What Walmart looks like in America 美国沃尔玛是什么样子

Hello, guys today, I’m going to show you how walmart is in the States Walmart has branch in China but I think it looks quite different than here first thing you can see after enter the store is fresh produce area I think we can walk through this area in 20 seconds Generally speaking, Americans don’t eat vegetable the produce variety is limited We have a lot of vegetables and fruits couldn’t be find in Amercian grocery store if I want these vegetables and fruits, I have to go to Asian grocery store alright, that’s all the fresh vegetables and fruits they carry only take a corner of the store I think you also can see American’s eating habit the refridgerate on the right is for fresh meat American likes beef Chinese eats more pork the meat is well packed, stored in the refrigerater here, is the frozen meat chicken, and turekey I will show you what turkey is when Thanksgiving comes fresh meat take one and half refrigerator that’s all fresh meat these are processed meat Chicken nuggets, like the ones in McDonald There are the bacons! I think bacon tastes good will most people agree with me? sausages, hot dogs here is the ham I think it’s good,too it tastes quite like Chinese cured meat oh, chips see how big the package is those are made from corn the texture is different than potato one cheese Walmart’s cheese is not the best, and the variaty is limited,too if you go to high end store,you can find better cheese the next section is dairy product they consume way much more dairy product than Chinese and the quality is better a whole fridge of yogurt this one is my favorite greek yogurt the fridge across is for eggs,etc I didn’t take a close shot to it eggs, butter juice and milk the shelf over there, displays all the chips they have The way the eat chips is different than us they even have a dip for chips I think the flavor of chips is already intense enough, but they eat it with dip maybe that’s why Americans are fat,[sigh] this one, I haven’t seen it in China called pretzel there is another kind of pretzel, which is bigger you can see them in fairs, amusment parks the name looks like German this type of pretzel taste like cracker kettle cooked potato chips I showed you in the episode of Panare bread you can find it here, I think this kind of potato chips taste better the next thing I will show you is sugar these are 4-pound packs I think these are the 10-pound packs the ones on the bottom 25-pound pack! you can see how much they love sugar The first time I saw it, I thought it was flour! It strucked me when I find out the “sugar” on the package meanwhile, to contrast, I will show you the how the flour is these are flour most of them come in 5 pound package 25 pound of flour is relatively rare, comparing to sugar most of flour are come in 5 pound package the bigger one on the bottom,is 10-pound pack you also can tell they don’t cook at home very often so the raw ingredients is not popular in the store most people eat processed food here, icecream! this bucket is one gallon conpacity walmart also sell clothing the quality is not really good but not too bad neither garden center in front sells all kind of gardening tools which you need for planting vegetable, flower,and yard work toys everything, especially for people live in the midwest and south everything you need, you can find them in walmart sport goods balls, dumbbell,yoga mat,etc these, can you see the fishing poles? beside what you can see here, fishing poles, life jackets you can also buy fishing permit here auto department wipers coolant,tires oil and filters everything you need to maintain your car, you can find them here this area, DIY(Do It Yourself) carries basic home improvement supplies fabric and sewing machine American loves craft needles and thread, you can find them here in Walmart DVDs on sale the price after discount is $12.98 baking tools cake mold party supplies American loves party so they have different supplies for different thyme disposable plate,table clothe disposable cups I see this thing on the next aisle it’s compressed helium you can fill your own balloon you can buy a tank of helium home I saw Haier refrigerator in Warmart Chinese brand appliance in America cards American loves card they give card on every occasions from birthday, wedding, having a new baby all the way to funeral! there is a vision center that’s the cheapest I can find to get prescription glasses a pharmacy in front, to get prescribed medicine the next thing I will show you is self-checkout I think it’s very American put your own bag in the bagging area first if you were using your own bag scan the bar codes bagging produce like water melon is a little complicate you have to find it in the database to check your self out then make the payment I will use debit card there is another function on using debit card when you use debit card, you can withdraw some cash from your account chose cash back you can use it as ATM I think this is convenience see, the cash came out from here maybe someone will be surprised: how could they trust customer this much? first, the bagging area is a scale the black round thing on top, is a camera every move is under surveillance and here, has an walmart associate, monitoring all the activities he/she can monitor four self check out station he/she will make sure you scanned every single item before let you go produce like watermelon, they will check how many watermelons in your cart this is the money center in Walmart you can buy money order here and other money,banking related product this is a self-service key cutting machine generally speaking, the living cost is low, but, once it comes to labor the price will be high so they invented all kind of self- service machinaries this one just came up recently on the one hand, I admire their creativity on the other hand, I think this kind of innovation will reduce job opportunity now, I got out of the store I will show you something behind the store there is a large service area on the back for car maintenance can you see the words?Tire and Lube if you have any tire and lube related service like fixing a leaking tire, changing tire changing oil changing battery this kind of basic maintenance work could be done at Walmart they won’t fix your car if it has serious problem just do the maintenance I come to walmart if my car has these minor problems One thing I have to remind you because I live in the central of the US walmart is well established it business here if you live in the east or west coast walmart won’t have such a super center there log on the walmart.com to check what service they provide in your local walmart in big city, the size of Walmart store is smaller they may not have tire and lube department or money center check before you headout if you like my video, give it a thumb up and subscribe! see you next time!

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