war of Shadow erupted, seeing the Forsaken and their armies
of Shadowspawn spread violence and chaos throughout the world. Although the fighting went back and forth,
after a decade of war Lews Therin Telamon, known as the Dragon, defeated Elan Morin at
the gates of Paaran Disen. Yet this was not enough to end the war, and
so Lews Theran developed a plan to seal the Bore at Shayol Ghul using seven heartstone
seals. However, in addition to the six male Aes Sidai
needed, seven powerful female Aes Sedai must also be involved to complete the mission successfully. But the female Aes Sidai reject his plan,
coming up with their own involving two sa’angreal which might create a shield over the bore. However after suffering further attacks from
the forces of the Dark One, this plan became impossible, but still they did not support
Lews Therin. After an attack against Paaran Disen, the
dragon decided to go forward with his plan, without the aid of the female Aes Sidai, and
would march to Shayol Ghul alongside 113 male Aes Sidai companions, followed by an army
of ten thousand warriors. After battling the Forsaken and their dark
armies, Lews Theran and his people made it to the Bore and successful managed to place
the seals, closing the hole in the Dark One’s prison. In addition, they were able to trap the 13
most powerful forsaken as well, save for Elan who was only partially imprisoned, able to
return to the world for roughly 4 decades every thousand years. And while the plan of Lews Theran succeeded
in its primary mission, it required using Saidin to directly touch the darkness, which
allowed Shai’tan to perform a counter stroke, tainting the male half of the one power. This taint then led male Aes Sidai into madness,
using their mighty powers to wreak havoc and chaos upon the world. Lews Theran also went mad and used his powers
to kill his beloved wife Ilyena as well as all his friends and family. Yet his insanity was so severe that he could
not recognize his own actions, and spent his days wandering around the ruins of his home,
searching for his wife and children. Because Ishamael was only partially imprisoned,
he was able to appear before his hated enemy Lews Theran, and used the true power to heal
his madness, so that he might see the horrors committed by his own hand. Lews Theran was so distraught over the death
of his family that he teleported far away and killed himself with a great explosion
of magic that created the island of dragonmount. Yet according to the prophecies from the Karaethon
Cycle, the Dragon would one day be reborn to fight against the shadow once more. As the world fell to chaos, those among the
hundred companions who survived the battle at Shayol Ghul, went on to abuse Saidin to
such an extent they caused the reshaping of continents. Eventually, the surviving female Aes Sidai,
were able to track down the last remaining male chanellers and killed them or else gentled
their mind, stripping them of their ability to use the one power. And so with the breaking of the world, they
entered into the Third Age.

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  2. I love it when a channel does lore on worlds that I know little about or never even heard of in the first place.
    I'm getting tired of all these elder scrolls and star wars lore channels.

  3. OMG, I clicked on this so fast! I'm on book 5 or 6 and had to stop due to work, but gonna finish the series! Thank you. :3

    Btw I heard a show might be in the making? I hope HBO takes it so we get some good stuff. 🙂

  4. Great, but one thing makes it impossible to use it as an intro for new readers: One of the strongest scenes in the series is spoiled. I was shaking with excitement when I read: "You were always so full of thoughts, Elan. Your own logic destroyed you, didn't it?"

  5. I remember when it was first revealed that the AOL was actually a technological wonderland. It blew my freaking mind. I was even more shocked to learn that the first age and the legends told of it were people and events of the late 20th century

  6. When will you release more videos on this series? My brother in law loves this series, but I just don't have time to read these books.

  7. Just started reading the first book and I didn’t really understand it but after watch this it’s much more understandable

  8. Wonderful piece of work! How about following up with a bit about the Seanchen or more about the Forsaken as they were in the third age? I just discovered this channel and am anxious to see your bit on Gandalf and Moraine, what a wonderfully imaginative topic!

  9. Very interesting that the female Aes Sedai did not supported the Dragon. I do not remember that… Guess it is time that I read the series again. Greeting from germany

  10. The Dark One's counterstroke was not by accident. The one power (not speaking the true source) was meant to be used by both men and women together. Male and female Aes Sedia. The tainting of the male half crippled the Aes Sedai, and created generations of hate, and disbelief. A man who uses the one power is destined to go mad, leading up to the red Ajah's witch hunts against the "false dragons" Here's what I have to say about the red ajah. Liandrin. Enough said. Are all reds Black ajah? Or are they just simply anti-male? Maybe they're just doing what they can to keep the people safe. I beliee the Aes Sedai forgot their purpose. To serve. To quote el'Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran "I do not have to make sense. I help others because it is what one does" Any wonder she's yellow Ajah?

  11. For those who haven't read the series, keep in mind that a lot of this information is intentionally vague because it happened 3,000 years ago from the start of the first book. Only fragments are known and Robert Jordan was a firm believer in stories and legends changing and becoming more mythological instead of factual over time. The farther one is from the event, either in space or time, the less likely one is to know what actually happened. Hence the references to Mosk and Merk, Lenn and Salya, and the Mercedes emblem being put in a museum (made of some unknown material that is easy to scratch). Meanwhile the current events in the book resemble or modern day myths and legends, for it happened ages ago.

    We are the source of their myths and legends, and they are the source of our myths and legends. Thus the wheel of time turns

  12. I am intrested in the wheel of time but the 14 books are kinda offsetting for me i dont wanne start it because there are so mutch books i mean its so sick that a fantasy world represents our own world

  13. this is amazing. thank you so much for this. im about to be on the 6th book but i still didnt really quite grasp all of this through reading on my own for some reason. there are some things that flew over my head. this video is so incredibly helpful in giving me a better understanding of the series. i have a few friends that are gettin into fantasy who ask for suggestions and when they ask me what this series is about, its difficult for me to truly explain. im gonna send them all this video even tho it doesnt touch on rand or the other characters but more importantly it doesnt spoil anything and gives the basis for what u should know before jumping into the adventure of the 3rd age

  14. Plot twist. The dark one is the creator. He just went insane while trapped and started to destroy what he had created. He was so powerful that he knew he would lose it and created tools (hero’s of the horn, taveran etc) to insure he could not destroy his own creation. When he injected good into the pattern he gave too much and his dark side became dominate. Think about it.

  15. I saw this video in my notifications last year, and thought I'd see what it's about. I have grown to love this series. I thank you, because I would not have found this great series without you.

  16. The Mercedes symbol isnt a thing. The entire deal with matching names is to show the reflections, not the different ages. So we are in a reflection without powers, although we still reach the wolf dream(because I cant spell telaranrhiod right). We arent in a different age because no one has any saidar or saidin, which is a constant in their worlds, regardless of the age.

  17. Never heard of this series before, but, excited to see it come to life on screen!
    Sounds pretty complicated, hopefully Amazon will do it justice & not screw it up!

  18. FWIW: When I first read the description of that "3 pointed star" several years ago, I wondered is that what was being described….

  19. Definitely taking from islamic and other religious tradition but it burns me that he uses Ishmael for evil.

  20. How many universes do you cover with these videos !?! Looking thru your channel is mind blowing- Huge props to all the work/research etc you all put in 👍🏼

  21. For people who like to read too many people have issues pronouncing words. The books show how to pronounce the names in the book

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