Wheel Match Up-215/50 on a 17×8, Method MR501 on Nitto Motivo

Wheel Match Up-215/50 on a 17×8, Method MR501 on Nitto Motivo

[Floaty Instrumental Music] – Hey guys, what’s going on. It’s Alex from Fitment Industries and today we are bringing
you a wheel match-up and we’re taking a look
at the Method MR501 paired with the Nitto Motivo 215/5017. So, jumping right into it, Method is a off-road style, kind of like, buggy style, off-road wheel company, so their designs are pretty aggressive. This specific one is the MR501. It’s a 17X8 +42. So, you are going to see that aggressive styling in this Method wheel. It’s a race wheel, they’re
called Method racing wheels and you’re gonna see the embossed
Method logo on the front. In addition to that, you are gonna see that the spokes are very flat. So, like I said before,
it’s a 10 spoke wheel, but you’re not gonna see any
concavity with this wheel. It’s gonna dip in just for the center lugs and besides that, it’s relatively
a very, very flat wheel. Paired with a Nitto Motivo 215/50, that is an ultra-high
performance all season, that’s what Nitto says,
that’s not what we’re saying, but it is an ultra-high
performance, all season tire. So, what you are gonna get from this is just a great wheel and tire combination that’s going to look aggressive, that’s gonna do really well in
the rain, the salt, the snow, and just normal everyday driving weather. This is going on a Ford hatch, so it is gonna match that aggressive rally style look that
I think a lot of people are attempting to accomplish. Method does a really great
job with these wheels, they actually remind me a lot of the Konig Hypergram, and things like that. So, the finish on this specific wheel is titaminum, it’s that brushed fill with that semi-gloss gray, paired with this specific style all-season tire, I think
it fits really well. So since we have the 21550 on a 17/8, you’re going to see much more
sidewall than you usually do. Most of our wheels that
we do wheel matchups on are stretched tires or stretched down, stretched down two sizes usually on airlift vehicles or
something like that. That’s not the case here, it’s gonna be more of an aggressive, meaty look I guess if that’s
what you wanna call it, which is gonna give you
a lot of side profile, you’re gonna see the wheel
almost looks like its sunk in. So you don’t need to
worry about any curb rash or anything like that,
especially at full turn, you’re still gonna get
the cover of the sidewall over the edge of the lip of your wheel. On the back it’s the same case. The Nitto Motivo paired
with the Method MR501 is definitely a great looking setup, I actually don’t mind it at all and to see something different in the wheel community is always good. I don’t see method wheels
come along too often, so to see one, especially
paired up with something that I know is going to be
on a car every single day is cool to see. So this is what 17/8
plus 42 method looks like on the Nitto Motivo 2155017. If you have a question,
please drop a link below or drop a comment below,
we’ll be sure to answer, we answer every single one. But I’m Alex from Fitmen Industries, we’ll see you later, peace. [Floaty Instrumental Music]

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  1. Now that's the sort of when and tyre combo I would actually consider installing on my car for the simple reason of it actually works great.

  2. I'm pretty confused atm, a 215 would be stretched on an 8 inch wheel? I have 17x8s and I'm slightly stretching 225s on them?

  3. My setup on my crz also will be 17×8 +42 wheels with 215/50 tires. This video helped reassure my vision for the setup lol

  4. How light are these? Light enough to make any unsprung weight improvements? thinking on my 17, 3.3 AWD Sorento. I need durability, for a 5,000 pound wagon, might be lowered or bagged, still nervous about bagging, I drive 500 miles a day at points, I can't have a bag or compressor die on me and my wife. Still need more information on bagged cars or unibody vechiels.

  5. What would be the biggest tire you could get away with no rub on a '13 Veloster Turbo running a 17×8 +35 on stock suspension for the moment? I've been given 225/45, 235/40, 235/45, 245/40. What would be an ideal size for the platform. 235/40 seems limited in brands and also expensive for the size. Any help would be awesome.

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