What Wheels Fit : Subaru WRX (2008-2016)

What Wheels Fit : Subaru WRX (2008-2016)

– So when talk about typical fitment range from 2008 to 2016, what
we mean is the range that we know things are just going to fit. Now if you have a typical fitment range, that usually means that you’re
probably gonna be running a tuck setup, you’re
not gonna be too wide, and you’re gonna be something
relatively conservative so that we know that it’s
guaranteed to fit on your car. That’s the way that you
wanna go, that’s fine. If you’re lookin’ for something a little bit more aggressive though, this is gonna be the
series for you to think about what is actually gonna fit your car. So let’s get right off with what the typical fitment range is. Now your typical fitment range is anywhere from a 17
inch to a 20 inch wheel, and you’re looking at
anywhere, in terms of a width, from a seven to nine inch,
and in terms of offset, you can from 35 millimeters
to 55 millimeters. So that’s your typical fitment range. Usually anything in there
is going to fit your car. It’s a pretty big range, so we’re gonna start off just with 2008, and what we see in our gallery. Now if you guys didn’t know, we have a huge gallery that
has a bunch of different cars and Subaru’s are a pretty
popular one in there. We decided to take all
the information and data that we’ve gotten from you guys, adding your car to the gallery, and figure out what
actually you can go out to, in terms of a more aggressive fitment. If you’re lookin’ to add
your car to the gallery, you can go to FitmentIndustries.com/Add, and then that just helps
us out making more videos, plus you get featured on Instagram. It’s a pretty cool gig. So is that all you need to know in terms of what’s gonna fit your car? No, because there’s a whole,
more, bunch of information that surrounds that number, that’s gonna give you a
little bit better fitment. It’s gonna make it look a
little bit more aggressive and something that you actually wanna run. So starting off with a 2008 Subaru WRX, you’re probably gonna see mostly
an 18 inch diameter wheel. You’re not gonna see 17’s or 19’s and you’re gonna see most people go with an eight and a half or
nine and a half wide setup. With your offsets, we usually see people in the eight and a half go
from 30 to 35 millimeter. So an 18 by eight and a
half, offset of 30 to 35 is gonna give you a nice clean look. If you go up to a nine and a half, you can do that, but
you’re probably gonna rub just a little bit. It depends on if that’s something that you’re willing to do or not. Most if not all of these setups, when we go past that
typical fitment range, is going to require you to roll or probably pull your fenders. Almost every single person
out there right now, rolls their fenders, so we’re
gonna take that into account for your setups. If you’re lookin’ to
get a little bit wider, you’re gonna have to roll those fenders. So if you’re ballin’ from the Gram, you can run an 18 by
nine and a half, plus 35, just expect that you’re going
to have to roll the fenders. When we go into the 2009, you’re gonna see that a lot of people are gonna stick between
the 22 to 30 offset. So the offset gets a little bit lower, so that we can fill the wheel wells just a little bit better. And you’re gonna get the
closest fender to look with an 18 by nine, even into
the 18 by nine and a half, plus 22 to a 30 offset. Moving up to 2010, we see most people go
back to that conservative 18 by eight and a half plus 35 offset. It’s just an offset that works with the Subaru WRX body styles, both the sedans, and the hatches,
and everything in-between. When you go into something that you want a little bit more crazy, you’re probably gonna end up going with an 18 by nine and a half, sticking with that plus 30 to 35 offset, and running realistically
something around a 235/40/18 tire. If you’re looking for
18 by eight and a half, we see a lot of people running a 225/40 tire. So 2010, for a normal setup, 18 by eight and a half, 30 to
35 offset, with a 225/40 tire, and if you want to get a little bit crazy. You wanna go up an inch, you definitely can do that. You’re just gonna want to be careful and go up probably one
tire size to a 235/40 to fit those wheel wells without having to rub too extensively. But if you roll your fenders,
we do see people saying that they only encounter a little bit of rubbing at full turn. If you have a 2011 Subaru WRX, this is where it gets
a little bit more fun. Because a lot of people have these, so a lot of got to try something new. If you’re looking to get something a little bit more aggressive, we’re seeing people go
out of the fitment range. I’d say a little bit more to the 18 by nine and a half, and you’re gonna see the
offset range from 22 to 38. So 22’s gonna give you
closest to the fender, if not make you poke
probably a couple millimeters but its gonna give you good, clean look, as long as you’re pulling back the tire, I would say about one size down. Now this to reduce the individuals run, a 20 offset and a 15 offset, which again is gonna push
that wheel out farther, but with that setup we
do see a lot of people running into camber angles
and things like that, that they have to take into consideration. If you’re looking to buy
something that’s a 15 offset or a 20 offset, those are very common with a lot of Cosmis racing wheels and more aggressive offset cast wheels. You’re gonna wanna take into consideration that you might need to
run a little bit of camber to make them fit properly. And if you’re looking if
you can run anything else? A 17 by nine plus 25, an 18
by eight and a half plus 30, and an 18 by 10 plus 25 can
fit on the 2011 Subaru WRX, but you’re going to want
to expect modifications when you go that wide, especially in terms of rolling
and pulling your fenders. Another one the 2002, the Subaru WRX, get’s a little bit more crazy, because people decided that
the 2000 (beeping) Subaru WRX is their favorite, so
that means that we have all the more data to go with. You’re gonna see a lot of people run with an 18 by nine and
a half plus 35 offset on their 2012 Subaru WRX. It’s gonna give them pretty good fitment. In terms if it’s higher that they go with, they’re gonna end up going with a 235/40 tire, and
that’s gonna give them just a nice pullback on the tire, so that they can fit those
nine and a halfs on that body. In terms of the second most
popular one that we see, is an 18 by 10 and a half,
and we’re gonna see an offset of right around plus
20 if you’re going into a 10 and a half wide wheel. With what we’re seeing on
the 2012 Subaru WRXs though, if you’re fitting a 10 and a half, you’re usually running into
air suspension territory. So if you don’t have air suspension, you’re probably gonna wanna stick to that nine and a half option
that we gave you before. The 10 and a half option is gonna be more for the airlift suspension people with the pulled back
wheels, with the camber, with the stretched tire, and with rolling and pulling your fenders. So remember if we go
above nine and a half, you’re gonna need to do a
little bit more modification, but if you wanna ball for the Gram, sometimes you gotta take a few risks. And this year, we do see a lot of people run anything between 18 by eight, up to a 18 by 10. Obviously the wider you go, the more modification that you’re gonna have to take into consideration, but for the most part you’re playin’ a pretty safe bet if you stick to that nine and a half wide. If you go down in your offset,
to a more aggressive offset like a 10 or a 15, just remember to take into account that that’s gonna stick
the wheel out further. We cannot stress enough that
just because we’re telling you that it fits, we are letting you know that you might have to roll, you might have to pull your fenders, but most importantly if you
go with a 10 and a half wide on a plus 10, plus 15 offset
and you’re on stock suspension, you’re not gonna have a good time. So be sure that you’re using our gallery. We have a bunch of links
that we’re gonna put in the description for you to
actually look at these cars and what their actual setup is, so you can figure out what
you would like or don’t like. Moving on to the 2013 Subaru WRX, we see a lot of people go back into the 18 by nine and a half. They stick between a 35 and 40 offset, but they go with a meatier tire. You’re usually looking at a 265/40 or 255/40/18 tire, to pair with their nine and a halfs, so that they can nice, meaty setup. If’ you’re lookin to go down to an 18 by nine, you can do that as well. We just recommend that
you stick to a 35 offset. A lot of 18 by nine wheels don’t have a whole lot of offset options, so try to stick to that 35 range if can, and drop down to a 255/35 tire if you’re looking to
get a nice clean setup. And finally, if you have
a 2014, 2015, or 2016 you’re gonna see your ranges go a little bit wider, just
because of the creativity that a lot of people have gone with. We see people runnin’ 18 by nine and a half,
and they usually stick to that 30 offset if they’re
looking for something a little bit more aggressive. We do see a lot of people go into the 35 to 40 just to be
safe, but we would recommend tryin’ to stick around the 30, if you’re looking to get a flush setup. If we go wider, into the 18 by 10’s, you can do that with the
295/30 plus 15 offset, but then we’re goin’ back
into airlift territory. We do see 18 by 10 and a
half, plus 15’s and plus 20’s, but that’s gonna be a very, difficult look to
achieve if you don’t have the airlift suspension, if
you’re not familiar with camber. If you’re lookin’ to get something that’s just gonna work for your car? 18 by nine and a half,
with a 30 to 35 offset is gonna give you a really clean look. If you’re going with a 255/40 or 265/40 tire, it’s gonna give you a great
setup for all-wheel drive, plus it’s gonna be a good
setup for the wintertime, if you’re lookin’ to drive
the car all year round, which if you live up here
in the mid-west area, where there’s snow, you wanna
drive your all-wheel drive car all year round. So that is our fitment information for what wheels fit on a
2008 to a 2016 Subaru WRX. We hope you guys enjoyed. Let us know in the comments,
what you want us to cover next and check the description
if you’re lookin’ to see what these setups actually look like. You’re gonna be able
to go into our gallery and see pictures of what
numbers I’m throwing at you that make absolutely no sense. And if you’re interested in picking up wheels, tires, and suspension check out FitmentIndustries.com. We have wheels, tires, suspension, all that sort of good stuff. If you’re lookin’ to add
your Subaru to the gallery, ’cause you have somethin’
that we didn’t talk about, feel free to do so at
FitmentIndustries.com/Add. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, we’ll see ya later, peace.

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  1. This video probably addresses 70% of the inquiries FI get. I'm sure we'll see more of these for popular cars. I'll suggest the MK3 focus since it has such a wierd pattern.

  2. 2011 wrx hot boi here. I've run xxr 527s 18×9.75 +20 w/ 225/40s, -5 camber all around, slammed on coils with minimal rub after a roll and slight pull. currently have been rocking enkei RPF1s for a couple years. 18×9.5 +38 w/ 275/35s, -2.5 camber all around, not slammed, but passes the mcm shoe test. Never rubs.
    Having run both styles of fitment, I highly recommend going with the meaty fitment with a realistic ride height. Drives so much nicer, no rubbing, much much less scraping, don't have to worry about tires debeading as easily, and you can mash on the twisty roads with no issues. just my 2 cents.

  3. I presume many of these sugestions will ruin the wheel bearings again and again ??
    – here it is not legal to ride with an offset more than +/-10 from the original factory offset !

  4. I have an 08 WRX that is basically stock. This past spring I went and got some 17×7.5 with an offset of 40 and run stock tire size of 205/55r17. The fitment is great. The tires have a slight stretch to them and the wheels come right to the edge of the finder well. There is still little gap between the tire and inner wheel well because of the stock suspension, but that's the look I wanted.

  5. Soooo helpful! But you didn’t talk about MY09 enough! What tire size would you recommend with an 18×9 +22-30 setup?
    Only just found this channel and I’m loving it!

  6. You shouldn't have done it by year, should have done it by generation of the Subaru and if it a was a narrow body or not, and if it was a sti or not. Since less wheel dimensions fit on a sti than a wrx due to calipers. Saying a wheel dimension fits on 2011 wrx, some may take that and think it would only fit on that year if they didn't have the knowledge, when in reality it would fit on all widebody wrx models from 08-14. I REALLY do like the idea of this series but if its going to be like this, just go to the forms or ask your local performance shop that works on your car brand.

  7. I like you vids, and obviously you put a lot of effort into this vid, but u realize that 2008 and 2014 basically consists of 2 generations right….and the fitment should be the same from 2008-2010 and 2011-2014? Plus there is the variable of hatch vs sedan, plus wrx vs sti models for each gen. So all things considered, this discussion is somewhat irrelevant and cannot be applied. If ur going to put information out there please understand the cars u are discussing.

  8. I have a 2013 WRX with 18×9.5+38 wrapped in 255/35/18 on stock suspension.

    The ride height is too low. I’m scraping when the road is bumpy. Suspension is too soft to be that low. It sucks. Taller tire for sure. Or upgraded suspension.

  9. Really wish I found this video sooner! Ordered 18×8 sparco terras for my '13 hatch, they're coming tomorrow and now I'm concerned they won't fit D:

  10. So I'm switching to cosmis xt209r 18×9.5 +10 offset on a contential 245/40 I have coilovers and camber playes will I be ok? Thanks

  11. Man these are still confusing, i drive subaru WRX 2016 model, what figures i need to look if i want to make it similar to 2018 sti, for the rims and for the tire size

  12. 2014 Subaru wrx on stock suspension
    Cut fenders and no fender liners
    Rims 18*9.5 +34mm and a 25mm hub adapter
    Tires 265/35
    Rubs slightly when the wheel is locked left or right in reverse

  13. I am looking to run a 18×7.5 +40 with a 1" spacer to adapt from 5×114.3 to 5×100, would this fit a 2008 impreza?

  14. I have a 2017 base model Impreza and wondering if an 18×9.5 +30 fit without rolling my fenders? It’s not lowered…yet

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  16. Planning to buy wheels on my 2013 wrx sedan i wanna buy work miester but i wanna know what size would be good and not strectch, maybe a little but buy functional

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