What’s New: Sweep Belted Pre-Mounted Basher & Speed Run Tires

What’s New: Sweep Belted Pre-Mounted Basher & Speed Run Tires

Today we have a really cool product for
you eight scale basher and Speed Run guys we have Sweeps Belted 1/8 scale monster truck tires. We’re gonna check these pre mounts out we’re gonna put a full set on a few of our vehicles to get an idea of how they look and then we’re gonna go take them outside and use them. So here we have the
two different tread patterns of the Sweep Belted tires we have the terrain
crusher for offroad and we have the road crusher for on-road now the coolest
thing about these tires though is that internally they feature a belt that’s
attached to the rubber tire to help eliminate any ballooning or expanding of
that tire which can happen under really heavy power situations if you’re running
success or have a lot of torque in your vehicle you know that those rubber tires
can just expand so big making your truck kind of unstable and
even popping if they expand too much so these belts and tires are gonna really
help retain their low-profile shape and just remain stable and more consistent
throughout that experience now looking at the actual rubber it’s a fairly stiff
rubber but these off-road nabis do have some give to them but sweep says I want
to read this it says sweep cast molded tires are known for near-perfect balance
therefore last longer and offer more traction than injected molded tires now
again that is their own proprietary rubber compound. The physical dimensions
of the tires are very much like a truggy wheel that’s why they’re kind of lumped
into that monster truck category. we have 5.6 inches for our diameter
with this really big 3 inch wide traction patch just this really big
patch of tire to lay down some traction on the surface so I think it’s about 3.1
inches or eighty millimeters on our width now the terrain crusher off-road
tire is just a little taller than the road crusher about five millimeters now
if we move on to the wheel these pre mounts are offered with either this
exact wheel in black or in chrome but this is the rock wheel it’s a sweep wheel it’s using their own proprietary rock compound it
has a quarter inch offset in there we have seventeen millimeter hexes and they
are vented there are two holes internally venting the wheels and I
should mention since the pre mounts they are already pre glued so you can just
mount them to your vehicle you go you don’t have to worry about gluing. One
thing to note about these tires is that Sweep doesn’t actually make a guarantee
or a speed rating there is no rating that these tires are rated at there have
been a lot of people have said they’ve used these tires to go up to a hundred
miles an hour without coming unglued or ballooning but they’re not guaranteed or
rated by Sweep. I think it’s time that we bolt these tires up to a few vehicles we
have a full set of brand-new road crushers. Let’s check out what these
tires fit on. These Sweep tires fit the E-Revo 2.0 17 millimeter spline hexes
no problem fit on there with these the tires will also fit the older E-Revo,
Revo, T-Maxx, E-Maxx and Summit as long as those models have seventeen millimeter
hexes the Sweep tires will bolt right up to those models here’s the Arrma Kraton. Arrma Outcast. The 6s BLX Arrma Senton. Yeah! It works. The front actually has no rubbing. You might need to trim
the body a little bit in some areas here in the fenders but the sweet belted
tires work on the Arrma Senton. That’s baller. Kyosho MP9 ready-set now it
didn’t work actually it fits in the front. The wheel clears no problem look
at that it’s so close but the wheel actually hits right here on the chassis
guard when you try to install the wheels on the back they don’t fit on the back
sorry buggy. This is the Ofna Nexx 8 it’s an electric eight scale buggy
platform and it features an extremely thin line chassis and we have compatibility in the back as well as in the front. that’s the body making noise
not the tires or wheels rubbing. So these tires can work with some eight scale
platforms the only reason they wouldn’t work on the Kyosho is because the Kyosho chassis is really wide back here where the tire would hit. Here are the tires
mounted up on an HPI trophy truggy flux they fit no problem and the last model
to demonstrate the Sweep Tires on we have the HPI
Savage X 4.6 big black nitro monster truck the first true monster truck that
we’ve put these sweep tires on and it looks pretty darn snazzy and all those
models that we just showed you fitted up with these Sweep Tires that is not a
definitive list of all the models that are compatible with these tires it was
just a sample to give you an idea. These Sweep Tires with 17 millimeter hex
wheels will fit so many different eight scale platforms with a 17 millimeter hex
it’s not even funny so you saw with the buggy example what
to look for not to look for if that’s your interest but just keep that in mind
these tires and wheels will fit a lot of different models alright guys we’re back
the studio after using the Sweep road crusher tires first on the Arrma Kraton and then we use them here on the Arrma Senton and the experience with
both vehicles was that the tires remained really consistent they did not
balloon up at all they did not change from their low profile shape they they
performed really well. With the Arrma Kraton we went out it was
kind of a colder day the Kraton still set up with a heavy center de
fluid from the comparison video with the Traxxas E Revo 2.0 so that drivetrain
is set up a bit more aggressive on the Kraton and we had a lot of tire spin
until the tires kind of warmed up a little bit because they are a little bit
of a firmer compound when we put the tires here are in the Arrma Seton we
had to do a little modifications to get those tires to kind of work properly
with the body the tires will bolt right up on this chassis but raising the body
up a little and maybe cutting out the fenders is going to be important on the
Arrma Senton there was one other small issue on the front wheels
they actually bound just a little bit when you tighten them up now the wheel
is not hitting any of the suspension parts it’s actually when the wheel is
flush the aluminum steering arm that’s attached to the hub sticks out just a
little bit too far and it was hitting inside the wheel so taking a dremel and
just sanding just a little bit from the inside of the wheel around that hex made
the Clarins perfect I don’t think the integrity of the wheel is compromised at
all so they’re still gonna be really durable but that allowed us to really
have smooth diff action where there is no binding so that might be something
you’ll need to look out for but all in all the Sweep tires held up really well
they were really stable on this truck which is such a narrow stance for how
wide these tires are and the truck was super stable especially going in a
straight line it hooked up really well and pop wheelies without any issue where
previously it could not with the stock tires I hope you guys enjoyed this video
of the Sweep Belted tires if you want any more info on any of the products
we talked about please check out our links down below and if you have a
question or a comment you can leave that for us down below as well. My name is
Brett with AMain Hobbies. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Unfortunately these tires are garbage the plastic is really garbage, the only good thing these tires are good for is driving around the parking lot , first-hand experience with many of these tires, and about a dozen of the people I know

  2. Hey Brett 👍🏻 Do they come in different compounds ? I’m liking the size of these compared to the GRP’s I’ve been using at the track. Tower just beat u in delivery time on my last order 😁 only by two days Cheers 😜

  3. Great wheels and tires. Had the street wheels on my truggy. They lasted forever and do not balloon. The rims are solid and never cracked or chipped at all.

  4. These are basically for looks or normal driving. They can't really handle anything extreme like high speed runs or big jumps. If you do buy them, get the terrain crushers imo.

  5. Love your videos Brett!!! …and love buying from you guys…
    Would love to hear more about how the Senton handled… Did it raise the CG a bit too much for good cornering? Would a Senton equipped w/ these tires do well at the skate park?

  6. Do they make a little smaller for the Senton BLX 3s in off road version ? If so how much and can I order them from Amain?

  7. Hello AMain Hobbies, Thank you for this Review of the Sweep Road Crushers !
    Do you notice any WOBBLE of the Wheels when mounted on an RC model ?
    I am asking cause I have the Terrain Crushers, and they do not spin exactly strait when testing my E-Revo Brushless on Blocks. I supposed it was NORMAL to get some Wobbling, since this is not made for precision to the 1/32 of a inch close… What do you think ?

  8. Ordered TWO to check them out. They are considerably larger in both outside circumference(OD) and width(footprint) than OEM Rustler tires. You'll need to gear 'DOWN' your Rustler or you'll be burning out motors. I tried to get my money back and Pro-line said it was MY FAULT for not knowing that ALL Pro-line tires come a bit larger than OEM and that I should have read the ad closer. (actual size data is NOT in any of their ads) The CSR then said they would not do ANYTHING until I first cancel my Paypal dispute. I queried further and found all they would do is give me 'Credit. I will NEVER buy another Pro-line product now learning how wretchedly dishonest they advertise and run their business.

  9. Got a set of road crushers, had to Ballance them , plus there so heavy,. Hitting 75+ mph on my kraton , slowly working on 100 mph…I don't like them !!

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