What Tires Are Best For Your Truck?

Figuring out what type of truck tires you want can be difficult. The easiest way to get a set of tires that you’ll be happy with
is to match your tires to your lifestyle. If you just use your
truck as a daily driver and to haul your toys
around on the weekends, a good choice would be a highway tire. Designed for on-road use, they will offer better fuel mileage than an all-terrain and mud tires. These tires don’t perform as well in off-road scenarios, though. So, if you primarily spend your time on the road racking up miles, this is a great tire for you. If you do, occasionally end up on some very minor off-road environments like gravel or grass parking lots at the trail head, you’ll still be okay but you might feel more confident on a set of all terrains. All terrain tires are a good all arounder, made for on and off-road use, they offer less road noise in mud terrains and better off-road
traction than highway tires. With a more aggressive tread
pattern and deeper grooves, these tires are great
for the weekend warrior who drives their truck to
get to work during the week and enjoys some light off
roading on the weekend. If you plan on doing
any serious off roading, you’ll want a dedicated
set of mud terrain tires, specifically made for
digging into muddy terrain and low traction environments, these tires will allow you to go places that others won’t. These tires can still be
driven on the road, of course, but you may experience road noise and worse performance and fuel mileage. In some cases, mud terrains
are selected simply for their aggressive appearance. As long as the driver isn’t
puttin’ thousands miles on it each week. Whether it’s time to upgrade or just replace your current set up, visit sdwheel.com for all
your wheel and tire needs.

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