What You Didn’t Know About Konig Wheels

What You Didn’t Know About Konig Wheels

– [Gels] No, this isn’t an old video. Yes, we’re back in our old
shop, that’s our new shop, but now our old shop is also
our new shop for filming. If that makes sense. Whatever. What’s up guys? It’s Gels
from Fitment Industries, and before we get into today’s video, I just want to let you know that we’re doing another wheel giveaway. So stayed tuned to the end of this to find out more about it. But today, we’re gonna be
talking about Konig Wheels, and why Konig is just so awesome. We’re gonna go over a couple things that you may or may not have known about Konig Wheels. Again, I’m Gels from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe! Wheels, tire, suspension:
fitnmentindustries.com. And let’s just jump right into it. So first things first, Konig
has actually been around for quite some time. Founded in 1982, Konig
was one of the first after-market wheel companies
in the United States to start developing wheels
specifically for the Japanese import tuning scene. Konig saw the impact that
the Japanese cars were having in the late eighties and
early nineties in America, and saw a perfect opportunity
to make wheels for those cars. Konig saw the birth of the
import tuning scene in America, and watched it progress all the way up to, and past, the days of “Fast &
Furious” in the early 2000’s. As styles evolved, so did they
and many of Konig’s designs. Popular designs started
to change from more of a style-oriented aspect, to
wheels that were designed more for drag racing,
autocross, and even drifting. After a while, Konig realized
that they needed to take the performance motorsport
side of their wheels a little more serious to fit the needs of the drivers that
were using their wheels. So they did. In 2009, Konig introduced
their first full-form wheel and have continued to
make them ever since. And it was a pretty big deal at the time! So if you’re a little
unfamiliar with full-forming, it’s the type of process that they use to manufacture their wheels. Similar to a low-pressure casting, the face of the wheel is cast and then the barrel of
the wheel is drawn out using a lot of heat and a lot of pressure, to turn the barrel into the final shape, essentially forging the
barrel of the wheel. So by increasing the strength-to-weight ratio of their wheels, they were a huge hit among
the motorsport scene. Ever since then, they have
continuously been developing wheels for Motorsport enthusiasts, while doing their best
to support the community, the sport, and the industry itself. We’ve seen a lot of popular
wheels come up from Konig, wheels like their
Ampliforms, their Dekagrams, their Hypergrams, and
all those kind of things that are a huge hit among people who really love to drive their cars. So now we’re at where
we are today with Konig and a lot of people
would like to argue that Konig doesn’t do anything,
like, overly fancy with their wheels and
that’s simply because they don’t want to. They know what they’re good at and that is making lightweight
performance wheels. And they offer enough styling to look good on a huge variety of vehicles, but they don’t stray too
far away from their lane, as far as styling goes:
which is totally fine! Since they have started, Konig has grown to offer
wheels and wheel fitments for a lot of different
cars and enthusiasts; offering everything from
what they started with, their sport, compact, and tuning vehicles up to modern muscle, BMWs,
modern tuners, Volkswagens, and everything inbetween
to even fill-in spots that aren’t usually hit by
most other wheel manufacturers. So like I said, Konig
knows what they are good at and that’s what they wanna stick to. And they believe that they should build and stick to what fits, what
works, and what makes sense. Their main goal is to build
quality, affordable wheels that you can just slap on your car and never have to worry
or stress about them. Now don’t get this confused that, “Oh, they only make
eighteen-by-eight plus forty wheels. They’re so tiny! Like,
who would run those?” In fact, the introduction of their flow form line actually got rid of that. And now, they’re able to
make wider wheels like eighteen-by-elevens with some
lower, more aggressive offsets to fit the needs of the
motorsport communitiy, drivers, and their driving needs. Konig is a company that
is built by car people, and they wanna insure that
what they build is usable, functional, and performs well and offers just a little bit of styling
of after-market wheels. Which brings us to our
last point of today, and that is for the month of July, Fitment Industries has
partnered with Konig Wheels to giveaway a free set of
Konig wheels of your choice, in the size you need,
whatever is in stock, whatever finish you want. Just like the previous
giveaways in the past, we have collab’ed with t-shirt, which I am wearing right here. It’s an awesome design we
actually designed in-house. We got the Konig on the right, the Fitment Industries on the-to the left, we got the Fitment
Industries, Konig Ampliform, I believe, on the front. And on the back, you got the drift-mode, ’cause Konig. Drift. All that cool stuff. So the easiest way to enter the giveaway for this month of July, with Konig Wheels, win a free set of wheels, is to pick up one of these t-shirts. You can check the description below, we’ll have a link in there. Otherwise, hop on over
to fitmentindustries.com. Now, of course, with
every giveaway that we do, we make sure to make a donation to some sort of charity, or animal shelter. So with every purchase of this t-shirt, Fitment Industries will be making a contribution to the ASPCA, because we love puppies
and we love kitties and we love helping them
out as much as we can. Plus, if you’d like to
make an extra donation, there is a spot on our website as well, right below I think, your size-selector that you can make an extra
donation to add to the cart. We’d really appreciate
to help out some animals. So at the end of the month, July 31st, we’ll be announcing the
winner of the giveaway. It’ll be a livestream, like
we have done in the past. It’ll be some kind of competition between Alex, Dakota, and myself, and maybe Steve. Sometimes Steve, but
he’s too good at Forza. I don’t know if we can, like, let him back to do something like that,
because he’s just, like, made us look like a bunch of fools. But if you’re interested
in entering the giveaway, pick up this shirt. Fitmentindustries.com. Check the description below for the link. I’m Gels. Wheels, tires,
suspension: fitmentindustries.com. Free wheels. Giveaway. Konig Wheels. We’ll see you later.
Don’t forget to subscribe. Peace.

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  1. As soon as you turned around, I hit the link and bought one, also donated and extra 5 cause I love puppers and especially kitters.

  2. I had the konig imagines back in the day. Black opal but they looked like polished silver. Bought them back to back too, twice . That was 15 yrs ago youngins

  3. You know how rotary guys are like "DO YOU KNOW WHAT A ROTARY ENGINE IS? LEMME EXPLAIN"

    Fitment Industry's be like "have you heard of F L O W F O R G E D W H E E L S "

  4. Make sure you are 100000% sure about your wheels before placing an order. If you cancel your order even if it has not been shipped to you yet you can/will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

    A pretty steep price to pay. Ya boi found out the hard way 😂😭😂😭

  5. I wanted to get 17×8 +40 Dekagrams for my BRZ with Performance Package Brembos, and Konig confirmed that they fit. But when the wheels arrived they didn't fit. It was a big letdown for me and instead of trying Konig again with other sizes I now research wheels from other manufacturers.

  6. Rollin on some rotary forged Konig Interforms that are 7lbs lighter PER wheel than my OEM wheels, love em!

  7. Can y’all make a video talking about the Lexus IS line??? Preferably the 3rd gens????? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. I know they're the cheapest sets in Midnight Club, I can pick up a smooth set of 19-inch viruses for about six or nine hundred bucks to throw on my Neon

  9. Hehehe, finally visited the shop today. Twas everything I expected and more, sad no one was in the lobby tho, I had some questions. Also, so you want a 3000gt?

  10. I have a set of Konig's red "Illusion wheels," (which I love), but between 45-75mph I get a ringing sound. I believe it may be caused by the sharp edges of the design? I was wondering if you guys have Any idea what's actually causing this and what I can do to make it stop?

  11. 7 months ago. I bought the Konig RENNFORM from your web. And it already bent. They are made in China. In China, there is a company called "Advanti racing" which is selling the exactly same looking wheels. They names it "Konig series". The interesting thing is in China "Konig" wheels are 30% more expensive than in US.

  12. 7 months ago. I bought the Konig RENNFORM from your web. And it already bent. They are made in China. In China, there is a company called "Advanti racing" which is selling the exactly same looking wheels. They names it "Konig series". The interesting thing is in China "Konig" wheels are 30% more expensive than in US.

  13. Uuuuuu. Audi A5 needs some new set if you know what i mean 😉
    If you like it (as i can see you like a bunch of my "comets" ), then probably i will need to buy it

  14. Picked up a used set of Work S1 3P’s for my 3 series. The tires that came on them had half life, looked and felt good. Little did I know they were dry rotted. First day it rained I spun into a wall on the highway. Back to stock😕 too sad. Feels bad man

  15. @1:30 my boi has a wheel halo like a painting from the year 1100 lmao. But fr what is the gold wheel to the right (his left) @1:30?

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