What Tesla Service Looks Like in 2019

What Tesla Service Looks Like in 2019

– Here I am in my garage. We live two hours away from the closest Tesla
super charging station. Both of our Teslas have
things wrong with it. One of the speakers is ruined, it just turned off for some reason. This one has a really big squeak (squeaking) in the shocks. It’s crazy embarrassing
when you’re driving around. This one has this beeping
noise that comes up whenever you’re driving and it says “Parking Assist is unavailable. Parking Assist is unavailable.” Today, I’m gonna take you a little bit on a journey and it’s kinda for my own little documentation also, to show you what it’s
like to have a Tesla, an electric car, and to
get service done on it. The great thing about Tesla service with a newer car, is that they typically
fix everything for you. That’s fantastic. The bad thing is you have to go really far to get there. I am going to drive this thing two hours over to Las Vegas, Nevada, drop off the car at the service center, somehow get back. Maybe they’ll give me a loaner. Maybe I’ll just take a shuttle. I have an appointment for that one in two days. So hopefully by the time I take that one over for it’s appointment in two days I can pick up this one and bring it home so I don’t have to take a shuttle. This is real world. What is it like to be
an all-electric family? I’m gonna take you on
the experience right now and let’s do this. (shuffling) You can see right there
Park Assist unavailable. While you’re driving,
every five minutes or so, the car beeps at you and some of the features for self-driving don’t work properly. Park Assist unavailable and Blind spot detection limited. One of my cameras is out
of service right now, or one of the sensors. I’m not sure. It’s probably an easy fix. Now one of the questions you might ask because it’s a question that I had, why don’t you just have the
mobile service come help you, because according to Tesla, 70 to 80% of the service
that is performed, are now done by their mobile team. – [car voice] Parking
Assist is unavailable. – See you hear that beep? That’s from Park Assist disabled thing. Well I’ve heard that there are mobile Tesla service people that drive out here to St. George, Utah, that help people. Apparently both of our
cars were not eligible for this option for these two fixes. Let’s begin the two hour drive. (orchestral music) – [car voice] Parking
Assist is unavailable. (orchestral music) Parking Assist is unavailable. (orchestral music) Parking Assist is unavailable. (orchestral music) Parking Assist is unavailable. (orchestral music) Parking Assist is unavailable. (grand orchestral music) Parking Assist is unavailable. – With 21 miles to spare, we made it to Las Vegas. It took about two hours and we’re here. The service center is not open today. It is a Sunday. I thought it would be a
good day to drive down here. Why didn’t I just bring it down tomorrow when they could have possibly given me a loaner car to take home? Well, tomorrow is Monday and we have a lot going on on Monday. This is an easier day
for me to come out here so that we can get everything done with the kids going to school tomorrow. This is the way you do it. (serendipitous music) (clanking) That’s it. She’s a goner. I don’t have the key anymore. Hopefully I can get her fixed tomorrow. Now I gotta get home, somehow. (serendipitous music) – [Driver] Well it was
nice talking to you. – [Narrator] Yeah nice talking to you too. Have a good day. – [Driver] You too, thank you. – All right, made it to the airport, Las Vegas, McCarran. Good news is we’re here. The bad news is, it’s going to be about an
hour until the shuttle leaves. Four hour trip both ways. An extra hour and a half for just waiting for the shuttle so we’re looking at almost a six hour trip just to drop off the car. That’s a bit of a pain. (upbeat music) (exhales) That took a long time. (laughs) I arrived. Now I need to take an Uber to my house. Everybody at the house is asleep, they’ve been asleep for an hour. I’m glad I did this tonight, rather than all day tomorrow. Welcome to day two of this video. Or I guess it’d be day three, but my car has only been
in the shop for one day, which was all day yesterday. In the morning, I got a text from Tesla and in the evening, I got an even better text from Tesla. Our car is ready to be picked up. Yes! So Tesla service, a lot of you guys wonder,
how long does it take? They did it all in one
day and that’s good news because now I’m in the car with London. Hi London. – Hi. – Are you coming to Las Vegas with me? – No. – Where you going? – I’m going to school. – London’s going to school. So I’m going to take her to school. (beeping) – [car voice] Welcome. – Oh, boy, come on. (beeping) Our car. So now (laughs). Now we’re getting the same type of warning on my other car. As I turn the wheel,
listen to what it does. (squeaking) It’s so squeaky! Also one of the speakers in the very back, it like makes a vibrating sound when you turn up the bass on it. The good news is we are going to San Diego this weekend and so we really don’t need
the car for about a week but I’m not gonna tell them that. I’m gonna see how long it actually takes to get the service done. Two hour drive is gonna
be pretty long for me and it’s gonna be this fast for you. And we’re here. Las Vegas. Made it. Tons of Teslas here. Here she is. She’s all ready for us to go. Oh, somebody really tiny was sitting here, are you kidding me. We made it! This is car number one. Car number two is dropped off. The people there are so nice. So many Teslas that they
have to do service on and they cover such a wide area. Look at this white roadster right there. Carbon fiber on it. Woo! That is good lookin’! What was wrong with this one? They fixed it in one day. Well this speaker over here, I told you it was out. It wasn’t working. For some reason, the speaker
had become unplugged. It just was unplugged. So they simply plugged it back together, turned it on, and it works great. The second thing that was wrong with this the sensors were off on
here and it just said Parking Assist not available. So this car has a bunch of video cameras. Like, this is a video camera right there. This is a video camera right there. We’ve got the video cameras up there. There’s also one in the back. As part of the self-driving an important feature are these little sensors right there. See that guy? And that guy? So dirty! Oh, there’s one right there. There’s one right there. Well apparently one of them just randomly decided to break and go out. It didn’t get hit by anything. It just decided to stop working. So they simply replaced one of those and voila! Now I get to drive back home for two hours and then we wait and see how long. This one took one day to get fixed. I’ll let you know how long it takes for the next one and we’ll find out what the problems are. I’ve been impressed with the Tesla service as far as their time, how kind they were to me, and also how helpful they were. Stay tuned, car number two, what is the fix going to be? Let’s find out. Good news we got the gray
and the white Model X back from service and our roadster is here so the whole family is here. We are an all electric family and this was a good experiment to see what Tesla’s service is like in 2019. So the gray Tesla Model X P100D ended up taking four days to be fixed and it cost me $700. But, the problems that I
originally brought it in for all of that was covered for free. The right and the left suspension were making that extreme squeaking noise. They replaced all kinds of bolts and different things inside of there. I don’t think they replaced
the actual suspension but there were different things that were tied in to the
suspension that they fixed. And they didn’t charge me anything for it. That is one cool thing
about owning a Tesla. The service doesn’t cost much. With this speaker in the back there was something wrong with the panel. The panel would vibrate so
they replaced a panel there. That didn’t cost me anything either. That was free. So why did it cost me
$700 for the service? This is the back tire
that is now brand new. The way that the Tesla tires work is that there is two on the back
that are a different size than the two on the front. You have to replace both
of them at the same time. My car has 12,000 miles on it. Seven thousand of those were from me. Five thousand of those
miles were from Tesla when they had this car as a demo car that they would give people rides in. Now if you remember back from my video when I got a discount on it, I was a little surprised
that they didn’t even replace the tires or the wheels. The left tire tread was a little bit low so I had to pay $700 to
replace both of the wheels. This is interesting because I
watch Rich Rebuilds Channel. He bought a used Model X from Tesla and originally they weren’t gonna replace the tires and the wheels but then he kind of complained about it, put it on a YouTube video and they stepped up and
replaced it for free before he took delivery of it. So I wish that they would have done that for mine before I got it, because now here I am with
12,000 miles on my car the left tire tread was a little bit low so I had to pay $700 to
replace both of the wheels. It happens, it’s a cost. I’m still grateful for this car and it was still a really
good price when I bought it so I can’t complain too much. So I booked my service appointment online. They were a week out on the scheduling and I got ’em in and I got ’em fixed pretty quickly. So overall I’ve gotta say, in early 2019, the service has really
stepped it up at Tesla and it’s not a big of a
burden as you would think. With a gas-powered car
you can take your car in and have a bunch of different issues, transmission or whatever, and your dealer is probably
going to pay you at least for the labor time that they
spent working on your car. With the Teslas, with a car that’s four or five years old, they usually will just fix things. When there’s a squeak. When the speakers aren’t working right. Thumbs up to Tesla because I know in 2018 their service kind of got a
bad rap and it was warranted. We’ve had some bad experiences
with service in the past and I thought maybe that
might happen on this video and it didn’t. Maybe next time I’ll
get the mobile service to come out to my house but I’m not holdin’ my breath for that. Hope you liked this random
video of Tesla service. Thanks for watchin’. With 21 miles to spare. Oh (shuffling). (laughs) Sorry. With 21 miles to spare, we made it to Las Vegas. – [car voice] Parking
Assist is unavailable.

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