What Wheels Fit a Nissan 350Z | The Build Sheet

What Wheels Fit a Nissan 350Z | The Build Sheet

– Hang on tight to your Tomei’s
because we are back with another episode of The Build
Sheet and specifically today, what wheels fit your Nissan 350Z. (mechanical parts clatter)
(suspenseful music) But of course before we jump in, I have to hit you with the disclaimer. (clears throat) The following wheel specifications require rolling your fenders at the very minimum. Other fender modifications
may include fender pulling, modification, complete
removal of fender liners, or requirement of additional
specific components. The following information
is brought to you by 426 Nissan 350Z’s currently
sitting at fitment gallery at fitmentindustries.com. (trap music) (exhales) (laughs) So you just picked up your 2005 350Z and after fighting off the internet on whether or not your
DE is better than the HR, you take a look at the
wheels that are on the car and realize that it
either A: Has the ugliest, convex style wheels from the early 2000’s, B: Has enough wheel gap
to fit all of my waves, or C: All of the above. We’ve been in that position, it’s not fun, but that’s why we’re here. We’re here to help, that’s what we do. So, when we get into talking
about what wheels fit a 350Z, we are for the most part going to be talking about a staggered setup. It’s what we see 90% of the
Z’s in our gallery running. So moving forward, the following specs are going to be based
around a staggered setup. Staggered? Staggered. Staggered? Stay-ggered? Stah-gerred. We always get made fun of
for how we say staggered. Stay-ggered? Staggered. However, if a staggered
setup isn’t your thing, we also have plenty of squared setup Nissan 350Z’s in our gallery as well. Fitmentindustres.com, that’s
the plug, let’s get into it. So for your 350Z, your boring
guaranteed fitment range is going to be diameters
of 17 to 20 inches, widths of seven and 1/2 to
nine, and offsets of 35 to 25. Wack. – His hair…
– Wack. – His gear…
– Wack. – His jewelry…
– Wack. – His foot stance…
– Wack. – Me? I’m tight as f– – Fitmentindustres.com So starting off, if you’re
looking to do a tucked fitment or a somewhat semi-aggressive fitment, a little more on the conservative side, you’re going to be looking at
sizes ranging from 18 to 20 inches in diameter with
lifts of 9 to 11 inches. And as far as offset,
they’re sitting right around 25 to 15, depending on the size
and width that you go with. So, some examples of this fitment include, but are definitely not limited to: 18 by nine and 1/2 plus 22 upfront and then 18 by 10 and
1/2 plus 22 in the rear. A 19 by nine plus 20 in the front and a 19 by 10 plus 20 in the rear, and 20 by nine plus 15 in the front with a 20 by 11 plus 15 in the rear. Now, if you’re looking
to get more of a nice, flushed fitment, or
nearly flushed fitment, we see for the most part
that the nine and 1/2 width almost becomes standard
for the front wheels. With that offset dropping a little bit into the lower offsets, to push that wheel out a little more to the
outside of the vehicle to get a bit more of that flushed look. As far as the rear goes, 10
and 1/2 and 11 inch wide wheels with offsets dipping down into the 20 and even the plus eight range, are what you’re gonna see. So some examples of
these sevenths include: An 18 by nine and 1/2 plus 15 up front with an 18 by 10 and
1/2 plus 15 in the rear, 18 by nine and 1/2 plus 10 in the front with an 18 by 11 plus eight in the rear, 19 by nine and 1/2 plus 12 in the front with a 19 by 10 and 1/2
plus 12 in the rear, and a 19 by 10 plus 20 in the front with a 19 by 11 plus eight in the rear. Now, of course, there are the ones that always take things to the extreme, so if you like to live on the edge, get some camera goin’
with some stretchy boys, and wanna play with some really aggressive offsets and some widths, we have you covered as well. There are plenty of aggressive setups that we see in our gallery. Some of those setups include: 19 by 11 plus five in the front with a 19 by 12 plus eight in the rear. A 19 by 10 negative three in the front with a 19 by 11 with a
zero offset in the rear, 19 by 10 and 1/2 negative
five in the front with a 19 by 11 negative two in the rear, and finally an 18 by 11
with a negative 10 offset in the front, and an 18 by 11 and 1/2 with a negative 20 in the rear. So, the 350Z really does
make a fantastic platform to run a lot of different wheels, and wheels that come
in a variety of sizes, a lot wider sizes can
run really low offset make ’em great candidates
for Cosmis racing wheels, Enkei RPF1’s, for stowin’, ESR’s, and pretty much any work we’ll imagine, even the Emitz, which I
would’ve never thought would end up on a Z of all things, but damn, do they look good? All this paired with either
lowering springs from Eibach, tannered BC racing coilovers,
or even air suspension. You can dial in the perfect fitment for you with your 350Z. Wanna know the best part
about all of that, though? You can grab all of that over
at fitmentindustries.com, where not only can you
pick up a set of wheels and tires with free mounting,
balancing, and shipping to the lower 48, but we
also have a variety of suspension components
to choose from as well. We have coilovers, we
have lowering springs, we even have air suspension
for both Air Lift and AccuAir. And of course, also do not
forget for the month of March is your chance to win a
free set of Kansei wheels. The easiest way to enter is to head over to fitmentindustries.com,
pick up one of these awesome t-shirts, it’s a Kansei shirt, we’re doin’ a giveaway of Kansei
wheels, Fitment Industries, Kensei wheels, givin’
away a set of free wheels, again, all that over at
fitmentindustries.com, we’ll have the link in the description, but I’m Gels from Fitment Industries, we’ll see you later, peace.

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  1. This is clearly not for the gt pack with the brembo brakes. You'd have no chance of fitting a 10inch odd with big lips in the front with them

  2. If anyone is looking for a square set up. I run a 19×10.5 with +22 off set and it fits perfect all around. That’s with a 275/35 tire

  3. if you were a real car enthusiasts you would help a friend out a donate a few dollars to help him get parts DONATE HERE:https://www.gofundme.com/qjkkc-need-car-parts

  4. What about tire sizes that go with the wheel sizes the best? Like (F) 18×9 +20, (R) 18×10 +25 for my vehicle at stock height

  5. What a great vid! The 350/370 crew is happy… but now help out the G37 Coupe squad!!!! We have been dying for a video!!

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank the car gods for this video. I'm planning on buying a z33 soon and have not the slightest clue what wheels to get.

  7. So i have a 04 350z i want Miester M1 wheels but i absolutely dont know what sizeor fitment i should get. i want to stay in the 18 range but other than that im confused for the rest. Please help.

  8. I have and love the 350z. The hips are so wide and juicy. I upgraded my Z's 17" stock rims with wider 18's. I still have so much room for a wide setup that i want to keep doing more to it. But I've already decided to do a wide setup to my 370z… for when my 350z evolves lmao

  9. I have a 2004 350z touring edition that’s a track/autoX setup. For anyone looking at a squared setup: Personaly, I and plenty of others, run Enkei RPF1 wheels sized at 18×10.5” +15 offset on all 4 corners on 275/35 or 285/35 depending on sidewall thickness. As for offset… most factory/OEM wheels come with a high 20 to low 30 offset. Unless your a hotboi trying to stance the everliving piss out of it and impress cockroaches, dogs, and crawling children…. stick to near factory offset, and roll the fenders. It’s not hard, it’s easy to do, and if you can’t afford $150 for someone to do it for you, you don’t need to be looking at wheels/Tires…

  10. On my z I have 18×9.5 +10 all around with 275 35 tires and my fitment is pretty flush and I like the non staggered set up for track use because I can rotate the tires

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