What’s The Biggest Wheel/Tire I Can Fit? || From The Inbox

What’s The Biggest Wheel/Tire I Can Fit? || From The Inbox

– What’s goin’ on guys? Fuller here, with Custom Offsets. If you’re new to the channel,
we’d love it if you subscribe. We’re tryin’ to hit 200,000, because maybe then my
Dad will stop telling me to go get a real job. So, today we’re gonna make a video and I can’t believe we didn’t
come up with this sooner, because we get the question all the time, when people ask, what’s
the biggest wheel and tire I can fit on my truck. And we get it so often that
I completely overlooked it, and we never made a video in
the From the Inbox Series, for it, so that’s what we’re doin’ today. Explaining how you can find the biggest wheel and tire for your truck. (suspenseful music) (lift whirring) (impact wrench clicking) (metal banging) (electricity sizzling) So Custom Offsets has developed a gallery, that’s got like 45,000
trucks in it right now, and it’s growing every single month, with like 15,000 new vehicles added to it. So it’s always up to
date and we made that, so that users could come out and find what fits their vehicles. So it’s super simple and I’m gonna kind of walk you through it. So when you open up your
laptop, head out to the website. You can do it on your
phone or whatever you got. Hopefully if we do this right,
you should now see my screen, and it’s super simple. So this is the gallery page, when you come to the website, and right on top in the navigation bar, you’ll see where it says gallery. Click that and that’ll
bring you to this page. So for an example, if you wanna see what’s the biggest wheel
and tire you can fit up on your leveled Chevy Silverado, you just click on Make,
drop down to Chevy, drop down to Silverado, and we’ll use a 1500 for this example. You can leave the year blank, ’cause it’ll show you all of them, so if you put in whatever
specific year, you can do that, it’ll just narrow down your results. So if you’re looking
for the new body styles or anything from 14 until current, so we’ll just leave it as it is, and then suspension-wise,
like I said we’ll go with a leveling kit. You can enter in whatever
suspension you have and then this’ll load up all the leveled Chevy Silverado’s in the gallery. So you can see there’s a little over 3,000 of them currently, and this will give you
an idea of what fits. So this guy, I’m looking
at on the right-hand side has 33 by 12 and a half’s, and he’s running a 20 by
10, negative 19 wheel, so it gives you all the
specs that you’re gonna need. If you keep scrolling down, you’ll see that this guy’s
running a metric size, so you can look at that one, and as you go, you’ll just
see what everybody’s running. You know, like this
guy’s running 22 by 12’s, and say you wanted to run a 12 wide, this is something that you’re
gonna be interested in, so you go ahead and click on it. It’ll pull up his gallery page, or hers, and shows you pictures
from front, from the side, from whatever they upload, so
you can see roughly how far those wheels and tires stick out, and just what they look
like installed on the truck. If you like this exact setup,
over on the right-hand side you can go ahead and purchase that, wheels, tires, and the leveling kit. And scrolling down just a little bit, gives you even more details as far as what brand the leveling kit is, if there’s any rubbing,
if there’s any trimming, and then shows you
videos on similar setups, or different leveling kits, or whatever is close to this vehicle. So that’s how you find
out what the biggest is, so we’ll just back up a little bit and simply by scrolling through this page, you can figure out what
everybody’s running, so you can determine what you need. Now if you wanna get more specific and you know you want to run 12 wides, just go to Wheel Width, click on 12, those’ll load, and then
again you can go through, and see what everybody else is running. So maybe that’s what you wanna do now, but later in the future you
wanna see what can I run, 12 wides and I’m gonna jump up to a seven and a half inch lift. By clicking that, as
you can imagine it loads all of the seven and a
half inch lifted trucks, and you can see what tire
sizes, they’re running. Like these guys are all running 35’s, so you know that a 35 is gonna fit. It’s always good to go out and find at least three to five
trucks that are running the exact same setup as far as sizes go, so that you know that
that’ll fit your truck. ‘Cause every once in a while,
somebody slips in there, and is like, yup, I put on 37’s. For a good example,
this guy with the 2016. You’ll notice though, he
has a N-FAB front bumper, so he doesn’t have to worry about rubbing on that front bumper, and
my guess is, it still rubs. Yup slight rub at full turn,
and he’s got plastic trimming done on the truck, but
because of that front bumper, he’s able to fit 37’s
for the front clearance. The same works for every
year, make, and model, so I’m just gonna hit new search on top, and this’ll clear it out. And we can do Rams, or
Chevy’s like we just did, or Fords, Dodges, just
any truck that you want, even if you’ve got something
that’s not super popular, like a Toyota, is a lot of times
harder to find fitment for. So we can scroll down so we click Toyota, and let’s say you’ve got a Tacoma, so we’ll scroll down
’til we can click Tacoma, and then it lists what all
these guys are running. So if you’re not sure what you want to do, but you just picked up your Tacoma, you can just scroll through here until you find something you like. This one looks like
something that I’d wanna run, click on it and it’ll tell you. So he’s got the Hostile Gauntlet
20 by 12, negative 44’s, running Toyo Open Country
Mt 33 by 12 and a half’s, with the six inch Rough
Country suspension lift. Scroll down for more details,
no rubbing, no trimming, so this would be something
that you could pick up and all of the items are
listed on the right-hand side, so you can through and purchase those, right from this same page. So then if you already have a vehicle that has custom wheels and tires on it, or aftermarket wheels and
tires, you can go ahead and come to CustomOffsets.com/Add, and you can add your
vehicle to our gallery, and then we’re gonna post that on our Custom Offsets Daily Page, where we post over 70 trucks per day to share them with the world, and then the best of each day
get featured on our main page, and shared all over our
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. They’re used in our graphic ads or we might put some of them in videos, so there’s a good chance that your vehicle is gonna get featured all
over our social media. If you want to add yours to the gallery, you can definitely do so, or if you’re just lookin’ for fitment, come on out to the gallery, CustomOffsets.com/Gallery,
and you can find the perfect fitment for your vehicle. Peace. (groovy electronic music)

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  1. Third…. X14s on everything! Lmfscrew's white Silverado on 22x12s, super clean truck and easy to spot even on the internet, shout out man.

  2. Hey I ordered a set of wheels and tires for my f250 and they look great thanks guys. However they came aired way down at 40 psi. Is there a reason for this or can I go ahead and add pressure?

  3. Hey Custom offsets crew, I'm wanting to lift my 2016 ram 1500 hemi 2wd slt quad cab. Would yall recommend a 6 inch rough country or a maxtrac 7.5 inch kit? Thanks, love the videos

  4. Why when I want to see what the biggest tire I can fit is on my truck does every video say on a leveled truck. I don't have a leveled truck nor do I want a leveled truck. Leveled trucks look gay. As soon as you put a load on them the truck looks like it can't handle the weight and the back and drops even further looking like the front end is reaching for the sky. This is how Chevy look in general I see it all the time. This shit boxes

  5. Just found your channel, AWESOME!!
    Thanks so much for the exhaustive work u put in to this sight and channel!!
    Just picked up a leftover 19’ 2500 Denali
    Really like the stock chrome rims so need to get some tires from you Largest I can cause the other truck I have has a 6” lift and 35s. The Sierra feels so small. Thanks again.

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