– What’s goin’ on guys, Fuller
here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV, and
I’m here with Junior. And ARKON has a new wheel. So obviously, as you can
see, it’s right here, but we’re holding it
back from showing you. As you guys probably know,
or maybe you don’t know if you’re new to the channel. ARKON is actually a wheel
brand that we created, not very long ago at all,
and came up with four styles right off the bat, a couple
of them were really big hits and then they had the Crown
series which is huge too and now we’re here today. But it took a while for us to get here. – Yeah, so basically, for those of you that may not know or whatever. ARKON kind of filled the
gap between forged wheels and cast wheels with our line-up, so that proper directional cast wheels, meaning that there’s a
left side and a right side. We also came out with
our Crown series line-up, which is more of our elite level. Just a step above, just
our typical cast wheels. It’s got a removable ring, all
reel hardware around there, then the center cap also has a removable K that you can then take, like
the ring, the center cap, the emblem, take all of that paint that matches your vehicle, accent, color, all of that fun stuff. The wheel we’re presenting you today follows the Crown series line, but doesn’t follow our
proper directional insignia that we’ve been going with. – It’s like the main
thing when ARKON came out ’cause basically no one was
doing proper directional cast wheels and then the Lincoln
just exploded like crazy, and then you had the Crown
series that was the same thing and again that’s one of those things where people weren’t doing multi-piece, multi-piece truck wheels.
– Yeah. – That you could actually pull apart and paint all these different colors and they gave you the option
to do the different color faces without having to have a tape line and all that kind of stuff,
so it was really a huge deal. And you guys actually listen,
well I should say we listen. That’s like I’m still a part of it. When people said, you
know, don’t do rivets and all that kind of stuff, we listened and didn’t do any of
that, now we have this. – Yeah, so we actually had a lot of people who don’t like directional wheels. They don’t like the style of them. – Which is really surprising. – Yeah, I’ve always thought
that’s our whole thing, right? But not all of our wheels are
gonna be directional styled, and this is one of them that. Should we just show ’em? I feel like we just need to show ’em. – All right, let’s do it, ready? – Yeah. – [Together] Three, two, one. – Voila. – Here it is, so, this is the
ARKON Crown series triumph. This is actually a new finish, something that we haven’t had before and something that is
gonna be actually offered, so it’s completely satin black, gloss black ring, gloss
black K, satin center cap, and then the polished
hardware on the outside. – Yeah, and it makes it
look really, really high end with this finish ’cause the
satin finish, obviously, not as like, bold and vibrant
out there as a gloss finish. Wow I can barely talk today. But then you add in the gloss black ring. – Just look at the center
cap and how that sits. – It looks awesome. And it’s so clean and
that’s what I think people might not notice either, it’s on a regular ARKON wheel, there’s a lot more verbage
going on on your center cap, but on the Crown series
you just get the K’s. – Super minimalistic.
– Very minimalistic. – And there’s two screws
on the back of it, then you can actually take that off, take that K out, then
get it painted, powder. Not powder coated ’cause it’s plastic. Painted, wrapped, whatever you want, whatever color you want, that fun stuff. And it’s also gonna come in
a gloss black and milled, and it’s gonna come in chrome as well. Which the chrome we’ve seen
in it, it looks pretty gnarly. – And then another thing too,
is this is an 8-lug wheel, so it has a larger.
– Yep. – But as you get different bolt patterns, you get smaller and smaller center caps, so this is the biggest that
you’re ever gonna see it. – Yeah. – It just gets smaller and
even more clean as you go. – And you get more face
to the wheel itself as you bring it a bolt pattern. – And this has, this is a cast wheel, like all of ARKON’s line-up, but it does have a very forged appearance. We saw other big forge
companies do the same thing with the super, super flat
face, and this does have some milling on it, but it’s very minimal. Nothing, nothing crazy there. Milling as far as it’s
still milled in there, but it’s all.
– You just don’t see it. – Satin black. – Size on this bad boy are
gonna start at a 20 by 10, we’re gonna do a 20 by
12, 22 by 12 and 24 by 14. So, we’re bringing this one
to some of the smaller sizes because we think this
wheel is gonna look as good in a 20 by 10 as it does here in a 24/14. – Yeah I could honestly
see this in a 20 by 10, you could have more of
an off-road type setup like Zach did with his
truck with 20 by 10s or you can go to the massive 24/14s and have a very different show truck look. – Exactly. – So very versatile, usable
for a lot of different things. – Se we’re super, super, super excited to bring this one to you guys. We’re super excited to see
people do these this well because it’s a Crown Series,
you can paint that face, leave the lip, paint the lip. – Tons of customization.
– Exactly. – Lots of stuff to do, so if you wanna drop your comments below, let us know what you would
do to these, if you like ’em, if you don’t like ’em, if you
like the proper directional or if you like the non-directional wheels, we’ll take all your feedback, and we’ll probably turn it into
a wheel in a couple months. – And then if you guys are
looking to pick up a set, just keep in mind they
are a pre-order right now, that’s why we are showing you this video. We’re revealing them to you. Pre-order now, and then
they’re gonna start shipping in about four to six weeks. Around SEMA time is when
we’re looking to officially release these to the public then. So that’s when they’ll
be readily available shipping to your doorstep. – Alright, that’s what
we got for you guys, so make sure you like, share, and subscribe on the YouTube, peace. (fast-paced music)

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  1. Not bad , those brands that make 20×10 should have negative offsets of 40mm , I'd say most people don't want Show truck wheels but still usable with a 5-6 inch lip

  2. Aaaaaaaannnd now we have hit full circle.these wheels were obviously inspired by the old school bullet hole chrome and black wheels from the 80's and 90's

  3. I’m not a whole fan of going off of what y’all set off to be as a proper directional wheel company so I’m not as big a fan of the triumph as I am of the others don’t get me wrong tho I would love to put a set of those on my leveled 98 Chevy k1500 but I’ve already got a set chose out sorry Arkon

  4. yall seriously need to make an obs chevy show truck. royal blue, with some arkon Cleopatras on some rubber band boggers.

  5. they are nice looking rims I just don't like the flat or satin look of the rim because they constantly look dirty if you had fat lip in the gloss black but the center of that Rim Chrome I think it would look even hotter but do you guys I keep saying it I would have to probably retire but if you ever decide to open a custom all set here out on the East Coast Long Island New York is it big truck following out here I'd love to help out I work for the town and security Dodge hair Long Island I was able to sell over two dozen trucks and we only have about a 130 to 140 employees at one point the dealership wanted to give me a job but I couldn't make the Early Times due to my primary job

  6. These actually remind me of Rotiform wheels, Not sure if anyone agrees?. I think these in bronze would look siik for my 2018 red gmc.

  7. This is why I see custom off set sticker's wherever I go States upon States…. You guys have endless dedication to the channel & your customers. People like that…. I am big on seeing in detail stuff I want to purchase the internet can be scary with lots of uncertainties but you guys make the part about any wheel so easy for anyone. We all thank you for your time and dedication. It's a big purchase for wheels and tires and to see them in the ways you guys provide in videos & on the website with the gallery… It's just mind blowing how much you guys do and to make these videos alone has to take tons of time alone. So again thank you to each of you! Be safe and stay hungry 🤑😎 seven days a week y'all!

  8. This makes my peepee the BIG peepee. Awesome wheel guys. Congrats to the whole team behind Arkon, can’t wait to see where else you guys take this!

  9. When is the off road type wheels coming out. I’m waiting for a 17×8.5 overlander style wheel or 17×9. These are dope along with the rest of the Akron line up!! Would definitely run a set on a Silverado but won’t fit my Colorado that I’m looking to get a set of 17×8.5s for.

  10. Since there’s now a non directional wheel in the lineup I’d love to see a wheel like the specialty forged c702 with really aggressive spokes and definitely in red

  11. Will this color come out In the 5 lug for the tundras in a 20×12? if so I want a set since the Lincoln doesn’t come in a 20×12 for the tundras

  12. Get your set here!: http://bit.ly/35h0hoZ
    Let us know your thoughts on the new ARKON Crown Series Triumph and what you would like to see in their next wheel!

  13. I have an idea for your center caps. I think it would be awesome if you offered a floating k that always stays in the upright position as you drive. Like rolls Royce did with the double r center cap

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