What’s inside a Bulletproof Tesla Tire?

(clanking) (yelling) – One unique thing about the Tesla Model S is that it’s been out since 2012, and now here we are in 2019. They look pretty similar other than this little
neoscone front on it. But today, we’re gonna
take a look at this Model S that is a unique one. It has a characteristic that some people in the world might want. Our friend, Zack, from
Jerry Rig Everything, he’s right over there,
he’s taking durability test to a whole new level with Tesla. – He shot this.
(gunshots) Bulletproof.
– Look at that. While we were filming
the video on his channel which we’ll link after
this, go check it out, the one question that we had
was what about the tires? This Tesla, if it was shot with a gun, you could still drive on it
for a certain number of miles. Today, we’re going to see
what’s inside of run flat tires. How does it work? (upbeat music) This truck tire right here,
this is basically a tank. – It’s huge.
– It is huge. This is not a low profile
tire like inside of a Tesla, it has a bigger run
flat build inside of it. What kind of things would a
tank like this be scared… (rewinding) What kind of things would a tank like that need run flat tires for? Well this is Zack Jerry
Rig’s truck right here, and of course, he has
this little box right here on the back with wires running to it. All right, what’s the plan
here, what is this thing? – Right here inside of this
box is a bunch of tacks, they’re little metal rods that are sharp that could pop tires. So inside of the cab,
we have a little button we could press to drop this
out while you’re driving or being pursued, you know. – Very common, very common. _ I’m just sayin’ it’s
nice to have extra features inside your vehicle. When I connect this circuit,
this box right here, a flap is gonna drop down and tacks are gonna spill out everywhere. – [Dan] Yeah, let’s see that. – Three, two…
– Oh my! – One.
(laughing) – Your timing’s a little off.
– That was quick. – [Dan] That’s a tack, is
it sharp, how big is it? Ooh.
– Yeah, that’s sharp. What is that? – This one’s different. No matter how it rests when it lands, it’s gonna have this massive
metal spike for a tire to hit. – Our brilliant idea for today, that is something you probably
shouldn’t try at home, but you’re probably not gonna
have tacks on your car anyway. – I’m just sayin’ it’s nice
to have extra features. – To be serious for a minute, this is a real world
application that people use in different parts of the
world where’ it’s unsafe or there’s celebrities, really
important heads of state, and they do get pursued
with people with guns. This is legit. We just temporarily put
this on Zack’s truck, he doesn’t always have this
tack machine on the bottom. – I’m just sayin’ it’s
nice to have extra features inside your vehicle. – So, we’re gonna do a real world test. We’re gonna drive it about
a safe 30 miles per hour and drop the tacks out,
and then after that, we’re gonna show you what’s inside of the Tesla bulletproof tire and the bigger high profile
type truck run flats. – Six, seven, eight, nine, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. We got 17 tacks. I’m ready. And here she comes round the
mountain, here she comes. – I’ll tell you when to
do it though, Lincoln. You guys look out ’cause
they are gonna drop. – This is fast! – Okay, ready? Not yet. Three, two, one, go.
– Drop it! (clanking)
(yelling) (laughing) – Did you see those? (clanking)
(slow motion yelling) – Those went everywhere! – That was so cool. – Oh my gosh. (laughing) – We just did the dry
run, and it’s amazing. They don’t just drop straight down, but they fly up, some of ’em
are going 10 feet in the air. Wow. Okay. – Watch out Zack for the tacks. – All right, it’s time. We got all the Go Pro cameras set up. We’ve got Lincoln over
here on bomb detonation. Not a bomb. Get ready boys! Get ready! You ready for this? – Tell me when! – Go!
– Go! (clanking) (yelling) – He hit one, I saw him hit one! It looked like the front left tire, the driver side tire got one. It’s still rollin’. Let’s see what it looks
like, look at that! Just one tack didn’t even stop it. The one stop wasn’t enough for us, we want more than one tack, so here we go, we are gonna have him ride a lot closer, we’re gonna drive a little bit slower so they don’t bounce everywhere. Go, go, go, go.
– Go, go, go, go, go. (clanking)
(intense music) – Oh, oh yes!
– Oh! – Yeah, we got some!
– Woo! – [Dan] I just wish we
could just tear these out. – [Lincoln] Oh, I heard air. – [Dan] Hey Muscles, come
here I need your muscles. (air releasing) – This stuck good. I have to make it look like I’m struggling so Dan doesn’t feel weak. These tires are so big,
and there’s so much rubber. Normally if a car’s pursuing you, it’s not gonna be a tank like this. (upbeat music)
(air releasing) – Listen to that, there’s
some air, get out of there. (upbeat music) What have we learned today? Tacks get flattened. Run flat tires, what
is inside of the tires? Well this one.
– Wow. – We got cut open right
here, and check it out. You can see this giant
plastic metal bolt thing that’s all around the actual wheel. The misconception is that a run flat tire is one giant enormous rubber
tire, it’s not the case. – That’s what I thought it was. – You get your normal
tires on top of the wheel so that you can’t even tell
that it’s a run flat tire, and then inside of it you’ve
got this run flat system and so what really happens,
it’s not designed for you to be able to drive for
hundreds and hundreds of miles, but say your tire does get
blown out or somebody shoots out your tire and somebody’s chasing you, what this is going to
do is it’s going to keep this part of your tire
on the wheel rather than it exploding and flying off everywhere and you’re riding on this metal, and it makes it so that you can drive for 50 miles or a hundred miles. You’re probably not gonna
be driving super fast. This is pretty thick, but
it works when you’re on a giant truck like this guy right here. – This is a Tesla wheel, we
took the actual tire part off. – And this is it, this is
called the run flat band or a tire on band, and
essentially when you drive fast on the freeway at high
speeds, this will slide over like this one is right here. – Oh so that’s what it looks
like, so when this pushes over, it just clamps onto the tire grip thing? – Yes, exactly. When you’ve got a flat,
if you’ve ever had one in a car before, you know
your tire goes all crazy, it’ll explode, it’ll
keep the seam right here, that’s where the wall
of the tire will start to get weak and explode, and that’s really where you
have problems with a flat. This should stop that from
happening for enough time for you to get somewhere. This is the best that you can
do on a Tesla tire right here. Well we dropped tacks on a
road in front of a car today. That was really cool, and
hopefully that you guys learned something about run flat tires
and what’s inside of them. Bulletproof Tesla. Make sure you go check out
this guy’s video where he takes a handgun and shoots a Tesla. What a mad lad. – [Male] Absolute mad lad. (upbeat music) (rewinding) – I’m just sayin’ it’s
nice to have extra features inside your vehicle.

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